Miss Virtual World 2011 Candidates

Miss Virtual World is promoted by BOSL - Best of Second Life.
Best of Second Life is really just a name. The Group has several sims, some of their activities involve renting shops to fill the sims and create a kind of 'fashion quarters'; then, the huge auditorium that covers a couple of sims, where several events take place. Then, throw some parties for friends; their own Model Agency and Model Academy, their own SL magazine (which is graphically very bad for a group called 'The best of'), this event called Miss Virtual World, which is again a kind of mixn'match - models as candidates to Miss Virtual World and also a radio station that broadcasts a 'morning show' in SL.

Coming back to MVW, it's supposed to be a beauty pageant, as you all know. I watched the presentation of the 27 candidates to the press and I had a question. Obviously, many of you may have the same question too. It was the answer I got that confused me.

When I asked a friend of mine that was there too, why don't all the candidates represent their own countries, the answer I got was kind of ridiculous, if this is true. Apparently, Frolic Mills decides that some countries are more 'fashionable' than others, so they aren't represented in MVW. This was the answer I got, but bear with me here: MVW is NOT supposed to be about fashion. It's a beauty pageant! I've said it so many times!!
Can you think of fashion in Costa Rica? Or in Venezuela? Think big. What is fashionable about Uruguay or Bahamas (except for great beach holidays)? Absolutely nothing, if we talk about RL.

There is a huge contradiction in the organization of this event. What is a fact is that most of the countries I just mentioned are present in Miss Universe pageants in RL. India and Venezuela have the most beautiful women in the world. However, let's face it; it's NOT about fashion. RL designers don't really care about beauty pageants.

Anyway, this is Second Life and people can create their own world. BOSL group should be coherent: in SL, almost all the candidates are models. Some of them working for quite some time. So, it is a mix of fashion and beauty pageant. OK, got it.

Suggestion: open this pageant next year to all SL female avatars that are NOT SL models. How about that?

I say it again, the winner of this pageant may or may not be a good model. It really doesn't matter if she wins or not. That doesn't make her the next SL top model. It will make her win a lot of lindens (really a lot) and a little exposure, but that's it.

Let's move on. I have the photos, some of them aren't good at all, you'll see. They are good enough for you to look at the female avatars supposedly the most beautiful in SL (I have no doubt that these are not THE most beautiful female avatars in SL).

I'll also share the questions and answers given by all contestants on public open chat. It's important to see how they really are facing a pannel of judges.

First thing: each contestant walked down the runway and posed in front of the judges. They posed there for quite some time. The pose the candidates chose was very important. It was only one pose!!! And some of these ladies don't have a clue what that pose did for their eyes, just to mention a detail. I'll be mentioning some details that matter to me.

Second: they all had to style up, having as inspiration the same dress by the same SL designer.

These are the countries represented in MVW 2011, in random order:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Costa Rica

I'm going to show you the raw photos of each contestant, not naming them or the country they represent, also in random order. Only those of you who know them will obviously identify them. I'll have the contestants numbered and then the question made by one of the judges and her answer. I'll give my personal opinion, as well (in blue).

And I'll raise another question, food for thought: if all these ladies represent so many countries in the world, which of them truly portrays the traits and characteristics of their own race and her race's beauty? Namely, the oriental countries. There is no way Japan, China, Hong Kong (etc) in RL would be represented by a western woman (in this case, western type of avatar). It's a real challenge, if you don't know these ladies, which of them represent which countries, just by their avatar?

This candidate has an absolutely regular female avatar. Nothing special about her. Skin is very common in SL and not distictive at all.

Question: Miss (...) if you were awarded this title, what charitable causes in SL would you choose to promote or stand behind, how and why?

Answer: If you have chosen to miss me, do projects and fashionistas will be able to connect various countries around the world creators. Now I put a focus on efforts to introduce the brand to Asia to the West of the West Asian brand. If you have chosen to miss me, do projects and fashionistas will be able to connect various countries around the world creators to develop them further.

Candidate #2
Another regular female avatar. In this case, she is wearing gloves and her prim nails are worn as well, over the gloves(!!!).

Question: hello and welcome (...) :)) How do you feel about the role of charity events in Second Life and what charity do you feel is ? the most important that is not represented here?

Answer: Thank you (...) for the question. I personally think charity is so very important here in SL and in RL. We are so very blessed with what we all share in here, and giving back to those who are less fortunate is a responsibility we all must share. It is interesting you ask the question about a charity that is not represented in here, because I have been in touch with St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital recently, to see if we can get them back into SL, they used to be here. St. Jude's, located in Memphis, is an internationally recognized hospital that treats children from all over the world who have cancer. If they cannot pay, St. Jude's will take care of the entire cost. I would love to see them come back in here and help them raise funds for children around the world with cancer. Thank you.

It's good that, sometimes, we don't see the avatars fully rezzed at first. In this case, this candidate was clearly wearing a dark hair base, under a light brown hair. These details, in an event that is supposed to be the best of SL, are noted!

Question: Hello (...), Second Life is a very creative and versatile virtual platform that caters to a role play community as well as a serious business side including a fashion industry that inspired trends across the grid. How has SL and Fashion played its role in your Second Life experience so far and what are your goal for the future?

Answer: Hello Everyone and wonderful question! There are so many creative and talented artists in SL, I have been inspired by so many but I would have to say that my favorite tends are the vintage looks, and I love to rp and dress in Period pieces from the 1500 -1800's, the fashion of these eras inspire me to photograph gorgeous in world pictures with these amazing fashions. My future goals in sl are to continue doing charity work maybee co-ordinate another charity event for disaster relief but there are so many charities that need work and the fashion industry is a great platform to realize these needs and assist.


Quite an uncomfortable pose to be in. If this was RL; this candidate would have severe neck pains after this.

Question: In a world where fashionistas and SLebrities often criticize those who are not as "good" or "talented" or even gossip about their piers and colleagues, what do YOU think about people who may appear to be less "talented" yet aspire to be models or have shops or start businesses with what many would call "crappy skills"? What are your honest personal feelings about those in SL who are not as "talented or skilled" as some others are?

Answer: I hope it could be a right answer to you ..(...)
there are many people hold their fantasy to creative in SL that they can not do in RL. and that SL could give us a possibllity to find another skill . If the person crappy or has no talent to do.. she/ he can still try to achived one's skill . maybe some talents people will give their hands to improve ones creation. so I would give them a chance to try thing out first .. thank you for the unique question .

This candidate was wearing a breast enhancer, probably the skin has this feature. It looks terrible is a beauty pageant. I'm sure she could find the same skin without the breast enhancer.

Question: Hello (...), you look fabulous :-) Balancing SL and real life can be a struggle. What measures would you take when RL interferes with a commitment you've made as Miss Virtual World?

Answer: Thank you for the question (...)! As we all have RL's we must attend to...given it is not a RL emergency that needs taken care immediately... I would inform the person who I have made the commitment to as soon as possibly feasible and see what I could do to get someone to take on my duties for that commitment. Thank you!

Candidate #6
The pose this candidate chose has her right hand really inside one of the dress prims. This could be avoided.

Question: Hello Miss (...). Welcome! :) If you choose MVW 2011, what qualities would you look for, and do you feel you have all of those qualities?

Answer: Hello everyone,it is very honor to me standing at here ,i do not have good skills for english ,so (...) helps me ,translate to me
i really appriciate (...) ,and you all,and Thank you great question,The qualities I would look for are inner beauty, a charisma that will attract people, styling ability, and to work for good cause as charity. I am on a daily basis working to achieve these traits myself.

Wow! These are terrible poses for a situation like this! Gown poses, yes, good to keep hands off prims but here, every detail counts. These poses aren't natural; to be quite some time standing like this... not natural at all. Besides that, this is one of the cases when the candidate didn't think that some poses cause a 'weird look' in her eyes.

Question: hELLO Miss (...)! :-) What do you personally stand to gain from entering Miss Virtual World?

Answer: hank you so much for the interesting question (...), I think that my really hard work in the modelling fashion world helped me a lot in having a high level experience to reach this so desired spot as Miss (...). I'm a girl who in both lifes never give up if she has a dream, I always try to be unique and try to express myself and my attitude also in my work. That helped me a lot. Just be myself

Do I need to comment on this pose? Just one pose required and this candidate covers her face with a prim. I also consider this skin she wears a very ugly one.

Question: I find beauty is constantly being redefined within the modeling/fashion industry. In a few words could you please define what beauty means to you?

Answer: We are pixilated people all dressed up and it's easy to achieve with the right guidance and resources but what comes from the person who is beautiful inside lays true beauty. True inner beauty is how we treat, talk, and interact with others. That's what true beauty means to me. Thank you.

This candidate is probably one of the few that has particular traits in her avatar. I don't like the pose, though.

Question: Hi (...) :) my question to you is --- As MVW, you will be constantly IM-ed by aspiring models and conestants who look up to you, asking for modeling/styling advice and guidance to enter the Miss Virtual World competition. How will you handle hearing thes
. How will you handle hearing these questions sometime all day?

Answer: Thankyou for your question,(...)!
I am used to people asking for guidance, and I happily help everyone I can. Being unique I alwasy try to be an inspiration to new and aspiring models


Question: Hi (...) :) you look great today! My question is simple, what is YOUR definition of Success? I have to add, "Your definition of success as Miss Virtual World"

Answer: Good afternoon members of the press and everyone else! Thank you (...), and that is quite an interesting question, I must say. To me, success is more than making lindens, it is more than having your face all over second life, success goes beyond that. Success is something you know you've achieved when people respect who you are and what you do. To me a successful person is not only a famous person, it is a person I can admire, respect and look up to, in whichever business they are successful in. Thank you

This candidate chose a nice pose, but her face needs to be worked on.

Question: Thank you :)) It is often said that it is how we respond to the events in our lives that make the difference. How do you respond to adversity ? :)

Answer: If and when I face adversity, I simply try to rise above it and concentrate on everything I know that has contributed to my success so far. Relying on my skills and knowledge are the basics that carry me through difficult times. Having self believe and strong self conviction are critical when facing adveristy.

Candidate #12
Terrible, terrible pose. Completely unnatural to stand like this! Would she do this in RL?

Question: Now Fashion has its detractors. they say that it is frivolous and has no worth both in real life and in virtual life. How would you respond to those people

Answer: Thank you (...) and good afternoon I would say to them If that is the case the a place like sl would not exist or work and i would not be standing here before you today

Another candidate that didn't realize what this pose did to her eyes. Weird look. Plus, the avatar is not beautiful, not at all.

Question: Miss (...), you look lovely :-) Within the Miss Virtual World organization, who has been your strongest influence and why?

Answer: There's always a time in one's life, when a hero comes along. Somebody who has inspired you, and helped you learn. The people around me, the organizer, the pillars of BOSL and the organization and all the candidates. They believe in me not only as a model but a person who can really make it even I am just new to the fashion industry. I love them not because of who I am, but because of who I am when I am withthem.”Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay!

Good pose, nice looking avatar - the skin is very used though, but she walked in with her shoe sound on.

Question: Hello (...) :) you look lovely! As Miss Virtual World, you will be representing the Very Best of SL. Isabel, Mimmi and Miaa have been amazing representatives in all that they do, their work fundraising for different charities has been commendable. What charity work have you been involved with and what do you see working towards in the future?

Answer: Thank you (...), I'd really love to do charity work in SL and contribute to things that help residents and enhance their SL experience. I am currently wokring on possibly opeining an agency to showcase new desingers in SL. It is often hard to get your foot inthe door when you are new. I would also look forward to teaming with Mimmi and Miaa to work with exsiting rl charities as well

Very natural pose, very good. However, the face is not very beautiful. As a reminder, this is an event organized by Best of Second Life!! We expect the most beautiful female avatars in SL!

Question: How would you explain all that Second Life has to offer to a newbie who is unsure if they want to keep logging in?

Answer: Hi everyone :) Hmmm I will say to a newbie, that first in second life we discover all which is not really interessant, but if we take the time to look deeper we will discovers a lot of things really amazing, Second Life allows us to express our imagination, to live our dreams, express ourselves and there is not just a game, this is really a life experience where creativity, generosity, arts meet together.

Candidate #16
The pose with hands on hip is too 'laisser faire, laisser passer'. It almost looks like too relaxed and not elegant. The face , the skin, already too seen in SL.

Question: Hello (...): What value would YOU add to Second Life by winning the Miss Virtual World Title?

Answer: Good morning everyone! (...), I would like to add more mentoring to young models if I become MVW. A lot of young models can not afford training and I know a lot of of older models would love to help. Thank you for your question.

Very common skin, used regularly by regular women in SL for quite some time.

Question: Imagine you were Miss VW. What would be your major strength as Miss VW and what would be your major weakness?

Answer: well to those who know me... my major strength is my honesty and commitment to something a believe in..... and obviously the MVW organisation is something which i do.. very much. My weakness will probably also be my honesty... as sometimes that can be negative in other peoples eyes :)

Perfect pose for such an occasion. Besides, this candidate's look is beautiful.

Question: If you could create your own virtual world, what would it be like?

Answer: Good morning everyone.. first of all I want to thank you Miss/ Mr. for the question. Please allow me a moment for typing. thank you all for your patience..
This is a very interesting question to me becouse i make my living in RL basic upon creating new world. i am blowing a stories to people coz i am screen writer. my virtual world wouldn't have lag. and about the rest in SL, i would like to protect and reflect

Very elegant pose, it's very different from the hands on hips pose we saw earlier. This candidate's face is exquisite.

Question: . I'll ask this fast before I crash a 4th time: should you not win the title of MVW 2011, would you support the organization in the future and how would you do so?

Answer: the organisation of MVW is such a great and well working institution. It's not only the contest, it is a fabulous crew of amazing people. I will and would always support each one of them as best as i can. I am very proud to be here and if another stunning Miss wins, she will have me in first row for cheer

When there is only one pose required, why would a candidate chose a pose that has a prim covering her face, I wonder.

Question: Hi MISS (...) - Are you ready for the longest question ever asked in MISS VIRTUAL WORLD? (...) - Eventhough I know you are not from (...), I thank you for representing my country. I would like to see if you have done your homework and gotten interested in a bit of (...) culture...

If I am eating an arepa, what am I eating?

a) Avocado Icecream
b) Spaghettis with ketchup
c) Corn bread
d) All of the above

And if I say "Mamita rica" - Am I really talking about your delicious mother? Please elaborate...

Answer: Thank you for your question and good morning/afternoon/night to everybody. You are eating c) Corn bread

A side pose is never good in this kind of situation. However, this candidate has a beautiful face, quite distintive from the rest. This skin is also commonly used by some SL Models.

Question: Good Evening, Miss (...)... Miss Virtual World is an icon of the haute couture... the haute couture needs followers...you will have to represent the best designers in SL...How do you plan to win them over if you become miss VW?!

Answer: I think I can achieve that goal learning and improve my skills as a model, understanding what each customer expects of my work by offering my own personal style but always with respect to the designer's creativity

(see? this last question here is a good example of how fashion and modeling is mixed with a beauty pageant - this question, in my opinion, made no sense at all)

Quite an uncomfortable pose to be in; leaning back a little didn't favour this candidate's face. We just have to see how her eyes look.

Question: MISS (...) como representarias a MVW en tu pais y en el mundo virtual ?

Answer: (...) Google Translator: Would represent my country to the best of me, my professionalism, my style and poise, I think are important and basic things in any world, there is no difference between the two for that.

Good pose to be standing for quite a long time , very common skin, though.

Question: Hi (...)! f SL was gone tomorrow... what would you miss most?

Answer: Good morning/afternoon dear judges! Thank you (...) for the question! If SL was gone tomorrow, I would of course miss the modeling career and the fashion inudstry in SL that I love so much, but I would mostly miss all my friends that I've made in Second Life. All the wonderful people that I have met, all the talented designers, builders, photographers that I have met and know of. All the hard work that everyone has put in to build for no one to see more and share and view with my friends here. I hope that we get a notice the day before so that I can get their contact info before losing SL connection:) Thank you!

This is the only photo I could take of this candidate. This skin is also quite known in SL Modeling, but she worked on her face well.

Question: Which is worse: a sore winner or a sore loser? and how will you avoid being neither?

Answer: hello (...) and everyone and thank you for the question: a sore loser is worse, because if you cannot accept defeat and rejection with grace and a positive attitude, it will be so much harder to really achieve success and enjoy it when it does come and it can hurt your reputation as well. Thank you :)

Again, this is the only photo I could take from this candidate.
Question: You’ve been awarded the title of MVW. How would you ensure the MVW organization you would personally protect your reputation and that of the Miss Virtual World organization in the world of Second Life?

Answer: Thank you (...), Ensuring ones personality takes much guidance. There are so many wonderful people in MVW organization that will be there to help and give advice. Personally, carrying onself in a professional way no matter where you are or who you interact with is of the most importance. Everyone's reputation preceeds them. When you hear my name it will be spoken with kind words and acts of helping others. Thank you.

Not a good pose, it needed to be much more natural, standing with elegance. This candidate's avatar is absolutely common, skin and face. Not exactly one of the most beautiful in SL.

Question: Hello Miss (...) :) Contests in SL have become quite the fad. Many enter them for many reasons. Some enter to represent, some enter simply to have that title in their resume. Miss Virtual World is the biggest and the grandest, what is your motivation behind your entering this contest?

Answer: Hello and thank you, I started modeling over a year ago, and have always admired the dedication and hard work of the models. Becoming MVW would be a fantastic opportunity to represent the pageant and continue to be a positive rol model, not only to other models, but as a SL mentor, and assisting and helping new residents enjoy Second Life!

This candidate looked as if she was making fun of the event. I know lag was huge, but running down the runway? If the candidate doesn't know how to disable instantly the 'running mode' in SL, she surely doesn't deserve to be here. When she was standing in front of the pannel of judges, she had time to disable the running mode. Also, she used some kind of pimples in her face. Was she trying to be different? Was she trying to be funny? She wasn't. Gave a terrible image of herself. Well, if this candidate wins the pageant... no more words needed.

Question: Miss (...), If you showed me around Second Life, where would you take me to show the beauty and intelligence of SL and why?

Answer: Good morning everyone. Thank you for the delightful question (...), please allow me a moment to type a response for you.
There are many wonderful places to visit in Second Life as we all know. I believe the Gardens of Apollo is one of the very first places I visited that held in my mind. Truly a stunning place to behold. I'd also include a few universities in world, a few charity sims to show how Second Life residents are helping the world and I'd make sure to not forget the kajillion clothing and shoe stores.

And here are the 27 candidates to Miss Virtual World 2011. Another thing I'm wondering is that in the last casting results Rhonda Pennell was selected as finalist, but she was not here. Something must have happened.