How do SL Models 'earn' popularity?

I have opened moderated comments here. One of the comments I have received is from a SL Model that thinks she is 'popular'.

Very well, then. From now on, I'll refrain from posting any photos of any SL Model that has this kind of attitude. Yes, I will not 'publicize' ladies that believe that winning SL Beauty Pageants or a few SL Photo Contests, will suddenly 'transform' them into 'Queens of Absolutely Nothing'.

Popularity is not the same as being a good professional in whatever we do. Beauty Pageants do not make a good SL Model. There has been a great misunderstanding regarding this in SL.

Again, popularity is like respect. Must be earned.
Most of the best SL Models I have seen on the runway are absolutely discrete about their activities. They just walk the runway with style and elegance. And that is something you just have or you don't.
Elegance and style include personality, even in a metaverse world such as SL.

By the way, I was paying attention to Modavia Autumn Casting. I'll post here the names of the chosen SL Models soon.

Kabuki Naughty and Nice Fashion Show

This was a well produced Fashion Show. The set was beautiful. This photo I took doesn't really show the beautiful set. It can give you an idea, if you missed it.

I took lots of snapshots, but for this show, I'll just show you a SL Model that really was fierce and outstanding. I don't think I have seen her before. She caught my attention from the beginning. She may be a SL Model to follow up and see what happens to her.

Let's see her.

blackLiquid Tokyoska

With an amazing image and unique style, blackLiquid really caught people's attention in this Show, even though there were other SL Models that have more 'popularity' in SL. Again, I really hope she keeps progressing as a SL Model with a humble attitude.

I caught her with a not do good pose , next. The hood covered her face.

In general, this was a great Fashion Show to watch, very well produced and an outstanding SL Model. She has my attention ;)

There is a Winter Fashion Week going on in SL

I managed to take a look at Eccentric Fashion Show.
These Shows are relatively simple, one SL Designer each day. Here are the SL Models in this Show.

This is Elyana Carver
Elyana showed some issues with her poses. What I mean is that there are so many pose makers in SL that there is no reason for a SL Model to keep making mistakes like armpit poses (out of a 'dramatic' production Fashion Show) or the usual hands inside primmed skirts. Poses need to be practiced, like shaping and chosing a good skin.

I caught Elyana with a smile, on the runway. It can be lag, or not.

This is Koffie Juniper

Besides the ruthed shape, which is a very common SL issue with lag (I know that) , I just want to show you Koffie's poses. And I will say no more ... just watch.

When Koffie changed outfit, think as if you were a SL Designer. Do these poses inspire you to buy this outfit?

Let's take a look at Lileaka Magic

Among the other SL Models , she did relatively well. In such a simple show, I'm sure there were mode poses to choose.

This is QueenBrat Bracket

The same SL issue, ruthed avatar. Again, looking only at the poses. QueenBrat had severe problems standing. Even with lag ( and it was laggy) we can tell that homework wasn't done, here.

This is Sazzy Oh
Sazzy chose the same pose, over and over again, with several outfits.

And finally, when she changed to a different pose, she chose a back pose, covering her face completely.

As I mentioned before, this was a simple Fashion Show, with some basic mistakes, related to poise and poses. Lileaka Magic was the SL Model that was ok, but still not outstanding.