Playing a game - a useful one

This is a tough game, I bet.

Just by looking at a model's face, can we tell who the model is?
To have a unique look is the ultimate goal of a model.
How many models can we recognize just by looking at their face?

Let's get ready to play this game and guess who's who?

That's the most important thing for a SL Model. Not necessarily be 'beautiful' - the concept of beauty is very different in fashion, in my opinion - but be distinctive.

If a SL model can be recognized just by her/his face, then she or he is unique. Distinctive.

I'll be taking photos of several models - male and female.
Remember, raw photos, not editted, always show how the face really is. No photoshop editting. Just raw photos.

I'll start posting soon. Then, it's time to start identifying really distictive SL models.

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Taellinu Aichi said...

how do I send you my picture for use in this? I'd like to volunteer.