Boulevard Models

So many SL Models would love to be a part of this model agency - Boulevard. I've heard that not all models can join, only a few and obviously the best - that's what I've heard. From what I've seen on this show, all models were/are related to BOSL, namely through MVW pageant.

As I say so many times, being a gorgeous avatar doesn't mean necessarily to be a good model. Boulevard Models were good. But, if really Boulevard Agency is 'THE' model agency in SL, that's questionable. All these models should be outstanding!

First, let's see the set where the fashion show took place. A huge auditorium, models were in one sim, audience in the other. The runway itself is extremely long, not helpful to SL conditions with working with lag and sim crashes. Show organizers must take this into consideration: provide a good set, the best sets are quite simple, avoiding heavy effects, scripts, etc.

During this show, the sim where the models were flickered twice - kind of disappeared in front of our eyes and came back up almost immediately.

The SL designer that was showcasing his collection is quite distinctive; all models walked with an emoter and it was part of the show.

The outfits, the styling, everything was very well put together. It demanded outstanding posing; extravagant posing would be the ideal. That means Boulevard Models should have gone out of their comfort zone, when posing. This was a high fashion show, requiring very different poses than the ones we see in a show with, let's say, gowns or street casual outfits or lingerie. The posing here should be extravagant and yet stylish. Every model must take this into consideration when they prepare for a fashion show. Let's see how Boulevard Models did. I'll show the photos in no particular order.

Miaa Rebane
All Miaa's poses were 'clean', I mean correct, technically. Hand off the skirts, no armpit poses. She was regular, posing. But for a show like this, where are the more extravagant poses? Something that would blow us all away, selling the outfits?

The next pose is used to avoid having hands inside the skirt, it's correct. But I, myself, demanded more here. More outstanding poses, according to the style of the designer. As you see, Miaa posed 'correctly', however she could have gone outside her comfort zone and really stand out.

Kay Fairey
The same thing happened with Kay. She posed correctly, let's say if this were a class, the posing would be 101. She knows the rules of posing and, from what I've seen, Kay has a couple of 'signature poses' - she uses them often in fashion shows.

The next pose in one of Kay's 'signature poses'.

Here is another of Kay's signature poses, next.

The next pose is not good for a 'supermodel'. It's 101 posing.

The next pose can be used with gowns, mostly, but Kay could have found different poses.

So, from these two first Boulevard Models, new SL models may see what is posing correctly, 'clean', posing with no mistakes. However, this show required more extravagant posing. These two models should have been outstanding. They were regular.

Devine Hunt
Devine has a stunning avatar, as you can see. However, through the different sets of outfits, she used the same pose, over and over again.

The next pose is outstanding. Posing with a bag isn't easy.

And then, Devine repeated this pose several times, with different outfits.

Devine posed correctly, but repetition of poses should be avoided, especially when people are watching a 'Boulevard Fashion Show'.

dancer Dallagio

I could only take two photos of dancer; after the sim went down and came back up, I saw her ruthed. The two poses she used were good, the second pose is different and creative.

Chirzaka Vlodovic
Chirzaka, just like Miaa and Kay, posed correctly. Model posing 101. She could have gone out of that safety zone with more extravagant posing.

The next is a great pose, daring and very natural.

Very nice job, next, posing with a hand bag.

blackLiquid Tokyoska

blackLiquid was below the average quality of Boulevard Models. The next pose is very 101. It's for beginner models, learning how to pose with hands out of the skirt.

When I mention extravagant posing, I don't mean the next pose. Posing with a finger is not for a fashion show. This wasn't the first time that blackLiquid has used this kind of pose. New models, take a note: this is not a pose to use on the runway, especially in a high fashion show.

Another 'gown' pose.

Next pose is excellent! Even without seeing the dress fully rezzed, I post it, because, again, it's not easy to pose well with a hand bag. This was a great choice to pose.

Next pose is used frequently by blackLiquid. This was the pose she used in front of the pannel of judges in her MVW audition and she used it here too. It's not a good pose at all.

The next poses are all 'gown' type. Hands off the skirt, correct, but these poses don't make sense in a fashion show like this.

And I saved the best for last. In my opinion, the only Boulevard Model that stood out, because of her posing.

Melanie Sautereau
Melanie wasn't afraid to 'get out there' with her posing. She chose some extravagant poses, she really stood out. With her posing, she really focused on the designer's style; very avant garde.


It's clear that Melanie took her time to find the appropriate poses for a high fashion show. It was great to see her posing, the outfits came to life and got character. Melanie Sautereau amazed me in this show. She went beyond the 'model posing 101' and gave the audience the true spirit of the designer's style. Great job!!

Mui Mukerji also was in this show. Unfortunately, I always saw her ruthed, hence not posting her photos.

Important notes to consider:

- Lag is always, always a big issue in Fashion Shows.
- Show organizers and producers must provide a 'clean' environment for the show: simple sets, usually small, avoid scripted sets, without effects, particles or transparencies.
- If necessary, in case of huge fashion productions, consider the possibility of repeating the show, closing the sim to a certain number of people.
- Audience must be informed to lower their ARC. Models usually carry a lot of prims, heavily scripted items, etc. If every member of the audience respects that rule of lowering arc, it will be more pleasant to all.
- The best model agencies in SL care about details. I'd advise to select models that are sensitive to the designer's style, chosing poses accordingly.
- At this point, in SL Fashion, it's good to be demanding, to want more quality. To see SL models working hard, finding new poses, develop and update.

I'm always very demanding when I watch a fashion show with what people say is a good model agency. Boulevard had some very popular models, some people call them supermodels. A supermodel is someone who always, always is outstanding. There are few supermodels in SL. I've seen none at Boulevard. Melanie Sautereau is very close to being one. She was outstanding!!


adam01time said...

Well written personnel point of view and seems you have a definite way expressing your motivation here.
As in all forms of "Art" One persons gold may look like trash to me.

Fifth Avenue said...

Much appreciated for your comment Adam. Indeed! This blog is about expressing my personal opinions. That's what they are - opinions. Many may share my point of view, others won't. All opinions are accepted, like I have already expressed, as long as there are no insults or foul language involved.