Another Model X Show

I went to another Model X Show. Again, I do not wish to say that these are nice or not nice people in SL.
I am actually being extremely picky with SL Models and the "importance " some of the are given in Second Life (God knows why) and others that are clearly better, are completely ignored in some very very "famous" SL Fashion Contests!!

This time, watching another Model X Fashion Show, I focused on editting items, attachments. That says a lot about SL Models. And a simple snapshot, raw, not editted in photoshop, shows many things some people don't really see (or don't want to, anyway). I didn't focus that much on poses, this time.

This is Agtaope Carter.

Looks ok to you? See her ear? Her hair is on it. This hair surely needed more work. Don't blame it on lag. This is not supposed to happen to one of the most "photographed" SL Models on Flickr pages!!

Now, take a look at Wicca Merlin.

I don't know what to say, really! Something strange happened here. When I pulled my camera away, her hair seemed ok, when I did a close up, here's the result. Yes, it can be an SL glitch, but it happened more than once on this show with Wicca.
It's not only the hair, please take a good look at her necklace. Bad editting again. Necklace inside her neck.

Going back to male SL Models, going back to Allenclive Beaumont.

He changed his hair (about time), but still what about editting it? That's why I do not trust at all the organizers of the so caled Miss and Mister Virtual World. Allenclive represented France. Not possible, I can't just believe it! Again, please, remember, I'm not analysing the person or his attitudes, I am commenting Models in SL.

Saved the best for last, in this show. This is Angelik Slade.

The best female SL Model at this show, no doubt. Excellent poses, good editting; if I want to be even more picky than usual, I would only move the sunglasses a little up, here. They are bit over her ears. Nothing too serious tough. She was excellent. Great styling! Just watch.

I keep telling this, but, again, it's my personal opinion, as a SL Model Critique. This is the best SL Male Model I've seen: Phillip Dollinger. Flawless, always!! And, guess what? Yes, he was one of Mister Virtual World Contestants and didn't make it to the last top 5!!I will surely have the chance to show you some of the other male SL Models, on the runway.

No words needed, right? ;)

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