Maniera Institute of Style - Graduation Show

Taking a look at another Model Academy in SL - Maniera. I watched a graduation show.

There were four trainees. In spite of some poor choice of poses, this was in general quite a good fashion show to watch. The four graduates did quite well, actually.

This is Chloe Panthar

I saw Chloe's avatar ruthed, so I won't comment on shape or attachments; however, this outfit next could have had more 'out of the box' poses. The style allowed a bit more eccentricity, but in all, the pose is quite alright.

This next pose is not so good. Doesn't seem natural at all.

With more formal attire Chloe did good chosing poses.

This is Sazzy Oh

I'd like to call your attention to the pose above. It doesn't look good with the outfit's style. A little after, Sazzy chose to use the same pose, as you'll see.
Next outfit also allows a more eccentric pose, but she kept it simple. That's good. One thing I didn't like here was the shoes. It depends, however, if the designer made a specific request. If not, these shoes weren't a good choice to style this outfit, in my opinion.

See here the repetition of the first pose.

In this set, Sazzy chose also simple poses to showcase this elaborate outfit. She did well.

Again, it's a good pose, hands out of the skirt, etc, but it could be better.

This is Lovis Timeless

This next outfit is extremely difficult to pose with. We have to agree on that.

But here, next pose was not so good. I do admit it's very hard to find good poses for this amazing outfit.

This is Shae Sixpence

Shae did good. Simple poses, for a simple and casual outfit.

And she did good again. This kind of outfit - extremely creative - is always a challenge to style and pose. I'd like to call your attention to the choice of 'shoes' here. If this was Shae's choice, awesome choice! Very well styled.

Again, take a look at her 'shoes'. Great pose, also.

This option was rather obvious. By chosing this next pose at the end of the runway, Shae chose a 'comfort zone' pose. I see this pose a lot, with gowns, in several fashion shows. She could have done better here, being more creative in this pose.

Finally, the formal outfit.

Simple, clean posing. Perfect!

I cannot rely much on my graphic card, but to be absolutely perfect - as far as I can see - Shae needs to make some adjustments to her shape. I didn't see her ruthed at all, so I assume I was seeing correctly and confirmed with my raw photos. Shae needs to reshape. If she does, she may become an excellent avatar.

Overall, being a graduation show, with only four Models, it was actually very nice to watch. Good to know that some Model Academies in SL do value quality in the training. Maniera trainees did good.


Anonymous said...

Hi,I have read your blog.It's very interesting.i would like know what is the best shops for animated pose for runway in your opinion.thanx for answer in advance.

Fifth Avenue said...

Hello Sabbi, appreciated for your comment.

Animated poses can be very hard to pose with, in my opinion. The best are really static poses for runway - not for print. Static poses, well combined, may look like animated poses on the runway, if the models practices with them a lot and sees which ones - once combined - make the moves smooth.

Another thing about static poses is the lenght of the pose itself: there are static poses that are quick - not good. The best ones are those who make the movement a bit longer and are still 'static'. I cannot advise you on what stores you may buy animated poses from, because I don't usually publicize designers or pose makers.
I can tell you, though, that if you use any animated pose in the right circumstance they all work well. If they are looped, don't let them run the second movement - which would only be the repetition of the first move. Animated poses with harsh movements and very long - more than 15 seconds - aren't good either.

I'd advise you to look for a good Model Academy in SL, to help with posemakers, on how to pose etc.