Pros and amateurs - in SL© modeling

I've been in SL© since 2009 and I got very interested in the fashion scene, especially how SL models performed.

It's in this blog's archives, everything I've observed, the many shows I've watched,  some difficulties along the way at first, when I only took photos and didn't realize that some 'models' mistakes' , like prim editing were on my end. My viewer showed them looking 'weird' - I later learned people call that weirdness as 'ruthed avatars'.

Long time has passed and I'm ready to leave SL.

My main focus was always on modeling and their performance on SL runways.

To some new models, I'd like to ask? Are you familiar with the following names?

Dea Mills
Poptart Lilliehook
Kay Fairey
Mavi Beck
Dahlia Joubert
Jesika Contepomi
Kryptonia Paperdoll
Vixie Rayna
July Raymaker
Seashell Dench

Some of them you may know, others you have no idea who they are or were.
Several generations of new female avatars have started working as 'models' since I discovered SL in 2009 and they have no idea who some of the above people were and what they represented in SL's history of modeling with extreme quality, representing fashion as many of us see it in RL, portrayed in SL .

I'm about to retire from blogging, mainly because in all these years, what I have written here, my words,  my photos and lately my videos, haven't produced any effect in improving new models' performance in SL.

There will always be avatars looking for 5 minutes' fame, so they join all sorts of pageant contests. This will go on forever.

There will always be 'models' posing like crazy , with no idea whatsoever of what elegance means in a SL avatar, just like they don't in RL , through their own real bodies,

Elegance is wearing a gown for them.  Not true.
Fashion, ah that's a completely different thing, as is art.

One of the new generation models is sinontherocks. She was trained at Avenue Academy and now she owns Feroshsl [I hope I'm spelling it right ].

They had a runway show some time ago that was really pleasant and good to watch, because of the chosen models who actually walked.
Apparently, sinontherocks decided to give them the tag of 'supermodels'. I totally disagree with this for a specific reason.

If somebody gives somebody a 'supermodel' tag , that means they are professional models, I assume. Meaning, they are good at what they do. So, basically, they are models. They are supposed to be good. Period.

The rest, even with a model tag over their heads, that doesn't mean they are really modeling. It all comes up about how they perform on a runway. They can be in all sorts of 'model' contests, that doesn't make them professional models.  They just want to be known in SL, which says a lot about their poor real lives.

I also mixed in the video you're about to see, another runway show with some avatars who obviously think that posing with a gown, without any elegance is a good job.

Eventually,  it will be terrible for the client they are representing.

Nobody will want to buy those gowns, just because of a few female avatars calling themselves models, organizing some kind of 'fashion show' , walk and pose. They are not models, trust me on that!
In SL, designers and creators should really pay a lot of attention to whom they hire as models or model agencies to represent them on the runway.

Comparing the two runway events will show you why it makes no sense giving professional models the tag of 'supermodels'.  There are models and there are those who aren't. That's pretty much it.

In the group of female avatars wearing gowns - I can't call them models, because they aren't -  there is one that almost got to be MVW this year. Understandable, indeed.

This only speaks of the quality of MVW Organization and the panel of judges who looked at those girls,  through a period of several weeks.  I won't say her name, because she isn't a model at all.  She is absolutely terrible at posing, walking, she has a regular pretty avatar. Nothing special about her.

How low can the modeling scene get,  when a beauty pageant almost selects a regular pretty face to be the winner of a beauty pageant?

Anyway, moving on to wishing you all a New Year full of professionalism and fun, responsability in your jobs as models.

Some things will never change in SL, I can see that now.

At least, I hope new and aspiring models get proper training,  new 'modeling schools', are popping up  like crazy in SL, lately.  Watch out for the training you chose as a model. There is only ONE model's academy these days, that can teach models the right way. Remember , I said MODELS, not pageant girls. It's totally different.
If you don't know which one it is, find it.

So, this is probably going to be my last post.
Through all these years, I've seen that whatever I post is not worth it. It improved nothing, it made no change in SL modeling scene.

The same atrocious female avatars keep thinking this is a game.  It's not. Creators and designers spend hours and days of their real life time to present something, that is going to be showcased in SL.

A hint?  SL models, if you think fashion is all about you. you have it the wrong way. It's about the clients you represent. It's about designers, collections, creations.

If you don't feel this, if you don't see this, then pageantry is really your thing. But don't say you are a SL model, cause you are not.

In this video, I added the names of several models that deserve their names published.  Others, like I said,  they are just pretty avatars in gowns, giving terrible examples of how a SL model's performance should be on the runway.

I bid you all farewell. Maybe one day, we will all meet. Or not!
I'm moving to other ventures.