SL Top Girls?????????

I went to this Fashion Show.
These were the SL conditions in which the show happened:

- The ruway was huge and was in a different sim than the audience.
- The sim where the runway was, went down several times ( and I mean really many many times), so you can imagine it was hard to take a good photo of some of these so called "SL Top Girls".
I managed to take only one photo and yet, not fully rezzed.

This is Mui Mujerki.

As you can see, her eyelashes didn't rezz fully. Good pose, simple. Well, just compare with some of the photos you've seen in my Blog, compare with other SL Models and maybe you'll understand why these avatars are "Top Models" and the others are not.

Actually, they all were wearing this tag: SL Top Model (whatever that is). You have their names on this flyer, no need to advertise these SL Models more.

The environment there:
as usual, people applauding, that's ok.
Some of them screaming some of the Models' names.

I wonder why no one was screaming the designer's names. That's what a Models does, isn't it? A fashion Show is all about the outfits and the designers. The Model's work is to make the outfit look great. I didn't hear the designers' names being cried out.

So, guess what, in SL Modelling, some models consider themselves "Top Models" and they aren't. The outfits are the important thing to show, not the Models.

That's what happened for some years in RL; after a celebrity spree from some known fashion models (not because of their good behaviour, we all know, nor for their professionalism) now, we can see great Designers showing their creativity on the most famous worlwide runways with girls whose names we don't even know. Perfect. The outfit is what matters, the designer.

Second Life Model World seems to be back in the 70's/ 80's, when some girls got the "celebrity status".
The designers are not important. The stars are the models.
Well, if I were a designer, I would look for professional SL Models, that could actually "disappear" and show my outfits as the best of SL. I couldn't care less about the model's name or "celebrity status".

Again, I remind that winning a SL beauty pageant doesn't make a good SL Model. It can spread the name out there.

Good for people with huge egos. As we know, almost mathematically, ego equals insecurity. So, even in SL, whenever you find a SL Model with a "diva kind of attitude", you can be sure that she/he is a very insecure person.

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