D'ior Graduation Show

Model Graduation Shows can be good and entertaining, especially for more unexperienced SL Models. They should attend, if possible, even to compare Model Academies by the work presented during the graduation show. It's a good tool to learn by observing what a SL Model should or shouldn't do.

D'ior presented a Graduation Show with two model trainees, having on the runway also members of the staff, a Model and a Top Model - it was written in their tags.

You'll see ruthed avatars and for that reason I won't focus on shape or attachments. This post is all about posing. That's what I ask you all to do - take a look at the posing and how poses were used in relation to their style and outfit.

I will only refer to three names, here.
First, take a look at this first 'Model's poses. The photos shown here are not in the sequencial walk order of the graduation show. Each set is a 'model' or trainee in different poses.

Set A

The avatar is clearly ruthed but we all can see in the above photo, the two "victory fingers" on this pose. Never to be used on a runway! The next pose is good for a photoshoot, not for runway as well. Keep both feet on the ground, unless you are leaning or supported by some kind of prop.

This is the same 'model' using one of the looped animated poses, over and over.

See what I mean?

Set B
In this case, this 'model', did this the whole show. Animated looped poses, non stop. Obviously, whenever there was a transition from one pose to another, the movement was quick and not smooth.
And again

Set C
This 'model' or trainee didn't use animated poses, but all these poses don't 'sell' the designer's outfit.
Another 'model' posing in equilibrium - if we keep this real, the RL Model needed to have extra balance skills. Again, both feet are expected to be on the ground.

and again

and here an armpit pose, legs crossed in a strange position!!!

Set D
Here is another 'model' - armit pose - not good.

And here is the same 'model' wearing a long dress - or a gown, if you prefer - again with an armit pose!!!

Set E
In this case, I'm going to tell you this avatar's name, because she actually did a good job in this show, both adjusting poses well with the outfits she was wearing and styling.

amethys Inglewood
Good pose for this kind of style, simple and 'clean' pose

amethys in a gown.
As the outfit changed and so did the style, she changed to different poses and made good choices.

The poses were well put together along with the style of what she was wearing. In general, she passed a good image of herself with her work.

Set F
This is Cafee Maximus.
In this graduation show, she had a Top Model Tag. Besides that, D'ior's CEO publicly presented Cafee as being trained and shaped by herself - mariella Spitteler.

And here is the result:
Cafee chose always animated looped poses - non stop.
Here she is presenting a different style - in a gown and the same kind of poses. This is the beginning of the pose and

the pose continues

This is just an example of the show finale. Cafee right up front, not posing!! Using her ao!

I really don' have much to say, after showing you this photos.
There was no description of any of the outfits; mariella was just saying the names of the 'models' and she went way over the top when she presented Cafee Maximus as her 'masterpiece' - so to speak.

In my personal opinion, the best on the runway was amethys. Simple, 'clean' posing, adapting her style to the outfits she was wearing and consequently adapting the posing as well.

When posing, always adapt poses to the style you are wearing; there are new posemakers in SL updating poses constantly. When you find new poses, use them well, pose in a smooth way. That means practice, much practice before walking the runway. Keep trying poses, see how they bond together, if you have both feet on the ground, no armpits or tip of the toe poses. Think about elegance and style. A good SL Model is always practicing 'behind the scenes'. Some people have a great sense of poise, others need to keep working on it.

See you next post.

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