Look Elite Models

Prepare yourselves, because I took many photos of this Fashion Show with Look Elite Models. This Model Agency has different model tags, it's their choice, fine with me.

So, I'll start showing you Look Elite Head Model's photos and no doubt, give my opinion.
When a Model Agency has a head model, that person must be untouchable!! As I remind so often, I'm not judging the person's character or personality. I'm just watching the professional side. The head model must be the BEST: the best shaped, the best model, the best styled, she MUST stand out. Let's take a look at Look Elite head model.

Laura18 Streeter

Laura18 did this entire show using the same brand of poses. Animated poses that were very fashionable a year ago, but are becoming really boring to watch now. Using them for an entire show, it's really really boring.

Here is one more of the animated poses I mentioned.

And again, in a different position of the runway.

The animated pose next, distorted the skirt completely. This outfit needed to be worked carefully, in terms of posing.

Changed outfit, but Laura18 kept the same animated poses. It became really boring.

And again.

Another outfit, the same poses. Again!

Another of those animated poses.

What can I say? This is a huge mistake a head model shouldn't do. New models will watch a fashion show like this and will look up to the head model. Really, SL Models need to be better and better and transform, change, rule the trends, or else they fade, sorry to say.

After the head model, I bring your attention to Look Elite Academy and their trainer. She was one of the models too. Again, the Model Trainer MUST be outstanding. Be different from all the rest and shine. After all, that's the person who teaches modeling techniques. Really, we have to raise up the bar and have outstanding models in these positions,in a Model Agency.

So, here is Bourbon Zenovka

I don't know why Bourbon chose the next walk during this first set. The first set of outfits was clearly casual and sexy, but this walk??? It's awful!! I can imagine again a new SL Model watch this walk on the runway and think 'Cool!'. No, it's not cool at all. It's not fashionable, it's not elegant, it's not certainly sexy. It's horrible to watch!

When she posed, next, the contrast between the next pose and that uncommon walk was appauling!!! If the Model used really different poses - out of the box, even - then, maybe, maybe that walk could be justifiable.

And there comes that walk again!!

With the next set of outfits, Bourbon changed the walk, finally!! The poses could have been outstanding, but they weren't.

There is a very slight - really slight difference - between a sexy pose and a pose that goes beyond sexy and is not even elegant. A good example is the next pose.

The next pose, with this long dress is even worse.

The next one is better.

Again, I restate that I'm not a judge of character, I look always at the professional side of each runway model. I'm really appauled, because there is no reason for SL Model Agencies and Models to be just average or below average, especially when they have a 'certain' position in the Model Agency itself.

Next, let's see another Look Elite Model - Madeleine Dollinger.
Great avatar!!Good pose, very sexy, goes with the style and the outfit.

Madeleine dared to go 'out of the box' with her poses and the result was interesting to watch.
And then, there it was. The same horrible walk again!!

And the next pose with the fingers? Not good, not fashionable at all.

When Madeleine moved, really, this walk is so horrible to watch!

And here she was posing - different poses, original ones, very good!!

Here is another very cute pose, for the outfit. I liked it.

Changing outfits, Madeleine was more average, so to speak. That's what I call 'the comfort zone'. Poses were almost always the same.

Even after changing position on the runway, Madeleine did the exact same pose.

Looking now at Miaa Rebane. Miaa is an average model, as I said before. She works well on the runway, but for some reason, she doesn't stand out. In this set, her poses were very well chosen, sexy and elegant.

Changing outfit, she did good, posing.

Next pose is what I consider an amazing pose! It's stylish, elegant, classy. If it goes well with the outfit - which is the case, here - this next pose is really good.

Romantic pose, good for the dress, the colour, the hair. Good, good.

In no particular order, here is Payton Heron. Payton used one of the old walks. Some SL Models still use this walk now, after being released a couple of very good runway walks. She could have updated the walk.

Simple pose.

Very good pose for a gown, next.

Simple pose, again.

And suddenly, something happened.

Payton posed like this.

It could have been a good pose, if it were combined with other similar poses during this set. I mean, if Payton decided from the beginning to go a little 'avant garde' with poses, this one would have been good. But it showed up as abrupt and it didn't make any sense, there.

And I saved the best for last!! There was a Look Elite Model that rocked that runway. Wow, double wow, triple wow and I mean it!!
Here is Bety Dudek - a Model that I'll follow, for sure. She did an outstanding job in this show!

The way she presented herself, made me - as a potential client - want to buy the dress, the skin, the hair, everything!

Amazing face, gorgeous avatar, elegant poise.

Bety did an amazing job in this show. If she continues to style up and improve, she will surely be a model to look up to.

In the following set, the skin she chose, the eyelashes, the poise on the runway, the hair, the whole styling was simply amazing!

The photos are clear, right? Bety Dudek stood out clearly in this show. Watch out 'older' models!! She was the star!!

There was another model in this show that I considered the chance of not even mentioning. But I'll just show you a faceshot I took of her and you'll understand why I had doubts about her. It really is important in SL Model world to be good, to improve, to get better, to rule the trends. A good model is not going to wear an old skin, with a bad shape looking like this:

I'm sorry, this lady needs a bodylift and fast!! I'm not going to say her name here. This avatar should NEVER be in a fashion show. She could be in places like 'Classic With Style' but on the professional level, professional Model Agencies in SL must raise the bar, higher and higher and be demanding with their models. I can't think of a reason why this kind of avatar would be a Model in SL, a professional model in an Agency like Look Elite. Maybe I expected too much from this agency.

Anyway, moving forward, congratulations Bety Dudek. You were the star of this show! I'll show you Bety's face again. Now, compare with the previous faceshot. One is a SL professional model, the other shouldn't even be on a runway.


Tillie Ariantho said...

Hello there,

I don't know how you came to those conclusions. I have the same show too, and taked photos of it. And I must say, I did not get bored at all. And I think I am allowed to say that, after having taken photos of 344 fashion events ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/tillie/collections/72157601922260866/ ). If you got bored, you are maybe the wrong one for being fashion critic.

Btw. your photos are too dark.

Tillie Ariantho

Fifth Avenue said...

Your comment was much appreciated Tillie. Thank you.

However, I didn't say the show was boring, I'm a little tired of people misreading what I write. If you can point out in my text the exact sentence stating that this show was boring, I'd appreciate it, too.

What I said - and please confirm - was that one of the models using the same poses over and over again is boring. And it is, in my opinion. Especially poses that are quite old in SL. There are new poses, models must rule the trends. And yes, it's really boring to see one model use the same poses over and over and over.

I'm not a photographer, as you may have noticed. My photos are clear enough to see poses/walks/styling and that is my one and only goal. I don't need lessons on how to take photos thank you very much, simply because I'm not a SL photographer. I simply watch fashion shows and give my opinion of what I see, mostly regarding posing, walking, styling.

I don't need to see your Flickr photos, I have my own, raw photos. They are, I repeat, absolutely clear about the point I always make: models can do better. If some can do better, why can't others?

Appreciated for your comment, thank you.

Nave Fall said...

I've got a simple thought here.

Rather then say the poses are dated and, possibly even, boring why not use the opportunity to help people improve their presentations by being direct. What I'm saying is this......... name names. Tell us which poses are now in and fresh.

That would be better then simply saying they could do better with their posing.

I'm just

Nave Fall

Fifth Avenue said...

Your comment was much appreciated, Nave.

I don't think older poses are boring. Not at all! What I said was repeating the same pose over and over again, the same model in the same show in different positions, is boring to watch. Especially if the pose is already used often.

There are new posemakers in SL, of course I could name some. But again, it's not what I decided to do.

Bear with me here, please: once we get in Fashion Industry in SL (can be as designers, as Model agencies, as Model academies), we get to talk to SL Models and see how they walk the runway, how they style, etc. So, we really get to know the latest trends in posing, hair, style, shoes.

We just need to pay attention to what's going on around us. That's one of the characteristics I believe a good Model must have: the ability to pay attention to what other Models do, how they do it; a good SL Model is also a good observer (this doesn't mean to copy them, but to be inspired by them and keep their own self).

I could create an informative blog, about Modeling in SL, I really could. It's not my intention to trash SL Models! But I have to name them. This is what I do.

It's not my intention to promote either SL Designers or posemakers, or shoe creators. I really can't do that.

Fresh and new poses are okay, for obvious reasons. But if I saw a Model repeat one of them to ehaustion, I'd be demanding as well.

So, my basic point in posing is actually, avoid repetition. Models should prepare first, prepare everything, not only the clothes or the style, but also the poses and try their best not to repeat endlessly one or two poses.
This is what I meant.

So you see, Nave, more important than old or new poses is what SL Models do with them, how they use them, if they fit the style of the Fashion Show, if they fit the clothes.

Again, I do appreciate your comment. I hope my answer was more clear now.