Scrips kids all over the grid

Most of you know that I've been steady posting about SL models and runway shows.  This time, I'll address something important.

I've been informed about all copybotting that has been going on and the constant sim crashing  during fashion shows caused by a group of people in SL.

About copybotting, there's nothing you can do, it's up to Linden Lab to solve this. Creators in SL can  only report abuse, all the nine yards and then wait. It's understandable the feeling of frustration regarding these situations.

SL Model's shapes have been copybotted  and again, nothing we can do about it, unless keep filing reports, opening tickets.

However, there are lots of things we all can do to prevent our SL accounts from being cracked.
Let me start by telling you this:  this group of people are NOT hackers.  A true hacker would resent what this group of people are doing. A hacker can access websites, email accounts, whatever. He will take a look, and leave without touching anything. This IS a hacker.  That's why the most famous hackers have been hired by several government departments all over the world, to keep their websites safe. No one better than a hacker to do that, because a hacker knows how to catch traces that have been left behind by another hacker. And actually track his/her physical location in the planet.

This group of people that are copybotting in SL are just script kids. We cannot stop them from copybotting or crashing sims.
But we sure can do our best protect ourselves, our SL accounts.

First thing and this is very important:
- they operate by instigating fear.  It looks that they can do it all, but actually, they can't

And now you're asking: how did they crack SL accounts and even withdraw money from several SL residents' bank accounts?
Simply by social networking and social engineering.  It's simple, but it takes time, lots of time.  This is a huge group of people, sitting in front of their pcs doing absolutely nothing but this, for years. 

Just as an example , in real life, you all probably remember a guy that cracked actress Scarlett Johansson's email and published several of her private photos.  I read an interview with him and he was very clear: he was just the regular guy, unemployed, sitting in front of his pc all day long.  And just by chance, he started to look for celebrities' emails, using their names and searching all he could about their personal lives. Celebrities are extremely exposed, publicly. Eventually, the easiest email for him to crack was Scarlet's. He just found out her email address and kept trying different passwords until he managed to get the right one.  All done by social engineering - he just tried a couple of her private life info, as password, and he got the right one - and this took him a lot of time, according to him.  From then on, once he opened the actress' email, there were tons of other celebrities emails there; people she contacted with and so he did the same with some others. And why did this happen? Because he could. He had everything: time, access to the actress private info - which we all can just by googling it - and kept trying passwords with her private info. 

Lesson here? Never use any of your private info as password; no pet's names, no birthdays, no mother's maiden name, nothing of this sort.

 About this group of kids that are operatingg in SL, many of them are among the groups they're targetting. If they attack SL models, you can be sure that you know some of them very well, probably trust them enough to just talk about your private lives.  And this is where social engineering becomes important; they know that most people use easy-to-memorize passwords, usually connected to their private lives, things they like, birthday dates and so on.
First step is NOT to trust anybody  and I mean nobody!  Don't share your SL password or your private life with anyone in SL.
Remember, this group has been in SL  - some of them - more than the most of us have.  You probably got used to seeing them around for years, so you trust. DON'T!

Follow me here:  some time ago, a member of this scrip kids' group managed to send out several models' shapes through a well know SL Group.  Everybody thought how did he do that? He didn't have permission to even send notices in the group, so he must be able to change any group abilities and permissions in SL, true? False! They simply can't!

How did he do it? So simple!
One of the group managers invited the avatar for a couple of minutes and gave him the ability to send out notices. And then, after doing what he wanted,  the kid left the group.  Quietly. It looks like he is so powerful that he can even change things in SL groups. NO, he can't. Neither of them can. They were enabled to do that.

What they do have in 'friends in high places'. Yes, they are among you, SL Models and Designers. You have seen some of them for so long in SL that you got to trust some of them and this is how they do it.

Bear with me here: if they really could do everything in SL, why don't they do the same in other SL Groups? Why did they do it only this once or twice?
Because they could! Because someone inside that Group (or Groups) gave the avatar permission to send out notices for a couple of minutes. Simple! 

The question remains - how do they crack SL accounts, crack email addresses and even withdraw real money from several people's bank accounts?

Social engineering:  think about this - how many of you have your SL email addresses with your SL name? Let's say your SL name is Marie Claire; they will try every email account related to this name; they will do it in several email providers -,, and the list goes on. Why not doing it? They have time and nothing else to do!

Don't you wonder why they are doing this exactly now? 
Why not before?
Simply because it took them years to have some of them inside the groups they target, trustable people, people you have been dealing with in your SL; it took them years to make some of you trust some of them.  

Why do they attack some people and don't attack others?
Same reason, because they can. 

How to make them work hard to attack you?
- Change your passwords frequently.   SL password, your email password, everything that connects you to SL.
- NEVER use the same password twice. Your SL password should be one and your email account should have another password.  If you blog, the password should be different too. If you can, change email addresses frequently, as well.
- Protect your private lives. Those of you who have been attacked think! Who did you give personal info to?  Who do you trust enough in SL to actually talk about your personal information?
- Get in touch to your bank NOW!  Ask your bank NOT to allow any transaction with your credit card without your pemission. NONE! Not even 5 bucks! The bank must ask you personally if there is a transaction going on.  

All of these suggestions will not stop them, but believe me, they will work harder to attack you.  We all can make them work double time! If they spend, let's say,  12 hours sitting by their pcs, they will have to be there for 24 hours non stop to actually manage to attack you or withdraw money from you.  It's a huge group of people we're taking about and some of them are among you, for years.

Now to another topic. If you see my blog's name - Fashion Critique -  in any other website than this one, I can assure you that it's not me.  As I stated before, I only posted in another website once and it was years ago. From then on, I only write here and nowhere else. 

Back to the subject, I hope this helps, really! Protection on the web is never enough. 
What would be great was to just ignore them. Let them do what they want, and just ignore. Take all measures to report, over and over. Then,  proceed to mute, if you're contacted privately and move on. Let them fall into oblivion!  They're just kids, they may throw a temper tantrum, but they'll get over it.

Another SL Fashion Show - is this really fashion?

One more fashion show I watched.
And recorded in real time.

Even though a SL fashion show is an event - unless it's a big time event - it should be a short event.

I've written repeatedly about the more SL fashion comes closer to RL, the more quality there is in it. In RL, a fashion show takes around 12 to 15 minutes. It's a showcase of clothes.
In SL, we all have accepted naturally that if a fashion show isn't long, it's not good. Not true. Long fashion shows are boring, unless there is a wow factor in it that makes us enjoy the full experience.

In this show, the runway was huge, it was a stairway and models had to stop several times along the stairs. There were long periods of time when the 'stairs' were empty and by the end of the show, more than half the people had already left.

It was really boring.

To start with, this particular fashion show was organized by a SL model that also manages a latino blog - El Diablo Viste Second Life.

In the beginning of the show, the hostess informed us all who the models were going to be - she provided a kind of info of every model in the show; I don't understand why the audience had to know all about the contests the models won or those they participated in. A fashion show is never about models!

In SL, it seems to be frequent creators just provide the outfits for a fashion show for models to shine or just because a SL model agency wants to put up a fashion show. But fashion is not about models; in SL many people get this wrong.

It's never about models, it's about designers and their creations.
Only after giving us a no need 'story' of all the models, did the hostess tell the audience about who the designers were. In this case, I'm guessing that all SL designers provided the outfits for free, just for one person to put a fashion show together and have models shine.

These situations should stop in SL. To take it to another level, SL designers should create their collections, just like RL and then yes, have fashion shows to showcase them. Pay SL Model Agencies to hire their own models and all the expenses that come along show producing.

At the same time, there is Sydney Fashion Week going on in SL. Short shows, exactly how they are supposed to be, showcasing several designers creations that were created (or should be) for this season or the next and showcased during a fashion week. This is as close as we can get to RL fashion. Not long boring shows, produced with free outfits from several SL designers, put together only to have some SL models shine.

In the best case scenario, a fashion show in SL should showcase one designer and be short. SL clothes creators should pay to have their creations showcased and models should be very well paid, as well. In RL, fashion involves an entire economy. Model Agencies hire the best models they can have and models are paid big time!

I'm in favor of SL fashion weeks. Let's keep it real, this is how it works in RL.
I perfectly recall AVENUE Mesh fashion week; short shows showcasing the latest creations done with mesh - a whole new concept for creators in SL. Modavia used to hold their fashion week at the same time as NYC Mercedes- Benz was happening in RL.

Long fashion shows are extremely boring. Like this one I recorded - Goddesses of Olympus. What was the idea behind it? Is this a fashion trend that nobody is aware of? This is the game inside the game. Personally, I'm completely against this. This isn't fashion at all.

Mercedez-Benz NYC Fashion Week 2013 Spring collections is starting on September 6th. Plus the several European Fashion Shows that are scheduled to September as well. Do we have SL designers ready to create an entire collection for 2013 Spring/Summer season? Because by now, if we do it correctly in SL, autumn/winter collections 2012/2013 should already be out there and released!
I guess this is only me dreaming of having the best of the best in SL fashion.

Here is the video of this 'Goddesses' show [I wouldn't call it fashion, because all outfits are already out of date, fashionwise in SL].

Apart form some cut and editting I did, this is a recording in real time. Boring, so boring!

I also wrote my own comments along the video, should you have the patience to watch it fully. And I actually stopped recording before SL models last walk. 50% of the audience had left by then.

Not classic, no style

I have been trying to avoid writing about this particular group of people. I don't know what to call it but they say they train SL models, so it should be like a 'model academy'? Actually, it's a University of Models!!

I hear people complain about paying lots of money and being treated unfairly and by now you must have guessed that I'm talking about Classic With Style.

There is a SL mentality thing going on like forever; at least people talk about a lot about it which is 'making money in SL'. Making money or have an income in SL is as valid as making money in RL. There's nothing wrong about it.

However, the whole purpose of me writing this blog was always about quality. Making things better in terms of SL modeling.

I ended up watching several videos on Youtube from this 'Classic With Style' thing. I still don't know what it is. It's not clear and transparent publicly.

What is this?

The classiest idea I have of women wearing classic night gowns is NOT club music and having them club dancing. I don't know about you but all I feel is this weirdness. I keep thinking of RL fashion shows and this is not even close. Once you watch this video, you all can see how 'famous' all these models are on SL. I personaly haven't heard of any of them.

Fashionwise, I do believe that the closest SL gets to RL, the more quality lies in it, especially since there are RL designers investing in SL, creating in SL.

The big issue seems to be new SL models - or SL models wannabes - pay too much to join this Classic With Style thing.
The rough truth is that people need to invest in themselves to learn. This happens everywhere in RL, from high school to college. Even in RL, we all have to pay for some kind of training we may need. I don't quite understand why people complain about paying.

But, but - and this must be taken into consideration - payment must be fair in relation to what kind of training you're going to get!

The marketing strategy behind Classic With Style is extremely unprofessional, to say the least!
In their blog - they call it Modeling University - they clearly state that you will be famous after graduating as a model. (!!!)

I mean, really? How long has Classic With Style been around and how many of their 'graduates' have been famous models in SL?
This is something nobody can promise or even promote! No company, no model agency, nobody can, because 'being famous' is hard individual work, no matter how good SL models are.

The whole concept of their blog, the videos on Youtube, everything Classic With Style shows is everything but stylish and classic.

When we open their blog, we see their CEOs photos. The quality of the photos is terrible and the avatars take me back to my first year in SL. I mean, are you serious about this?

I don't know about you but I'd love to watch a fashion show produced and executed by Classic With Style, a graduation show maybe? Something that's really related to the work real models do.

For dancing, there are groups in SL that do that, they don't pretend to be models, they're dancers. It's fun , I know, but maybe take the gowns out and do a well produced video of your dancers (not models).

And another thing is professional fashion models aren't 'hot', no matter how beautiful they are or how curvy they may be. Doing the 'hot contest of something' is to lower the models to the quality of a low life dancer, with swimwear, prim hair and old basic skins (some of them oily skins!!!).

We all know that in RL there are more comercial models and high fashion models. Depending always on what the designers are after to showcase their visions and creations.
Again, I don't see high fashion designers in SL connected in any way with Classic With Style.
And no, wearing a gown doesn't make you stylish nor classic. It takes so much more than that.
Style is from head to toe. Starts from hair to the tip of your big toe. It's in the attitude, too.

Remember, not everybody can be a model, just like not everybody can be a doctor or a teacher.

I took the time of going to Classic With Style several places and it's public, so here is their application for eventual 'alumni':

Now Accepting Enrollment Applications
Classes starting soon. If you have a love for great art and a passion for modeling—why not consider a career in modeling.
University of Classic W/ Style have it all for you.

Professionals can choose from a variety of career paths in:
If you desire to pursue a career in modeling, the University of Classic W/ Style can teach you the skills you need to get started.

➤~ Modeling
➤~ Photography
➤~ Blogging

Fee for 3 weeks class: 10,000 linden, to be paid directly to Anrol Anthiny.

Fill in Application below and send in to Anrol Anthony:

Don't miss your opportunity to get UCWS training.
Don’t settle for anything less.
* Hands on
* Taught by professional executive instructors
* A recognized name in the modeling, owner is the guru in fashion.
* Available in several tracks
* Real world experience –in modeling
* Guided by a support system of faculty, networks, and alumni
* Succesful and Established Fashion Business since 2008
Located in 2 Sims
* Weekly Fashion shows.

We hope you will all understand that this is a business - however, it is also our goal to make modeling fun and something you will all enjoy.

Very well. Let's see. I'm usually on top of the latest news regarding modeling in SL and I have never watched a fashion show produced, organized or put together by this group of people. Have you? It's clearly stated in this application:

* Weekly Fashion shows.

How does Classic With Style advertise their fashion shows, because the information is not as public as it should be. I mean every fashion show in SL is advertised in several ways, through some public fashion and modeling related SL groups. How come we don't see any of these weekly fashion shows? Perhaps it's just me. Have you seen any?

Not to mention their blog, website and Youtube channel. I haven't seen any fashion show from this group of people on Youtube (nor inworld , for that matter). Yes, the girls sure dance on video, but a full fashion show?

I'd like to have an invitation from Classic With Style to watch one of your fashion shows. I'll be there, for sure. And of course, I'm guessing all models in SL would like to watch it too. Can we all have an invitation? That'd be nice!

A RL treat for all SL models

My last post was about the first MVW 2013 photos and how the first pre-finalists are going to be chosen.

We all know that SL can be a separate reality, the one we want to create, although in terms of fashion and modeling, in my opinion, it should be as closest to RL as possible.

So here you have an example of one of Ford Models - Anna J.

You'll see her portfolio, as a print model and also take a look at her polaroids. Polaroids are the very raw photos the agency takes when a model casts. From those polaroids, as simple as they are, a RL model starts developing.

Clients start looking for a certain type of model and the agency will send them the polaroids they have of that model.
And this is the beauty of RL modeling. It takes a very good eye to chose a real good model from such a simple snapshot. That's why in RL there are model scouters; they scout models for a living, young girls who have all the possibilities of becoming professional models.

The first thing they do is, they just have a glipmse of the girl. They spend lots of time looking at her, observing her and then contact her, directly. On the spot.

This is how it happens in RL to so many models that were just 'found' at the mall, supermarket or having a drink with some friends.

How could we ever have this in SL? It's such a different 'world'.

And here is the thing about MVW, now that a new search is about to begin. MVW organization isn't looking for 'THE' model. They are looking for a beautiful avatar, that can already be a SL model or not. That's the concept of any beauty pageant.

I've written about this over and over and SL models don't seem to learn. MVW is a beauty pageant - like RL Miss Universe. It's not a search for a high fashion model, even though there are several styling challenges throughout the pageant itself.

In RL, a model doesn't style herself. There are stylists, makeup artists and designers that prepare everything for them. They just have to put their personalities into everything. And the outfit shines through, or the jewelry, or the shoes.

SL is, by definition, a world where we can recreate ourselves. So, it's only fair that people behind MVW organization play it by their rules. Just keep in mind that even in SL, there are beauty pageants and there are model agencies. And both are very very different.

Just like RL, a SL model is exactly that - a model. Not necessarily a pretty face but sometbody that can somehow put an outfit on and convey emotions with it.
This is the hardest thing for a SL model to understand - models can be 'ugly' in the classic meaning of the term. Actually, they should if they want to be different and stand out among so many lookalike avatars.

If you're a SL model and you want to work inworld, you really have to stand out and I don't mean be 'beautiful'. Be yourself. One of a kind.
Applying to beauty pageants is a choice. But be sure that's the second life you want for yourself.

If you have that sense of style in you and you want to become a model, go to castings. Apply to several SL model agencies, send your books, send notecards to SL model agencies' owners.

Look at what SL designers do: they have an insight, an idea, they know what the next season's looks are in RL, the next trends and they apply that idea to their creations. They do research a lot! Why don't SL models do the same thing?

I'm guessing no SL model googles Miss Universe pageant. That really doesn't matter for a RL model nor for a SL model.

Here's some food for thought. Why do SL models want to be in a beauty pageant? Just ask yourselves that question. For fame? To have a 'name'?

And watch how a RL model lives and works. How modeling is a job, like any other. It requires that you have something special, or else, in SL, anybody could get a great shape, a good skin, have the most outstanding avatar and be a terrible model. That something 'special' can be seen in SL, it can be felt by those who have a catchy eye for fashion.

Fashion, even in SL, is an art. Not many people can model high fashion in SL. If you can, then do it and forget about beauty pageants.

Immerse yourselves in RL fashion and modeling. Forget about winning or losing. Modeling is extremely competitive as it is, already. And that happens in both lives.

MVW 2013 and SL photographers

The announcement is out. MVW 2013 has the first entries' photos at BOSL blog.

I read the press release and public announcement. The document also explains how to apply and the kind of photos the candidates must submit.

I particularly like point 9.

9. Photoshop is allowed, but please keep photographs realistic so that it reflects how you actually look in Second Life.

And if you take a good look at all entries, you'll see that most of the photos have been heavily editted in PS. Some entries are just SL photos - quite unprofessional, I must say - others are skewed and twisted. Bottom line, if the idea is to actually see the avatar's face, heavily editted photos make their all faces look alike. So, we have several entries with avatars looking 'similar', sometimes because the photographer is the same.

Don't get me wrong, some of the photos have been taken and worked by SL photographers that are considered to be the best. But, in a case like this, a simple, tasteful photo, showing the avatar's face should suffice.
What matters is not the skill of the photographer , but the face of the female avatar.

Let's see some? I do declare, hereby, that I do not own any rights over the photos below. The names of the photographers are clearly stated on top of each row of photos and are used here, to illustrate my opinion .

Photos by Elle Ahren (view her work)

Photos by Julie Hastings (view her work)

Photos by Skip Staheli (view his work)

Even though the photos are very well done, they are heavily editted and we don't actualy see the real avatar behind it.

In RL, a model that goes to several agencies for castings takes her own book, however frequently, the agency they cast for takes a quick snapshot of their faces, as they are. No makeup, simple hair, etc.

To be eligible for MVW, these ladies hired some good photoshop editors in SL. It's quite frustrating, because we actually love the quality of the photo, but how's the avatar really like?

You may say, that's what live auditions are for. That's a fact, but before the live auditions, the first pre-finalists are going to be chosen among this group of photos. Are they going to consider the quality of the photographer or the beauty of the avatar? Because in the photos you see above, they all look 'the same'. Different eye color or hair color, but they all look so much alike!

There are very good photos though. Photos that really show the avatar's face, they stand out for me, because they are so simply worked, that 'what you see is what you get' and this should be the whole point, right?

Another year, another round at MVW. I'll be watching, as usual ;)

A full fashion show in SL in real time - Video is on

I watched a fashion show this week that was below reasonable, in terms of quality.

This time, I decided to have my camera roll and really recorded in video the whole show.

The link to Youtube is only here. If you click on it , you can see it in Youtube, as well.

It's an entire fashion show; no editting. No pauses, no making things beautiful.
I just let the show go on and never stopped recording.

You'll see what I saw; some skins and outfits not rezzing, ruthed avatars - sometimes - but the most important thing is that through video, you can all see models posing and walking.

It was laughable to see that these 'models' had different tags on - Elite Model and Top Model. I won't tell you the names of the SL models; however, I can tell you that some of them were last year's MVW finalists (!!!) and others were unfamiliar names, at least to me.

The show was set to start at 3:30pm SLT and started more than 30 minutes late.
You'll see lag - in real time, obviously this cannot be controled by the 'models'. Lag is natural under these circumstances and so are crashes.
You'll see the oufits rezzing slowly - from my viewer.

Other things were controlable, or better said, they should have been more organized. Watching a video of a SL fashion show in real time, shows clearly several severe mistakes, in terms of runway production:

- the runway was empty several times. This simply isn't professional. Period. Not only was it empty, it was empty for long periods. The video will show.
- the so called 'Elite Models' were poor on posing; walking can be questioned and one of them had the tag of 'Top Model' and did a terrible job, posing and styling.
- probably only two of these 'models' had quality skins and were well shaped.

But posing. Posing was a complete disaster in general. I won't tell you the 'models' names; I don't want them to be known for the wrong reasons.

And guys, especially the management of this event, before you say anything else, you're welcome. Here you have your entire fashion show on video.

A closer look at SL® Fashion Magazines

Every model's work covers several areas of fashion: from the catwalk, to fashion magazines, to commercial adds. Print work is a part of a profissional model's work.

The same happens in SL - fortunately, I must say. The closer SL fashion and modeling activities are to RL, the best, in my opinion.  To be a model is not the kind of SL's typical 'roleplay'. 

I guess all of us are being more and more demanding regarding Fashion Magazines in SL: their layout, their graphic design, their image quality.

Lately, I read several SL Fashion Magazines. Some are starting, others are already established.

I will publish here their Issuu url so that everybody may read.

The best  fashion magazines in RL are very eclectic when it comes to styling and showcasing several RL designers. However, one thing is common to all of them: an extreme care in the layout and graphic design, especially in their more editorial pieces.
Filled with ads, RL Fashion Magazines are a very successful business. Every professional model buys Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, especially the italian edition, Elle, Vanity Fair.

Every professional model dreams of being in the cover of any of these magazines.

In SL, the same thing should happen. Fashion Magazines should be a huge business in the fashion industry.  Fortunately, some magazines in SL manage to do that. Let's not forget that SL - which some people call 'just a game', is not 'just a game'.  It has an economy of its own. So, every fashion magazine should be extremely profitable to the company that publishes them. Profitable for every model that does his/her print work. To achieve this, quality must be high at all levels. SL Magazines must also live from commercial ads. The more the quality, the more creators will want to have their ads printed.

Every magazine has a staff; besides what the readers see, there is a group of people behind it. Those people take care of several aspects of every magazine. It has to be profitable to pay all the staff, all the models and photographers that work for the magazine. Same thing should happen in SL.

Only those who see SL® as a 'game' ignore all these aspects. There has to be money involved in publishing a SL Magazine. It's imperative for the quality of  fashion and modeling industry in SL that models featured in fashion magazines are well payed; photographers are well payed, the staff is well paid. Just like RL.  After paying all the staff, models and photographers, the company that runs the magazine must have economical profit. That's how any business is run - SL or RL.

Again, I'm going after quality.

One of the most recent fashion magazines I read in SL is Haute.  Haute's first magazine is entirely dedicated to white. The same company that publishes Haute - Asymetrique -  also publishes L'Homme .

Both magazines have a good image layout.  I found it strange though, that in L'Homme's 2nd edition, on the cover, there is a reference to the love relationship between two SL Models. That really isn't the point of a fashion magazine, especially in the cover.  Let's keep it real. There's much to explore in L'Homme magazine; one of the weakest points in SL fashion is the lack of good designers for men - there is an ongoing effort to improve this aspect. So L'Homme may well become a reference to all men in SL. Being the image layout quite good, I'm guessing this magazine will grow and will be successful.
Haute Magazine seems to be starting; they are doing - as far as I could see - the same thing that Modavia Fashion Directory does: divide  models into 'supermodels' and just 'models'.  This is a mistake, in my opinion, but it's up to them.

BeStyle Magazine has been around in SL for quite some time.
There are parts of the magazine that have a good layout, but other's don't. It looks inconsistent, as a fashion magazine - imagewise. BeStyle doesn't have any reference to its models or supermodels, which is very good; that means every model  in SL can be featured there. Good for the magazine and good for professional models that need to have print work done.  To improve, I'd suggest a better cover. There is a full spread about a model's academy in SL, which I assume has to be bought (otherwise is not good for business) . Behind that model's academy is one model in SL that is still today an icon to some. This spread part of the magazine is very low quality, in terms of image. It can be improved as well.

I also read InWorld Lifestyle Magazine.
It's more a lifestyle magazine than a fashion one. With several articles, some with a better layout than others, the image editting could be improved. It doesn't strike me as a completely fashion magazine.

There is also Modavia Fashion Directory which is fashion oriented and very editorial. However, it hasn't been published for quite some time.  About MFD, I wrote my opinion some time ago.

Published periodically, in this case, every month is AVENUE Magazine.
This is, in my opinion,  the best fashion magazine in SL. It doesn't mention models or supermodels, the graphic design is very good and it seems to have improved. Easy thing to observe since the magazine is published monthly. Every fashion spread has its credits; the style card of what the model is wearing and featuring; the layout and photography are editorial. Every interview is done in a professional way, easy to read, with impeccable layout.  It also covers several aspects of SL, business, art, new sims, art creators. All the articles are a pleasure to read.

I don't have any other fashion magazines to show you at this point. If there are more that I'm not aware of, please inform me and I'll be glad to take a look ;)

Androgyny - a man or a woman?

Both I'd say.

I came across a SL® Magazine called AndroGenius. Can't explain, really, how I felt, when I read it. In the 1st issue of the Magazine the whole concept of androgyny is well explained and yet, as the 2nd issue came out, it was hard to read it, with Frolic Mills in the cover without any 'androgynous' sense into it.

I must say that it's not easy to portray such a concept. It starts with the image itself - it's a style, a conceptual way of life. An androgynous person styles himself or herself, easily. It's part of their personality, reflected in the way they dress, in the way they do their hair, skin, make up, everything, basically.

It's very hard for me to see in SL®, people trying to be androgynous, especially in the fashion and model industry. It's not about trying; wether you are or you aren't androgynous.

Taking a look at RL androgynous models, you'll understand what I mean.

Now, take a look at one issue of AndroGenius Magazine.

I do understand the idea, but it's not exactly what andogyny is. I was expecting a highly editorial magazine, not a male model wearing women's clothes - as shown in the articles inside the magazine.

That's not androgyny at all.
A man wearing long hair in not androgynous and a woman wearing short hair, a hat and a tie is not androgynous either. It's way past that!
Androgyny is a way of life, natural, easy.

In most asian countries, being androgynous comes naturally. In that sense, they are way ahead of western countries.

To have a SL® magazine entirely dedicated to androgyny is quite a bold and daring project. It requires the best quality in terms of image, layout of the magazine itself and the written articles.

I applaude the idea, but cannot applaude the result so far. Hopefully, with time, this magazine makes a statement in SL® fashion.

Unfortunately, most people don't fully understand the concept of androgyny; they don't understand that it's not about being a transgender nor a drag queen. There is a conceptual quality to it; it's stylish and very fashionable. As we all know, not many people in SL®'s fashion industry have the skills to fully understand it; I do think androgyny reaches the realm of the ultimate creativity and art , body and mindwise.

NOTE: RL models in the photos above:

Photo 1: Omayara Mota
Photo2: Brittani Kline
Photo 3: Andrej Pejic
Photo 4: Martin Core

Modavia Fashion Directory

This time, I'm not focusing on any SL fashion show.

I usually follow the best SL Fashion Magazines, Avenue and Modavia. I'm aware that recently Modavia did an open casting for new models.

However, I'm becoming more and more aware of something that has been happening in all Modavia Fashion Directories that has been catching my eye.

This is what I call a conflict of interests.

Modavia constantly features, as one of the Directories model [or supermodel], Poptart Lilliehook.
Once you open the Directory and check the credits page, Poptart Lilliehook is actually Editor-in-Chief, which, in my opinion, conflicts with her position as model in the Directories.

Let's make it clear.

Business wise, the client featured in an article may request a certain model to present their creations and obviously the Magazine must provide the client with what he or she wants.

What confuses me is that Poptart Lilliehook herself models in her own magazine. It'd be extremely professional of her to state to all clients that she is Editor-in-Chief of the Directory, therefore, she won't be available to model.

Modavia has many of the best SL Models on the grid. So, why does the Editor-in-Chief and owner of Modavia model in her own magazine? It's very unusual to do so in RL.

I still remember, back in the day, when Modavia was created by Dea Mills. I have no recollection of Dea Mills modeling in the Magazine.

Let's see Avenue Magazine.
The Publisher is Rusch Raymaker and she doesn't model in the magazine. The Editor-in-Chief is Sensuous Soulstar. As far as I see, Rusch Raymaker is the business woman behind all Avenue endeavors. She is not a model. She runs the company. Sensuous Soulstar doesn't model either. And this is how it's done, professionally!

Doing castings is a way to gather a very good group of professionals to provide potential clients with several models, several styles, different looks. It's very unprofessional of Miss Lilliehook to keep being a model in her own magazine.

It's time to step it up. To go after excellence, professionalism and make sure there are no misunderstandings for the Directory readers.

I want to add that Modavia Fashion Directories are really good as fashion magazines in SL and to keep the good reputation, to even go beyond and do better, things should be clear and plain.

On the other hand, one may question: it's Poptarts's magazine, she can do what she wants. Absolutely!

But bear in mind that this kind of situation creates some discomfort in the fashion community in SL. Soon, discredit may come, no matter how good the magazine is, readers get tired of watching the same models over and over and over again.

The same applies to Modavia's Creative Director, Dahlia Joubert and Queen Watanabe - who happens to be partnered to Modavia's graphic designer.

In fact, Graphic Dix has some guest appearences in the Magazine, since he started being their graphic designer. And we question, what's going on here? It's a good fashion magazine, indeed, but those who happen to be featured as models are pretty much the same? Even guest models, that are not models at all, like Graphic Dix?

And I finish like I started; why does Modavia have open castings, when we - the readers - keep seeing the same models and some that aren't even models at all?

I'm pretty sure lots of people related to the fashion industry in SL wonder the same.

For a better look and for all of you to see what I mean, here are the links to both Magazines on Issuu.

Modavia Fashion Directory 22

Avenue Magazine December 2011

Things have to be said. Both Magazines are graphically the best in SL, no doubt about it. Avenue comes across as a more professional fashion print work.