Miss Virtual Word Competition

I am a SL Model observer, on the runway.

As far as we all can tell, a "Miss World" Competition in RL does NOT include Models, right? Why did the rules change inside Second Life?
Yes, in Second Life, we can create our own life, be what we want to be, but a Miss Virtual World Competition should abide by the same rules as in RL.

I state again, Miss Virtual World is NOT a SL Model Competition!! It's a beauty pageant.
That's why I will not pay any more attention to this so called "competition" organized by the owner of 4 sims in Second Life. I will not publicize here the name of this avatar, even though we all may know the name.

Any kind of publicity regarding this kind of situations in Second Life will be ignored by me.

I watch Fashion Shows and look at SL Models. I do not go to any "Miss Pageants", not in RL nor in SL.

Winning such a pageant in Second Life will not make the winner a good SL Model.

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