Solo 2 Fashion Show

Solo 2 seems to be not exactly a SL Model Agency but more of a project.

In this particular show I watched, most of the SL Models were italian. Most of them, not all. And I mean italian - RL.

There is no excuse nowadays to have a Fashion Show where all the staff communicates using a very common SL communicator - dv c. Because everybody has one, even I do. I listened to all the staff communication and I bet almost all the audience did too, cause the dv c communicator is everywhere in SL Fashion. That's how I knew most of the staff was Italian, which is absolutely alright. Just calling the attention to the way the staff communicates.

It would be good to use an encrypted communicator, for the staff to talk safely.
In general, this show was okay, but there were many moments when the runway was completely empty. It could have been lag, obviously, but it can also be some disorganization backstage, because I listened to their communications.

Taking a look at the Models, some did better than others, which is natural. Let's take a look. The photos here are not in any particular order.

This is Arialee Miles

Next is a great pose, for the hat she was wearing, but the pose did something to her skirt.

Here, she kind of lost herself. I know, it's lag, but there are ways to help posing with lag.

For some reason, Arialee doesn't shine, as a Model. I'm not sure if it's her skin, combined with hair.

Maybe she needs to reshape, check her face.

This is Alii Vella, the owner of Project Solo Due.

Nothing special, as you may see. I mean, nothing outstanding. On the contrary, with the next outfit, Alii seemed very 'heavy', not well styled. I'm guessing Alii is not an experienced model.

This is Ranini Farella

I saw Ranini well, not ruthed, so I assume that this is her regular Model shape. There's something wrong with it. The poses were good, it's not easy to pose with this kind of outfit.

When I saw Ranini do the next pose, I froze!! This is not a runway pose. Models should have both feet on the ground. This is a pose for photography, not for runway. A runway Model must know this.

This is Dhalia Joubert
Dhalia did good, posing. I'd only adjust the hat a little, not to cover her face so much.

This is Ellendir Khandr

Models should pay attention to poses like the next one; somehow, the pose distorts her legs and feet.

Next pose is better, similar but a little better.

This is Genevieve Kamala

In my opinion, the previous pose is not a good one. However, the next pose is very good for a long dress.

Again, the hat needs editting not to cover her face so much.

This is Livia Mastroianni

Livia is a good runway Model. Her poses were discrete and very good for each outfit's style.

This is Leandra Breen

Very good Model. Leandra chose the poses according to the outfits she was showcasing.

Very elegant Model, as well.

I took many photos of Leandra, because she really did a great work on the runway, with several outfits.

Next is the only pose I don't like. I call these poses 'lazy'ones, because with both arms open, these poses eventually go well with any gown. I'm positive that if the Model looks for more gown poses , she will find more and avoid these open arms ones.

This is the only male Model in this show, Salvo Waydelich.

As usual, Salvo is an outstanding male Model in SL.
He can do any style, wear any outfit and look very good in them.

I know it can be easier or more difficult easier for male models, depending on the perspective; there are substantially less poses for men than for women in SL. The same with clothes. Men have a hard time finding quality clothes. I applaude the male models that go beyond that and really create a style of their own.

Solo2 Show was not good nor bad. It was okay. One thing to correct would be not to leave the runway empty so often and change the communicator. At the moemnt, SL Model Agencies know better - use an encrypted communicator.

See you all next post.


ellendir said...

Hi I'm Ellendir Khandr the co-owner of Solo2 Agency with Alii Vella and Valentina Inaka. I really appreciate you write about our Show it's great cause i hear when you write about some agency this agency is famous :-) i have only one little thing to say : when we make this show second life has big problems with teleport communication scripts ... with all and some agency not make their show.... we did it ...

have a nice day and sorry for my english but i'm italian

xxxx kiss

Fifth Avenue said...

Your comment was much appreciated Ellendir.

Yes, I know you are Italian, because I heard you on dv c communicator, and you did a good job, being a model and coordinating the show at the same time.
I know there were several issues with SL that day, teleporting, etc. Lag is always present in Fashion Shows, too, and that's okay. You all did what you could, under the circumstances.