UVogue Fashion Show

UVogue presented a Fashion Show wearing urban wear. The UVogue Models also had shapes and skins to "sell".
That was one of the conditions that could have made this a brilliant show and was actually below average.
There could be an direct order from the Designer not to modify the shapes , that was my first thought. Maybe that was why somethings very unprofessional happened here. However, the impossibility of modifying the shapes didn't mean that the hair or other accessories couldn't be modified.
Let's see.

This is Anja451 Clary.

It's a pity I cannot video record her movements, because Anja was wearing an AO (!!!!) on the runway, all the time!!! We can tell, just from looking at the first photo.

Right at the beginning, see this? This is an AO animation! Does this SL Model have any training, in SL Modelling?

Another outfit, same situation. AO on, the Model was not posing, she was using an AO animation, moving from left to right.

And then, she poses! Finally!

Here, with this outfit, we can justify the bad editting of the sweater over Anja451's shoulders with a restriction on modifying it. But, having it a little higher sure could solve this "problem".

Terrible pose, in the next picture, when a SL Model wears a sweater on her shoulders. Arms up? Armpits?

See what I mean with the bad editting of the sweater?

This was the first time I saw this male model in Second Life . Damian Tatham. He did well.

Here, just a little "touch" of his hand inside the shirt around his waist.
This is Gamp Lane.

Well, she was ok, but not outstanding.

With the next outfit, Gamp did a little better, but my question is: isn't the Model - RL or SL - supposed to make the BEST out of any outfit?

With the purse, here, Gamp used good poses.

This is Sariella Ashton.

She showed some insecurities, regarding the poses.

Here, Sariella surely could have done a better styling. That hair was not good for this outfit and not editted as well.

On the other hand, she had the hard job of walking and posing with an umbrella. She used good poses for that.

This is SweetRegina DeCuir.
She was given a short and fatter shape for this show. Maybe the shape designer didn't want the SL Models to modify it in any way. But accessories must be adjusted to the shape. That's why, perhaps SweetRegina didn't do her homework. She just didn't edit hair and some other accessories. It looked terrible. In my opinion, it ruined this round of outfits. We just have to watch.

And here.

Here again.
Another outfit, the same problems. Here, her beach purse was inside her legs, with this pose.

Repeatedly, SweetRegina's hair looked terrible! Not editted.
Looks terrible, doesn't it?

At the end, I would say this was a very long show, too many stops along the runway. A little tiring, yes. So, I went away, to the next Fashion Show.

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