Who are these ladies? #2

[Correcting some model's names - my bad, really]

It was quite interesting to do this 'exercise'. Photos of several female SL Models, mostly their faces and see if they are recognizable, without naming them here.
What was my point, you may ask?

The general difficulty in SL Modeling: to be one of a kind.

Appreciated all of you who commented. I guess that the model who is most recognizable from this bunch of photos, at least, reading your comments is Mavi Beck.

Model #13 - Mavi Beck
What's interesting about this subject is that the differences among SL Models really rely on details. Mavi wears quite a fair skin with blonde hair, blue eyes and this is kind of a signature look, because many of you identified her correctly. She was not modeling, when I took the photo. In last year's MVW pageant, Mavi - representing Italy - presented herself quite differently. In my opinion, she kind of lost her own identity. Here is a photo of Mavi, last year, in MVW pageant presentation to the press.

It's very refreshing that Mavi came back to her own 'self'. She is actually, very recognizable.

Another Model some of you identified is Mimmi Boa. Model#10

Mimmi's signature look are her eye colour and her eyelashes. Her style also helps to identify her. Like Mavi, she was not modeling when I took the photo. Again, the identity lies in these little details.

Another Model that I usually identify but none of you did, is Model #9. She has a very uncommon choice of eye colour. Seashell Dench

Watching several Fashion Shows, I realized that, at the moment, this Model chose a signature look with blonde hair and fair skin. Even before, when she used darker hair - her eyes were always unique. It's the colour, I think.

Another Model that was identifiable by some of you was Model#2 dancer Dallagio
Very distinctive, too.

Next, what do these ladies have in common? Who is who, what's different about each one of them? From my point of view, I see the same skin, several makeups and skin color, but the same skin, similar eyes, no particular trait to make them unique.

Model #1 Carilynn Ohare

Model #6 Shae Sixpence

Model#7 and #11- Katherine Comet

Model #3 - Isabel Brocco

Model #4 is Glitter Bollisima

Just compare Glitter's skin with Mavi's in last year MVW pageant. Notice anything similar?

Model #14
- Harlee Lane
And Harlee's as well.

Model #12 - Veronica Krasner
see the skins? It may have to do with using different skins for the same show. That is natural, but it would be really better to find different skins that the ones that are most used? I believe this can be done ;)

In the same show, where I took these photos, Veronica used a more distinctive look:

And I almost forgot one of the photos. Model #8 Miaa Rebane

This lady was not easy to identify, my own fault. The photo is not very good, the close up on her face would lose even more photo quality.

It's not easy, as you can see, to have a unique look in SL. Being very passionate about model's work, I'm always looking for someone to amaze me, to call my attention, to be really different. In SL, it has to be in little details.
Considering that some of these ladies were chosen finalists in MVW pageant, this only reinforces my opinion: a beauty pageant is not about modeling. Models may and should really be very different from one another, not necessarily 'pretty', sometimes even with distictive features, that may not seem 'perfect'. And that is a model's perfection - to be distinctive. Not necessarily 'pretty'.

It would help if these ladies started wearing different skins and work more on shape, eyes, mouth, nose, whatever could make them have an identity of their own.
Again, my focus is always on having more quality on SL Modeling.

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