Pros and amateurs - in SL© modeling

I've been in SL© since 2009 and I got very interested in the fashion scene, especially how SL models performed.

It's in this blog's archives, everything I've observed, the many shows I've watched,  some difficulties along the way at first, when I only took photos and didn't realize that some 'models' mistakes' , like prim editing were on my end. My viewer showed them looking 'weird' - I later learned people call that weirdness as 'ruthed avatars'.

Long time has passed and I'm ready to leave SL.

My main focus was always on modeling and their performance on SL runways.

To some new models, I'd like to ask? Are you familiar with the following names?

Dea Mills
Poptart Lilliehook
Kay Fairey
Mavi Beck
Dahlia Joubert
Jesika Contepomi
Kryptonia Paperdoll
Vixie Rayna
July Raymaker
Seashell Dench

Some of them you may know, others you have no idea who they are or were.
Several generations of new female avatars have started working as 'models' since I discovered SL in 2009 and they have no idea who some of the above people were and what they represented in SL's history of modeling with extreme quality, representing fashion as many of us see it in RL, portrayed in SL .

I'm about to retire from blogging, mainly because in all these years, what I have written here, my words,  my photos and lately my videos, haven't produced any effect in improving new models' performance in SL.

There will always be avatars looking for 5 minutes' fame, so they join all sorts of pageant contests. This will go on forever.

There will always be 'models' posing like crazy , with no idea whatsoever of what elegance means in a SL avatar, just like they don't in RL , through their own real bodies,

Elegance is wearing a gown for them.  Not true.
Fashion, ah that's a completely different thing, as is art.

One of the new generation models is sinontherocks. She was trained at Avenue Academy and now she owns Feroshsl [I hope I'm spelling it right ].

They had a runway show some time ago that was really pleasant and good to watch, because of the chosen models who actually walked.
Apparently, sinontherocks decided to give them the tag of 'supermodels'. I totally disagree with this for a specific reason.

If somebody gives somebody a 'supermodel' tag , that means they are professional models, I assume. Meaning, they are good at what they do. So, basically, they are models. They are supposed to be good. Period.

The rest, even with a model tag over their heads, that doesn't mean they are really modeling. It all comes up about how they perform on a runway. They can be in all sorts of 'model' contests, that doesn't make them professional models.  They just want to be known in SL, which says a lot about their poor real lives.

I also mixed in the video you're about to see, another runway show with some avatars who obviously think that posing with a gown, without any elegance is a good job.

Eventually,  it will be terrible for the client they are representing.

Nobody will want to buy those gowns, just because of a few female avatars calling themselves models, organizing some kind of 'fashion show' , walk and pose. They are not models, trust me on that!
In SL, designers and creators should really pay a lot of attention to whom they hire as models or model agencies to represent them on the runway.

Comparing the two runway events will show you why it makes no sense giving professional models the tag of 'supermodels'.  There are models and there are those who aren't. That's pretty much it.

In the group of female avatars wearing gowns - I can't call them models, because they aren't -  there is one that almost got to be MVW this year. Understandable, indeed.

This only speaks of the quality of MVW Organization and the panel of judges who looked at those girls,  through a period of several weeks.  I won't say her name, because she isn't a model at all.  She is absolutely terrible at posing, walking, she has a regular pretty avatar. Nothing special about her.

How low can the modeling scene get,  when a beauty pageant almost selects a regular pretty face to be the winner of a beauty pageant?

Anyway, moving on to wishing you all a New Year full of professionalism and fun, responsability in your jobs as models.

Some things will never change in SL, I can see that now.

At least, I hope new and aspiring models get proper training,  new 'modeling schools', are popping up  like crazy in SL, lately.  Watch out for the training you chose as a model. There is only ONE model's academy these days, that can teach models the right way. Remember , I said MODELS, not pageant girls. It's totally different.
If you don't know which one it is, find it.

So, this is probably going to be my last post.
Through all these years, I've seen that whatever I post is not worth it. It improved nothing, it made no change in SL modeling scene.

The same atrocious female avatars keep thinking this is a game.  It's not. Creators and designers spend hours and days of their real life time to present something, that is going to be showcased in SL.

A hint?  SL models, if you think fashion is all about you. you have it the wrong way. It's about the clients you represent. It's about designers, collections, creations.

If you don't feel this, if you don't see this, then pageantry is really your thing. But don't say you are a SL model, cause you are not.

In this video, I added the names of several models that deserve their names published.  Others, like I said,  they are just pretty avatars in gowns, giving terrible examples of how a SL model's performance should be on the runway.

I bid you all farewell. Maybe one day, we will all meet. Or not!
I'm moving to other ventures.

SL fashion weeks declining

I've had the opportunity to watch a recent fashion week in SL.  I took some footage of some shows and below you can watch the last show, before the final one.

There are several aspects to consider here: I've stated over and over again that it's my true belief that the closer to RL, the better a fashion event will be inworld - obviously considering SL limitations.
In RL, all new collections from many designers are released in fashion weeks all over the world, for the first time.

In SL, there have been fashion weeks since the time Modavia was still an active modeling agency. They used to do their fashion weeks at the same time as NYC Fashion week - around September, at least,  I had the opportunity of watching them two years in a row.

Then Avenue did two fashion weeks as well, within a year period.

This latest fashion week I watched was a wreck.  Total flop.
What I saw was an agency that is screaming to the entire SL modeling and fashion scene - we are here, we are alive, we never stop.
Eventually, in this urge to show themselves as a very active agency, the results could be seen, not only in this latest fashion week, but also in the previous one this same agency organized.

Both sets were terrible, in my opinion.
This latest one was some kind of cathedral.  What is the problem with a cathedral as a fashion set for a fashion week?  In itself, none.

However, the way the building was texturized took all the attention away from the clothes.  After all, thinking from the perspective of a designer, you would want your collection to shine.  It was visually impossible. All colors, details, materials were outshined by the whole building's textures.  No matter what those models wore, the outfits didn't shine at all.

In the audience area,  the place was packed with logos of all designers represented in this 'fashion week', piled up without any consideration of space and basic aesthethics.

Then, the performance of some models on the runway brought me back to why I decided in 2009 to create a quite opinionated blog.  How is it possible that after all these years, models keep repeating the same mistakes, over and over again?

Again, I observe this craving for 'fame', instead of working models, like a regular job, just as it is in RL.   What is most unfortunate is that the more ´famous´ the model is, the worst she performs on the runway.   I have to say that the male models I watched did a very good job, though.

This time, there were situations that we simply cannot  blame on lag or other circumstances; circumstances depending only on SL viewers.

Pose repetition - it's not lag.
Arms up and pointing - it's not lag.
Empty runway for about five minutes (!!!) - that is not lag!

As soon as you have the opportunity to watch the video of the whole show, you'll see what I mean. This show took about an hour (!!!)  in a fashion week!  The runway was empty several times and that's not lag.  It only speaks of the poor organization of this ´fashion event´.

I did my best to edit the video in real time.  You will be able to see time go by and nobody on the runway at least on two different occasions.

As usual, I write my comments on the video. It was very sad to watch this show, situations  repeating themselves, after all the years I've been writing this blog.

There are no names in the video. I name no models.
Just watch, if you have the time and the patience.

I have the complete footage of the final show of this 'fashion week', too. I just wondered for some time if it was worth it to spend my time editing it.   Eventually, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth it.

If you didn't watch the final show of this 'fashion event', in the end, they brought to the runway all the staff that was backstage, naming who did what.
I was flabbergasted!  That isn't important! Only in SL this seems to be accepted as a 'regular thing to do' after a fashion show!

Every fashion week for real, by the end of the show , will bring to the runway THE DESIGNER! Not the staff that was backstage!  I mean, was this for real?

Have you ever seen a real life fashion show where they actually bring out the show manager - yes, the guy who is wearing a headset and sending models out? All backstage people,  in a real life fashion show - especially the stylists that are prepping models -   are wearing a hearing device that will allow them to listen to what the manager is saying and how much time they have to completely set up a model, ready to go out!
Then, models go out and in the end the designer goes out too.

But not here, no! Let's bring up all the agency's staff!  Sad, truly sad to have such a distorted vision of what a fashion show really is!  It's not about the agency! It's about the DESIGNERS!

Here's the video, forgive some of my slippy fingers ( yes, typos) sometimes on the comments.

 I've been informed there are more 'fashion weeks' coming up in SL.

One of them will have all shows at 10am SLT.  All shows?   Do they mean that they will have several shows, during a whole week ( that's why these are called Fashion Weeks), in several locations - meaning several shows each day, always at 10am?

Or do they mean they will do a fashion week with ONE show per day?  THAT is NOT a fashion week.  It won't be!

Another modeling agency in SL in desperate need to show some activity?  Looks like it!

How NOT to be a 'supermodel' in SL©

I was appalled by a 'fashion show' I watched last month.

That was a huge big thing, excuse my repetition.  It was a show with 'supermodels'(!!!)
Guess what?

Full of mistakes an avatar that is a model in SL© CANNOT do,  even less if these avatars wear a 'supermodel' tag over their (many of them) regular heads.

A 'supermodel' cannot be regular.
A 'supermodel' cannot make ANY mistake that depends on  her/him. NONE.

I found an environment that was 'famous people' friendly.  The place was packed to watch a bunch of names.  Yes, names.  All those people couldn't be there for the quality of the models,  you'll see what I mean in the video I recorded. Besides some editting I did, you can watch it close to the real time of the whole thing [it took more than an hour].

The question remains: why was the place so packed?  The 'new generation' of 'supermodels' was going to walk in this show.  Simple, anytime you want, create your group, create the supermodel, ubermodel, crackamodel, whatevermodel  tag and  that's it.

From severe posing mistakes that I simply cannot accept a 'supermodel' would do, they did.
From the disorganization of the whole set, which allowed several new avatars
(noobs, yes) to actually get closer to the models.
From the length of the show - it was too long and boring.
From the regular avatars that nobody knows who they are, without seeing their names - I mean regular 'beauty avatars'.
Everything screamed 'popular people' not 'quality models'.  Is this the new generation of supermodels?
This exact same thing keeps repeating itself, I've seen this happen since I started blogging. It was exactly for this reason that I started this blog, years ago.

There were so many mistakes on the runways all over SL©, that the so called 'supermodels' even back in 2009, 2010, needed a wake up call.

Life repeats itself.  Even the Second.

Avatars with regular faces, posing insanely with formal gowns,  pose repetition,  old walks that are really so old, that they shouldn't be used currently, posing with hands inside prims (!!!); their hands moving through their body structure [as if this were even possible for real, our hands don't go through the flesh and bones!].

I insist, these were 'supermodels'.  The only 'male' model in the show, walked three times with the exact same walk; the irony of all this? His hands were always inside prims with this walk and this male 'supermodel' repeated the walk, every single time he went out to the stage! Why did he do this? Lazyness? Why do people even cheered all this? Because they are all popular names out there.

I really wanted to show all new models out there what NOT to do.  These aren't 'supermodels'.  This was just a bunch of people that got together, put up what they think a fashion show is and that's it!

If you don't fall asleep before the end of the video,  try to watch it. My comments are there.
It was just insane to watch this.  Insane and extremely sad to think that someone - new models perhaps? -may actually look at these avatars and consider them 'supermodels' and applaud them. Sad, sad, sad!

There were exceptions, though.  At least three female models did well - under the category of the 'supermodel' thing.
But the rest? They were lazy in finding good poses, the male model was lazy to find  [at least] one walk that would have his hand off the jacket or the shirt.

Mistakes a regular model shouldn't do were done , repeatedly.  Here's is the answer, right here, these were regular models.  Don't look at the tag, look at their behavior, their posing, their walking.

Years of watching 'fashion shows' in SL© and the same thing keeps happening, year after year; people cheer the names that are in the show, and among  them all, maybe two or three models stood out in terms of quality [they too made some minor mistakes,  but stood out]:  Carley Benazzi, Meimei Shiu and Taylor Wassep.

In general, all of this was terrible! Terrible!
Only three female models were quite good, the rest were simply 'names'.
Tags don't matter. They never did!  Just watch for yourselves.

[Oh and you're welcome, you have a full video of  your 'show']

Another Fashion Show - new 'models', same mistakes

I've been following fashion shows for years;  some of them , I managed to record in real time. They were too long and boring;  recording the shows in real time showed exactly that.

I managed to record another fashion show recently. It wasn't as long as they used to be,  but still you'll see how models take a long time to pose.
That is needed, you may say.  There are other models trying to put their outfits on,  there is lag, the model that is on the runway needs to wait, for the next model to be ready to come out.  So far, so good.

What I noticed in this particular fashion show,  was that the model that was on the runway, posing for quite a substantial period of time, would just stand there, using the same pose. You'll see what I mean.

Since I remember,  it's painful to watch the way so many models walk and pose in SL©.  Showing the movements live may help new models to understand that the way the audience sees the show.

Long time posing can be necessary.  Why keep the same pose and just stand there?
I noticed these were inexperienced models in this show, as opposed to more experienced and trained ones,  who know how many poses they need,  to keep the audience pleased and nor bored.

The video is self explanatory and I wrote my comments in it.
The quality of the video edition isn't very good, although enough for everybody to see what I mean.

I won't tell who the models are, nor which 'agency' this is.  If you haven't been in the audience that day, it'll be interesting to see if there are any 'recognizable' faces.

If not, right there, these models failed to do their jobs. Any avatar in SL© can look pretty. It's just a matter of spending some bucks in a nice shape and good skin, good hair, etc. Anybody can do that!  However, I expect so much more from a model in SL©.
Some shapes were quite bad;  poses, well, some were nice, others were really bad and seeing some of those models on the runway clearly wearing their AOs,  only shows what I have been saying for years. These 'model' avatars need training, training, training.  I researched a little about this group of people, including some 'models' in this show and it seems they TEACH models themselves (!!!).
Moving on.

A fashion show is exactly that- it's about fashion.

Some may agree, some may not about what I'm going to say next; I'm not writing about designers, however to keep the 'fashion' always present, I expect to see a show that blows me away, in terms of great SL© Models, the outfits they wear [it's about fashion, therefore, something new that we haven't seen before]  and not a presentation of dresses and gowns made of flexiprims.  That's completely outdated, even in SL©.  I do, however, understand that if a designer pays, his/her items need to be presented. The best way possible, obviously.

Anyway, here is the 'fashion' show. Besides some editing, it keeps the duration of the event, once it started on the runway. Excuse my terrible machinima skills.
Some of my comments are written along the movie.

SL Fashion Magazines going down - Style Kingdom is a Kingdom with no style

It's very clear the great changes that have been going on in SL©, regarding fashion magazines.
To make it simple, they are outdated, part of the past.

Still, some people see fashion magazines like a money making machine, because there are ads and it's part of an economy.

However, the quality of those magazines is very questionable.  Print modeling in SL is changing into another directions and that is definitely not through the 'old sames old' magazines, then hosted on the website Issuu.

Here's a good one to take a look at:  Style Kingdom.
First of all, what is Style Kingdom? How does this 'magazine' reach the next level in SL© fashion?
It simply doesn't.

Some of their photographers are the same old photographers. Nothing new there.  So, what's new?  Nothing, actually. The layout of the magazine is not updated, every RL fashion magazine has the best staff to keep the layout renewed, always taking into consideration that they are fashion magazines, with a very specific target.

With major changes going on in SL© Fashion, Style Kingdom set up a model casting some time ago and I was informed they are actively looking for more staff.  What for, I wonder?

What I wanted to show you is a huge mistake that cannot happen, if we are talking of a fashion magazine.  This would never happen in RL.

I hereby declare the original work of the cropped image I'm about to show you belongs to Style Kingdom Magazine and the full photo is the work of Pam Astonia as a photographer. No copyright infringement intended, as a blogger.  This photo doesn't belong to me and  I'm using just a  portion of it  according to DCMA Fair Use (the explanatory legal aspect can be consulted on the web and also in some of my previous posts) to express my opinion about it.  The link to original work is provided here.

This type of mistake shouldn't happen in a quality fashion magazine. Do you see it?

The Style Credits aren't right.
Shall we see?

- Dress Into the White and Fur Shawl - where is the shawl in the photo?
- Palma bracelet with hud - where is the bracelet?
- Hair - B429 in grey - is it grey?

Where is the reference to the bag the model is wearing in the original photo [they were so detailed about the complete look, us readers, we are missing the bag] . Where is the reference to the ring?

This only shows what the panorama in the so called  'fashion magazines' in SL© is like. Sad, outdated, not at all fashion related.

I guess this SL© magazine is more concerned about 'showing work' very quickly, as if this meant success;  it doesn't.
It only shows the entire fashion and modeling community in SL© who to not work for, especially if models and photographers are after quality.
This particular release was a photographers mini special, according to the owner.

And that's it. Nothing new, mistakes in several aspects of the magazine, one of them being the so very outdated layout and this humongous mistake in style credits that should never happen - not even once, in a magazine that wants to take SL© by surprise, as in the next big thing.

It's not and I doubt it will ever be.

Scala - the phoenix emerging from the ashes

I must say I was quite impressed [ and excited too, a breath of fresh air]  when I knew that some of the previous staff members from Avenue started their own Academy and Models Agency - Scala.  

Those of you who have been reading me for years,  know I'm going after SL fashion shows and focus greatly on runway walking and posing.  As the fashion community and activities started to change, I started to follow print work too. 

Scala Models Academy is run by one of the best SL professional models [with an extensive career, that I have followed] - Seashell Dench and by the well recognized and reputable Model Trainer Kryptonia Paperdoll.  

The fact that Scala started their activities with teaching,  speaks highly to me.  Training is the most important thing for a SL model and these two highly respected members of the fashion community in SL started right where SL models most need right now.  What to do, where to start, when everything in modeling is changing so fast?  Training, obviously. 

They were extremely smart and cleaver to start giving to models what they most need right now. This only shows me that they mean to help new models to have their careers going, as opposed to some egotistic activities or self-centered 'famous' models that , I believe have started something connected to "luxury", this week,  I believe?  

Another Model's Agency that didn't really impress me, that much.   
Trying to see what's going on among the professional model's community, I can't help wondering: this new Agency that sent out their press release this week,  is full of  'famous' (?) models as members of their staff. 

I really don't want to mention their names here, they don't need publicity - they made sure by their professional activities that it's all about them, not helping others.  

I can give the example of one of them, Anna Saphire -  I wrote about her before, regarding the work she was doing at Avenue Magazine.  From a certain moment on, there was Anna Saphire all over the magazine, month after month after month. Boring! That's when Avenue Magazine started to go down.   

People don't change easily, so, I'm guessing this new 'Agency' run by Anna Saphire will also be all about herself.  They released a website, where their models will be able to post,  it doesn't seem like a blog, but more of a website.  

They also mention in their press release they are a 'boutique-style agency'  and that brings me back in time when another 'famous' SL model created a 'boutique' group of models that went down as fast as it came up. It has been done before, this 'boutique' concept.

In opposition, Scala emerged focusing on other models, not on the owners of the Agency and Academy. 

It's going to be interesting to see how this goes, because all this means the end of Avenue, as these two groups of people came from  Avenue - now dead and buried. 

Scala, however, surfaced as extremely humble [with no 'luxury' or 'boutique' concept attached to it] in their press release, efficient in their communication  - first, they started teaching. Well done! 

Then, I was able to read a note on Scala FB page,  by Seashell Dench. 
The mindset of Scala seems to be a total refreshment in the fashion industry.  First business target - create jobs and pay people for the jobs they do.

She mentions Scala won't give people tags, unless there is actually a job connected to it.  So, these people from Scala, have a clear goal: change mentalities [according to Ms Dench's words].  Models and people that want to work in the fashion industry must be payed and not invited to SL Groups, to get a tag - if I read it correctly. 

This stunned me, really.  This is a complete twist in the way models see their careers in SL.  I too see may tags in fashion events and believe me, I know that so many times, a tag is the result of nothing. It's just a tag, not a job. The way Ms Dench put it, I think  SL professional models are going to experience how this amazing perspective unravels. 

I saw people being sad, because Avenue ended; now I say, I can't wait to see how Scala is able to relate to a community that has been based on fake jobs,  egotistic attitudes - when models just love to be the next 'it-girl'.  

In a toxic environment, where words like 'luxury'and 'boutique' sound fashionable,  I really want to see this shift of mindset in SL modeling, that seems to be Scala's main focus - models work, they get payed; creation of jobs, not tags. To impress by the work done, focus on improving professional SL models' careers and also seems like they are  giving away the 'luxury' and 'boutique' ideas to those who are really after showcasing themselves, just like Anna Saphire did when she took over Avenue Magazine. 

Just one minor detail I saw at Anna Saphire's new 'project's release and I quote:

"(...) models will stand out as they are the most skilled, talented and unique models in the industry, ready to work with the designers and ensure they are extremely well represented."  

This needs a clarification: a Model's Agency represents Models, not designers.  
But again, this was probably written in the wrong way and conveyed the idea that Model Agencies represent designers. They don't. They represent models and then have contracts with designers [as it is done on SL - in RL it's different]. 

Not a very good marketing strategy, conveying the wrong idea right from the start: Model Agencies 'representing'  designers. Strange, to say the least.  Model Agencies represent models to then, be hired by designers.
But well, we will see where all this will go. 

For me, Scala really got my positive attention. I'll be around, as usual.  

Frolic Mills says farewell to BOSL and MVW Organization

Fashion in SL© is now poorer.

I was always one of the people that thinks beauty pageants aren't connected to any sort of modeling, in both lives.  So MVW Organization was always absolutely ridiculous for me, since my goal, all along, has been to focus on fashion and models in SL©.

Everything is changing so fast in SL © fashion!
Frolic Mills is no longer the owner of BOSL and MVW Organization.  No matter my worst critiques towards beauty pageants, this man - Frolic Mills - has been a force, a character, a personality;  wether we like him or not.

He clearly focused more on beauty pageants in SL, which was always terrible,  in my personal opinion.
However, what he did, was good - beauty pageants once a year, usually in a place full of glitz, lights, all big, all looking sumptuous, totally the opposite of what fashion shows in RL are all about,  but quite similar to the sets that are used in RL beauty pageants - he created 'names';  but MVW was never quite successful  after Miaa Rebane started to work for Avenue, just like Anna Saphire did.  These two SL© models,  through the years,  took all the attention from MVW and brought that same attention to fashion, fortunately.

Again, I do think there is a huge difference between beauty pageants and  fashion. After Miaa and Anna,  MVW was never the same.  Only one 'Miss' remains, old and outdated, so outdated that I'm not even going to say her name here - she is NOT a role model to follow. If you know who I'm talking about, take a look at her Flickr photos, terrible quality photos, the only print work that has quality has been done by SL © photographers. But the poor woman insists on taking photos herself, unfortunately for the rest of the SL© models who still look up to her and get trained at her 'academy', so to speak.

And now, that Frolic Mills is no longer the owner of BOSL and MVW Organization,  I am sorry.  He ran his own thing, he has a character of his own and he was a force to reckon.
BOSL and MVW now belong to Reign Congrejo and her followers. This is the photo Reign has in her RL tab.

This was Color of Couture Competition 2013 , organized my Reign. Note the extreme low quality, in styling, and especially posing! I can't wait to see what she is going to do with the entire Organization that she now owns.

Then, MVW Academy is ran by a woman whose name I'm not even going to pronounce here, I don't want to bring attention to people who deserve none.  The same woman that has her profile photo morphed in SL©.  Our profiles inworld say everything about us and this MVW Academy CEO profile is so bad that is only laughable.
It's public, so take a look.  So sad, isn't it?

Following SL© model for so long, I wonder, what does this woman actually know about modeling that she can teach new models (poor new models)?  Besides being closely involved with Frolic Mills, what else does she know, how cultured is she to be able to actually teach new models how to use SL© tools for them to become good at what they do?

Some time ago, she explained to her 'students' what beauty was, giving as a bad example, the face of one of the unique print models in SL©, trained at Avenue Models Academy.  So, it seems that even with Frolic leaving,  the same perspective remains in all that organization.   Everybody should look the same,  all girls looking 'pretty' and that's it. And of course, the best way to learn bad posing is going to MVW Academy.

Unfortunately, things are getting worse again, for those new models who are looking for a good model academy to train. Without Frolic there, BOSL and MVW , the entire thing will go down quick.

Even if I didn't like what he did, as a fashion critique, I have to recognize his strength, his personality  and he, himself, was one of a kind.

Now with Reign Congrejo as owner, and this woman as MVW Academy CEO, I can only be so sorry for everybody involved with BOSL and MVW Organization.  Actually, I can't wait to see a fashion show organized by these people.

Last time a friend of mine spotted this woman in SL©, she was looking like this, in a public event. Take a look at the way her necklace is edited and the great quality of the hair(!!!), the styling in general . How can she even teach?

To have a better picture of the whole low quality thing, take a look at this woman's Flickr;  again how can she even teach what she herself cannot deliver?  As we all know, in SL© modeling, Flickr is the best way to network with the best models that are, some of them, amazing photographers too.  Poor woman!

Here is how things are right now, with Frolic Mills out of the picture, this is the announced death of BOSL and MVW Organization.