A full fashion show in SL in real time - Video is on

I watched a fashion show this week that was below reasonable, in terms of quality.

This time, I decided to have my camera roll and really recorded in video the whole show.

The link to Youtube is only here. If you click on it , you can see it in Youtube, as well.

It's an entire fashion show; no editting. No pauses, no making things beautiful.
I just let the show go on and never stopped recording.

You'll see what I saw; some skins and outfits not rezzing, ruthed avatars - sometimes - but the most important thing is that through video, you can all see models posing and walking.

It was laughable to see that these 'models' had different tags on - Elite Model and Top Model. I won't tell you the names of the SL models; however, I can tell you that some of them were last year's MVW finalists (!!!) and others were unfamiliar names, at least to me.

The show was set to start at 3:30pm SLT and started more than 30 minutes late.
You'll see lag - in real time, obviously this cannot be controled by the 'models'. Lag is natural under these circumstances and so are crashes.
You'll see the oufits rezzing slowly - from my viewer.

Other things were controlable, or better said, they should have been more organized. Watching a video of a SL fashion show in real time, shows clearly several severe mistakes, in terms of runway production:

- the runway was empty several times. This simply isn't professional. Period. Not only was it empty, it was empty for long periods. The video will show.
- the so called 'Elite Models' were poor on posing; walking can be questioned and one of them had the tag of 'Top Model' and did a terrible job, posing and styling.
- probably only two of these 'models' had quality skins and were well shaped.

But posing. Posing was a complete disaster in general. I won't tell you the 'models' names; I don't want them to be known for the wrong reasons.

And guys, especially the management of this event, before you say anything else, you're welcome. Here you have your entire fashion show on video.

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