JCS Fashion Show

Saturdays are always busy days in SL Fashion.
Lots of Fashion Shows, I can't watch them all, of course. So, I decided to watch JCS Models, a new fashion Agency in SL. Some of the SL Models present here are experienced though.

- First of all, I'd like to say that I'm not a photographer, so imagine this show was held at a very "famous" SL Auditorium (supposed to be the "best of the best" lol) , one of the laggiest I've been to, I'm afraid.
To take a photo here, takes forever. I did my best. You'll see that some attachments , outfits, hair are not fully rezzed, sometimes.

The feeling I got from this Fashion Show was discoordination. There were times when there were like 3 or 4 SL Models on the runway and some of them seemed not supposed to be there. That was the feeling I got.

I didn't get to take as many photos as I use to: besides the auditorium, extremely laggy, this show coordination was too fast for a place like that.
Models needed more time to rezz completely. Some photos I cannot post here, because the SL Model is simply not rezzed.

This is Cheryl Genira.
Here, she is wearing an emoter. Unless the designer specifically asks to, SL Models shouldn't wear them. I saw no other Model with an emoter, so I assume it was not a requirement and that Cheryl is not a trained SL Model or she would know this. She was below average.

This is Enchanteddreams Bebb.

Besides the lag and not fully rezzed (not her responsability in this case), her hands are inside her skirt.

Here, Enchanteddreams has styled herself in a very elegant way. This pose was a good choice.

Now, on your left Cheryl Genira. On your right Lorelei Maggs.

Both with good poses. Lorelei stood out clearly, though.

This is Monica Balut.

Simple, good pose. She did well.

Not easy to wear a wedding gown and a corset in her hands. Monica did well. Could be more styled up, though.

This is Nani Wrigglesworth.

Good pose for a gown. This avatar is , somehow, a little "common" in my opinion. Needs to style up more. I guess even in SL, elegance comes from within.

This is Seashell Dench.

This avatar was the more styled in this show. I mean, she changed through the outfits. With the right accessories, a good hair, hat and the boots, she "sold" a simple outfit like this one.

Again, Seashell shows a great styling. She stroke me as being discrete, not flashy and extremely elegant. She was the only SL Model in the show that took her time, posed longer. Good, for the place where the show was held. Good poses for a gown like this, the hand that seems to be inside her skirt, I zoomed in, it's the long sleeve of the gown. I couldn't do the snapshot to show you in more detail. She was using an animated pose, so she moved.

And still, if you watch carefully, the upper dress is not fully rezzed. That auditorium is terrible for Fashion Shows!! Again, very elegant! Both Seashell Dench and Lorelei Maggs were the best SL Models in this show. Both discrete, showed the outfits and "sold" them. That's what a Model does.

In general, it was a very fast show for that runway. Most of the times, I couldn't take a snapshot at the moment I wanted to.

Actually, I think that no Fashion Shows should be held there. It's laggy; we, the audience are too far away from the runway.
Everybody that holds an event like this in such a place, should always count on the usual (even worse) difficulties we have in SL (lag, chat lag, crashing, etc).

Not worth paying to rent a place like this. But well, someone must make a living, right?

So, this particular auditorium is "said" to be the best in SL, counts with the resources of 4 sims, etc etc etc.

I must introduce you to a friend of mine that has private islands in SL and could explain, better than me, why using the resources of 4 sims in a single place causes even more lag. But , hey, someone has to pay $1000 of RL money - a monthly tier for 4 private 5 class sims! (Are they 4? whatever...)

I love SL, really! People can pay L$100 to open a Group, call themselves "King of whatever" "SL Top Models" or "Owner" (I simply love the "owner" tag lol). I imagine that gives some people a huge feeling of the power they don't have in their real lives.

SL Top Girls?????????

I went to this Fashion Show.
These were the SL conditions in which the show happened:

- The ruway was huge and was in a different sim than the audience.
- The sim where the runway was, went down several times ( and I mean really many many times), so you can imagine it was hard to take a good photo of some of these so called "SL Top Girls".
I managed to take only one photo and yet, not fully rezzed.

This is Mui Mujerki.

As you can see, her eyelashes didn't rezz fully. Good pose, simple. Well, just compare with some of the photos you've seen in my Blog, compare with other SL Models and maybe you'll understand why these avatars are "Top Models" and the others are not.

Actually, they all were wearing this tag: SL Top Model (whatever that is). You have their names on this flyer, no need to advertise these SL Models more.

The environment there:
as usual, people applauding, that's ok.
Some of them screaming some of the Models' names.

I wonder why no one was screaming the designer's names. That's what a Models does, isn't it? A fashion Show is all about the outfits and the designers. The Model's work is to make the outfit look great. I didn't hear the designers' names being cried out.

So, guess what, in SL Modelling, some models consider themselves "Top Models" and they aren't. The outfits are the important thing to show, not the Models.

That's what happened for some years in RL; after a celebrity spree from some known fashion models (not because of their good behaviour, we all know, nor for their professionalism) now, we can see great Designers showing their creativity on the most famous worlwide runways with girls whose names we don't even know. Perfect. The outfit is what matters, the designer.

Second Life Model World seems to be back in the 70's/ 80's, when some girls got the "celebrity status".
The designers are not important. The stars are the models.
Well, if I were a designer, I would look for professional SL Models, that could actually "disappear" and show my outfits as the best of SL. I couldn't care less about the model's name or "celebrity status".

Again, I remind that winning a SL beauty pageant doesn't make a good SL Model. It can spread the name out there.

Good for people with huge egos. As we know, almost mathematically, ego equals insecurity. So, even in SL, whenever you find a SL Model with a "diva kind of attitude", you can be sure that she/he is a very insecure person.

Miss Virtual Word Competition

I am a SL Model observer, on the runway.

As far as we all can tell, a "Miss World" Competition in RL does NOT include Models, right? Why did the rules change inside Second Life?
Yes, in Second Life, we can create our own life, be what we want to be, but a Miss Virtual World Competition should abide by the same rules as in RL.

I state again, Miss Virtual World is NOT a SL Model Competition!! It's a beauty pageant.
That's why I will not pay any more attention to this so called "competition" organized by the owner of 4 sims in Second Life. I will not publicize here the name of this avatar, even though we all may know the name.

Any kind of publicity regarding this kind of situations in Second Life will be ignored by me.

I watch Fashion Shows and look at SL Models. I do not go to any "Miss Pageants", not in RL nor in SL.

Winning such a pageant in Second Life will not make the winner a good SL Model.

UVogue Fashion Show

UVogue presented a Fashion Show wearing urban wear. The UVogue Models also had shapes and skins to "sell".
That was one of the conditions that could have made this a brilliant show and was actually below average.
There could be an direct order from the Designer not to modify the shapes , that was my first thought. Maybe that was why somethings very unprofessional happened here. However, the impossibility of modifying the shapes didn't mean that the hair or other accessories couldn't be modified.
Let's see.

This is Anja451 Clary.

It's a pity I cannot video record her movements, because Anja was wearing an AO (!!!!) on the runway, all the time!!! We can tell, just from looking at the first photo.

Right at the beginning, see this? This is an AO animation! Does this SL Model have any training, in SL Modelling?

Another outfit, same situation. AO on, the Model was not posing, she was using an AO animation, moving from left to right.

And then, she poses! Finally!

Here, with this outfit, we can justify the bad editting of the sweater over Anja451's shoulders with a restriction on modifying it. But, having it a little higher sure could solve this "problem".

Terrible pose, in the next picture, when a SL Model wears a sweater on her shoulders. Arms up? Armpits?

See what I mean with the bad editting of the sweater?

This was the first time I saw this male model in Second Life . Damian Tatham. He did well.

Here, just a little "touch" of his hand inside the shirt around his waist.
This is Gamp Lane.

Well, she was ok, but not outstanding.

With the next outfit, Gamp did a little better, but my question is: isn't the Model - RL or SL - supposed to make the BEST out of any outfit?

With the purse, here, Gamp used good poses.

This is Sariella Ashton.

She showed some insecurities, regarding the poses.

Here, Sariella surely could have done a better styling. That hair was not good for this outfit and not editted as well.

On the other hand, she had the hard job of walking and posing with an umbrella. She used good poses for that.

This is SweetRegina DeCuir.
She was given a short and fatter shape for this show. Maybe the shape designer didn't want the SL Models to modify it in any way. But accessories must be adjusted to the shape. That's why, perhaps SweetRegina didn't do her homework. She just didn't edit hair and some other accessories. It looked terrible. In my opinion, it ruined this round of outfits. We just have to watch.

And here.

Here again.
Another outfit, the same problems. Here, her beach purse was inside her legs, with this pose.

Repeatedly, SweetRegina's hair looked terrible! Not editted.
Looks terrible, doesn't it?

At the end, I would say this was a very long show, too many stops along the runway. A little tiring, yes. So, I went away, to the next Fashion Show.

Another Model X Show

I went to another Model X Show. Again, I do not wish to say that these are nice or not nice people in SL.
I am actually being extremely picky with SL Models and the "importance " some of the are given in Second Life (God knows why) and others that are clearly better, are completely ignored in some very very "famous" SL Fashion Contests!!

This time, watching another Model X Fashion Show, I focused on editting items, attachments. That says a lot about SL Models. And a simple snapshot, raw, not editted in photoshop, shows many things some people don't really see (or don't want to, anyway). I didn't focus that much on poses, this time.

This is Agtaope Carter.

Looks ok to you? See her ear? Her hair is on it. This hair surely needed more work. Don't blame it on lag. This is not supposed to happen to one of the most "photographed" SL Models on Flickr pages!!

Now, take a look at Wicca Merlin.

I don't know what to say, really! Something strange happened here. When I pulled my camera away, her hair seemed ok, when I did a close up, here's the result. Yes, it can be an SL glitch, but it happened more than once on this show with Wicca.
It's not only the hair, please take a good look at her necklace. Bad editting again. Necklace inside her neck.

Going back to male SL Models, going back to Allenclive Beaumont.

He changed his hair (about time), but still what about editting it? That's why I do not trust at all the organizers of the so caled Miss and Mister Virtual World. Allenclive represented France. Not possible, I can't just believe it! Again, please, remember, I'm not analysing the person or his attitudes, I am commenting Models in SL.

Saved the best for last, in this show. This is Angelik Slade.

The best female SL Model at this show, no doubt. Excellent poses, good editting; if I want to be even more picky than usual, I would only move the sunglasses a little up, here. They are bit over her ears. Nothing too serious tough. She was excellent. Great styling! Just watch.

I keep telling this, but, again, it's my personal opinion, as a SL Model Critique. This is the best SL Male Model I've seen: Phillip Dollinger. Flawless, always!! And, guess what? Yes, he was one of Mister Virtual World Contestants and didn't make it to the last top 5!!I will surely have the chance to show you some of the other male SL Models, on the runway.

No words needed, right? ;)

Avenue Models

Personally, I consider Avenue Models the best in Second Life. It's a mixture of several factors that make Avenue's Fashion Shows the best: first, they are classy; then, very important in my opinion, there are no "Top" Models or "Superstars". These ladies all wear the same tag "Avenue Models". Period. I like that!

They actually pose for you! They take their time to show the outfits. That's what a Model does, right? Show the outfit? Work for the Agency and the Designer?

If any of the following SL Models are "stars" here, is because of the work they did. The photos tell us all. There were some mistakes, though. Nobody's perfect!

This is Laurel Luminos.

Simple pose, discrete. She simply shows the outfit. Great!

Laurel, here, chose not such a good pose, though, for a gown.

Here she did! Excellent!

Moving on to the next Avenue Model. I'm not showing the photos in the same order that they walked on the runway.

This is Nekki Lovenkraft.
Good pose, simple. It's ok. Not outstanding though.

Again, Nekki chose a simple pose, shows the outfit. If I were a client, I'd love this.

Now, here, something happened. Nekki did the runway with heel sounds on, we could hear the shoes (which doesn't suppose to happen in a SL Fashion Show). She is also wearing a smiling hud. Not good.

See what I mean?

Now, just look what the smile hud did to this gown. The gown is beautiful! Nekki didn't "sell" it. The pose is good.

This is Tatiana Kurri.

Oh these "little dresses"!! I always say the same. They are very challenging for posing. See? Hand inside the skirt!

Here, Tatiana did well, simple pose. She could be more outstanding though. There is something wrong with shaping, I believe.

Just to be picky, cause I am, left hand inside the skirt?

What happened to Tatiana, here??? She is showing a gown?? Looks like a noob, the hair is terrible. Pose is good, though.

This is Shenandoah Saintlouis.

Elegant and classy. Great pose.

There we go. "Little dresses": hand inside the skirt. She needs to find better poses, oh yes.

The walk in this dress was also not good. There are other walks in SL, please.

Again, Shenandoah needs to find more poses. Hands inside the skirt. By the way, now that I notice, isn't this the pose we see in her first picture? It shows that not much work has been done with the several outifits.

Here is a great gown, that speaks for itself. Shenandoah, just had to pose. Hair could be better though. Pose is good here.

This is Kryptonia Paperdoll.
Simple pose, it's classy; I only think that this SL Model could be a little more styled.

Here, Kryptonia made a huge mistake. Her hat is in her hair. Just needed to edit it better.

Again, I like the simplicity of the poses, cause we get a great look at the outfit. And that hat, just needed a little editting.

In this gown, Kryptonia did not "sell it". She used a regular hair, no jewelry (maybe it was the Designer's request, I don't know) , but an updo, here , would be more elegant.

And I'll finnish with the Avenue Model that, in this show caught my attention, all the time she walked on that runway. Herself and the way she showed the outfits:

This is Chirzaka Vlodovic

Excellent job!

Again, nothing to say, except GREAT!

She was the best, in this show, really!

See what I mean?

In this case, I was "extra" picky", cause I consider Avenue the best Model Agency in Second Life. So, these ladies need to do their best, on the runway.
If we compare this photos with the ones in the last post, a show "packed" with some of SL's "top" Models, oh well, these ladies kicked some of their asses.

Yes, even with some basic mistakes (which is understandable, because these are not "top" Models) Avenue ladies do kick some of the more experienced Models in Second Life. You can read between the lines, can't you ;)