Frolic Mills says farewell to BOSL and MVW Organization

Fashion in SL© is now poorer.

I was always one of the people that thinks beauty pageants aren't connected to any sort of modeling, in both lives.  So MVW Organization was always absolutely ridiculous for me, since my goal, all along, has been to focus on fashion and models in SL©.

Everything is changing so fast in SL © fashion!
Frolic Mills is no longer the owner of BOSL and MVW Organization.  No matter my worst critiques towards beauty pageants, this man - Frolic Mills - has been a force, a character, a personality;  wether we like him or not.

He clearly focused more on beauty pageants in SL, which was always terrible,  in my personal opinion.
However, what he did, was good - beauty pageants once a year, usually in a place full of glitz, lights, all big, all looking sumptuous, totally the opposite of what fashion shows in RL are all about,  but quite similar to the sets that are used in RL beauty pageants - he created 'names';  but MVW was never quite successful  after Miaa Rebane started to work for Avenue, just like Anna Saphire did.  These two SL© models,  through the years,  took all the attention from MVW and brought that same attention to fashion, fortunately.

Again, I do think there is a huge difference between beauty pageants and  fashion. After Miaa and Anna,  MVW was never the same.  Only one 'Miss' remains, old and outdated, so outdated that I'm not even going to say her name here - she is NOT a role model to follow. If you know who I'm talking about, take a look at her Flickr photos, terrible quality photos, the only print work that has quality has been done by SL © photographers. But the poor woman insists on taking photos herself, unfortunately for the rest of the SL© models who still look up to her and get trained at her 'academy', so to speak.

And now, that Frolic Mills is no longer the owner of BOSL and MVW Organization,  I am sorry.  He ran his own thing, he has a character of his own and he was a force to reckon.
BOSL and MVW now belong to Reign Congrejo and her followers. This is the photo Reign has in her RL tab.

This was Color of Couture Competition 2013 , organized my Reign. Note the extreme low quality, in styling, and especially posing! I can't wait to see what she is going to do with the entire Organization that she now owns.

Then, MVW Academy is ran by a woman whose name I'm not even going to pronounce here, I don't want to bring attention to people who deserve none.  The same woman that has her profile photo morphed in SL©.  Our profiles inworld say everything about us and this MVW Academy CEO profile is so bad that is only laughable.
It's public, so take a look.  So sad, isn't it?

Following SL© model for so long, I wonder, what does this woman actually know about modeling that she can teach new models (poor new models)?  Besides being closely involved with Frolic Mills, what else does she know, how cultured is she to be able to actually teach new models how to use SL© tools for them to become good at what they do?

Some time ago, she explained to her 'students' what beauty was, giving as a bad example, the face of one of the unique print models in SL©, trained at Avenue Models Academy.  So, it seems that even with Frolic leaving,  the same perspective remains in all that organization.   Everybody should look the same,  all girls looking 'pretty' and that's it. And of course, the best way to learn bad posing is going to MVW Academy.

Unfortunately, things are getting worse again, for those new models who are looking for a good model academy to train. Without Frolic there, BOSL and MVW , the entire thing will go down quick.

Even if I didn't like what he did, as a fashion critique, I have to recognize his strength, his personality  and he, himself, was one of a kind.

Now with Reign Congrejo as owner, and this woman as MVW Academy CEO, I can only be so sorry for everybody involved with BOSL and MVW Organization.  Actually, I can't wait to see a fashion show organized by these people.

Last time a friend of mine spotted this woman in SL©, she was looking like this, in a public event. Take a look at the way her necklace is edited and the great quality of the hair(!!!), the styling in general . How can she even teach?

To have a better picture of the whole low quality thing, take a look at this woman's Flickr;  again how can she even teach what she herself cannot deliver?  As we all know, in SL© modeling, Flickr is the best way to network with the best models that are, some of them, amazing photographers too.  Poor woman!

Here is how things are right now, with Frolic Mills out of the picture, this is the announced death of BOSL and MVW Organization.