Avenue Models

Personally, I consider Avenue Models the best in Second Life. It's a mixture of several factors that make Avenue's Fashion Shows the best: first, they are classy; then, very important in my opinion, there are no "Top" Models or "Superstars". These ladies all wear the same tag "Avenue Models". Period. I like that!

They actually pose for you! They take their time to show the outfits. That's what a Model does, right? Show the outfit? Work for the Agency and the Designer?

If any of the following SL Models are "stars" here, is because of the work they did. The photos tell us all. There were some mistakes, though. Nobody's perfect!

This is Laurel Luminos.

Simple pose, discrete. She simply shows the outfit. Great!

Laurel, here, chose not such a good pose, though, for a gown.

Here she did! Excellent!

Moving on to the next Avenue Model. I'm not showing the photos in the same order that they walked on the runway.

This is Nekki Lovenkraft.
Good pose, simple. It's ok. Not outstanding though.

Again, Nekki chose a simple pose, shows the outfit. If I were a client, I'd love this.

Now, here, something happened. Nekki did the runway with heel sounds on, we could hear the shoes (which doesn't suppose to happen in a SL Fashion Show). She is also wearing a smiling hud. Not good.

See what I mean?

Now, just look what the smile hud did to this gown. The gown is beautiful! Nekki didn't "sell" it. The pose is good.

This is Tatiana Kurri.

Oh these "little dresses"!! I always say the same. They are very challenging for posing. See? Hand inside the skirt!

Here, Tatiana did well, simple pose. She could be more outstanding though. There is something wrong with shaping, I believe.

Just to be picky, cause I am, left hand inside the skirt?

What happened to Tatiana, here??? She is showing a gown?? Looks like a noob, the hair is terrible. Pose is good, though.

This is Shenandoah Saintlouis.

Elegant and classy. Great pose.

There we go. "Little dresses": hand inside the skirt. She needs to find better poses, oh yes.

The walk in this dress was also not good. There are other walks in SL, please.

Again, Shenandoah needs to find more poses. Hands inside the skirt. By the way, now that I notice, isn't this the pose we see in her first picture? It shows that not much work has been done with the several outifits.

Here is a great gown, that speaks for itself. Shenandoah, just had to pose. Hair could be better though. Pose is good here.

This is Kryptonia Paperdoll.
Simple pose, it's classy; I only think that this SL Model could be a little more styled.

Here, Kryptonia made a huge mistake. Her hat is in her hair. Just needed to edit it better.

Again, I like the simplicity of the poses, cause we get a great look at the outfit. And that hat, just needed a little editting.

In this gown, Kryptonia did not "sell it". She used a regular hair, no jewelry (maybe it was the Designer's request, I don't know) , but an updo, here , would be more elegant.

And I'll finnish with the Avenue Model that, in this show caught my attention, all the time she walked on that runway. Herself and the way she showed the outfits:

This is Chirzaka Vlodovic

Excellent job!

Again, nothing to say, except GREAT!

She was the best, in this show, really!

See what I mean?

In this case, I was "extra" picky", cause I consider Avenue the best Model Agency in Second Life. So, these ladies need to do their best, on the runway.
If we compare this photos with the ones in the last post, a show "packed" with some of SL's "top" Models, oh well, these ladies kicked some of their asses.

Yes, even with some basic mistakes (which is understandable, because these are not "top" Models) Avenue ladies do kick some of the more experienced Models in Second Life. You can read between the lines, can't you ;)

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