A good exercise with OGlam Models

Around the middle of September, I was able to take some raw snapshots of a fashion show by OGlam Models.

As far as I could see, this was a showcase of a jewelry brand. I also noticed that it didn't seem to have any outfit designer showcased; all models were wearing outfits from several SL designers. I then assumed that models styled themselves. If this was the case, this is a good exercise for all SL Models to do. Without naming the models, and in no particular order, here are the six models that showcased the jewelry and we may have a couple of issues to address, when it comes to SL professional models:

- How did they style themselves? Was the outfit the best to showcase the jewelry sets properly?

- How did they pose? Were the poses good to enhance the showcased jewelry and also to enhance elegance?

I couldn't take photos of all the models in all sets. There seemed to be 4 sets for each model to showcase, but SL limitations - like crashing and lag, which is natural - didn't allow me to photograph all sets of all the models. I did my best tough. What you'll see are the six models in the 4 sets of jewelry they showcased. The first photo of each model was more casual, then 'upgrading' to a more formal look - still showcasing jewelry. It was also vintage themed and the set was very well built, in my opinion. There was a tv, where all models posed and they came out of the tv screen to the runway.
Black and white tones seemed to be a requirement as all models were wearing these two tones in their outfits.

Let's see your personal opinions. Were all these goals achieved by all models? Which of these models - shown in my non-editted photos (so, no effects at all) - did a good job, posing, styling, showcasing jewelry and being elegant while doing so? If you didn't watch this show, and without naming models, your opinions may be less biased and we can really know how you feel, professionally.

Model 1

Model 2

Model 3

Model 4

Model 5

Model 6

As I mentioned before, I couldn't take photos of the 4 sets of each model. These are the SL limitations, we can't do anything about. Even so, it's a good exercise to do.

Fashion Weeks in RL

It's always interesting to keep up to date with RL Fashion. From Milan to Paris - where Fashion week is going on as I type.

Just take a look - as an example at Trussardi's show at Milan, last week.

Or Dolce & Gabbana's

There is no particular highlight of red color. So, what I've heard in SL, from some self nominated 'fashion experts', red is not particularly trendy. Especially if we think that fashion is always two seasons ahead.

What actresses wear at some ceremonies - like the Emmys - is one thing. Another, completely different, is the work done by designers, as part of their creations, that are being showcased at this precise moment in the best European cities. Red is included in the collections and so are other colors, with a clear tendence to flowery patters; black is also trendy for 2012 Spring/Summer Collections, as you can see. Nude colors are some of the favorites, too.

Paris is now on it's fashion week.

Yesterday, September 28th, was Gareth Pugh's Show. Worth to watch!

Fashion experts in SL are just a few.
All of those involved in the fashion industry in SL should really take a good look at RL fashion and how it's going. Probably if some 'experts' did this, they wouldn't try to start their own color fashion trends, based on--- the Emmy's Awards (????!!!).

Let's see who in SL will follow the 'red trend' that, simply came from an egomaniac mind, that likes to watch actresses on the screen, instead of real models and fashion shows.

As usual, I'll be around ;)

Modavia did it again!

Modavia Fashion Week 2011 was a huge event!
Being able to pull up a week of fashion shows, four SL designers a day is outstanding!

I won't be showing you photos, you can see them in Modavia's Flickr page.
Plus, since I am a dedicated anonymous, I didn't have access to the VIP area, and it was hard to take photos from the audience sim.

Done in SL in the same time period as RL New York Fashion Week, this event must have had a great team behind it.

To have a fashion week with one show a day is easier, for sure.

Modavia had amazing sets, simple as a fashion show set usually is, and yet very well set up: the runway, the set colors, the models, the designers' creations, the music.

Again, it was really extraordinaire! To recreate a RL fashion week in SL is quite an accomplishment!

Modavia did it two years in a row. Last year was very good too, this year was even better!

A company that manages to do this in SL - with all SL's restrictions that we're all aware of - is something!

Known as being sharp in my critiques, this time, I have nothing negative to say.
It was done in such a professional way that it really looked like we were in a RL fashion event. In my personal opinion, this is what SL is about, in terms of all that surrounds the fashion industry. It mimics RL as it should be.

No wonder so many SL models want to be represented by Modavia. Quality work is the word any model should aspire to.

Congratulations Modavia for a work well done, well executed, representing with dignity and respect [and I bet lots of hard work and dedication] all SL fashion creators and designers!

I'm preparing a post - coming up next - of a fashion show I photographed. It's going to be a styling and pose exercise to all SL models. Again, I look for quality and I'm very harsh on pedantic and 'know it all' kind of people. As usual, I'll be around ;)

Miss and Mister Virtual World 2012

Yes, you all thought I had vanished ;) no! I'm always here, watching.

SL Models have been improving, that's why I don't feel the need to write as much as I used to; until these two events came up, again. Still, for some reason beyond my comprehension, SL Models aim at these two beauty pageants.

I'm making Mr Frolic Mills happy, because I'm talking about his things again. I'm glad I make him feel so important.

Now, to the point. I just watched one of MrVirtual World challenges, which was to style according to some samples that were provided to the candidates. These samples are public, they were provided in the NC sent out in the Group's invitation to the event. That's why I'm publishing them.

I didn't take photos of the candidates, but I'm showing you the samples that were supposed to inspire them.

Personally, I think this was an excellent challenge. To style this isn't easy and only some people can do it right. As you can see, there's a lot of black.

That was what most candidates did: they styled themselves in black. However, it was tough to see, because only a few, maybe one or two candidates really grasped this casual/high fashion style.

To wear black doesn't mean they really understood the challenge. Almost all of them wore black boots, just like the samples.

One of the candidates decided to style fantasy and wore a white dress, not walking on the runway but floating. I don't think that this was the idea of this styling challenge. He completely missed it. He stood out, yes, but for ther wrong reasons.

Obviously, everybody is intitled to their opinion, but, come on!!! The male candidates for Mr Virtual World need to step it up!!

Probably one or two really grasped the styling concept of this challenge. The rest of the candidates, didn't stand out for styling this impeccably. Actually, the two best candidates in this challenge were quite discrete and styled as real models, not fantasy. Exactly applying these samples they were given to their own style.

It was a disappoitment for me; it was quite a challenge indeed! Not many people have the skill to style that.


Now, to Miss Virtual World Candidates. It's time for selections and live auditions and they will go on, still.

This weekend was one of the live castings; the second, I believe.
As a Fashion Critique, observing SL Models for quite some time and also observing these beauty pageants, the live casting for the female candidates was probably the worst I have ever watched in SL!

It's obvious that I know that some of those candidates are already modeling in SL. Let me tell you, it was hard to watch; I remember clearly one of the candidates in particular; she went to a live audition for MVW wearing a full leather black bodysuit with long boots!!! Then, she posed! I almost lost my temper there! This candidate to Miss Virtual World (these female avatars are supposed to be the most beautiful and elegant and so on and so on) used an old pose, the poses that were used like three years ago, that are very quick and have the two fingers pointed - you know what I mean, right?. She posed like that! I almost lost it!

Oh she stood out alright!! As the worst avatar I've seen in my SL, on a runway!!! Here is where I thought to myself 'probably, if the female candidates keep being like this, SL professional models will understand that this is not a contest for them, but for those who look for fame; not professionalism, but fame. '

I hope I really hope that SL Models understand that a modeling career in SL comes from hard work and not really fame - this kind of fame, that's what I mean.

There is something going on in SL - regarding shapes, skins, styling skills - cause the quality in these two beauty pageants is decreasing rapidly.

IMA - Brazil Fashion Week

Brazil Fashion Week is now over.
I've been to only one of the several shows organized by IMA. What I found in the group of models in this particular show was actually, nothing 'extraordinaire', nothing outstanding.
I'm going to address a subject that is now quite common, among SL male models: sorry to say but they all look the same. Meaning: dark skins, dark hair, light eyes - blue or green.

Let me show you the male Models that were in this show.

I'm not saying that these avatars aren't attractive. I do think they they look quite common, though. If I don't tell you their names, would you know who these male models are?

I ended up turning my camera to the audience and found male avatars - regular people - that were actually more distinctive than the male models on the runway. Meaning, in my opinion, these avatars may well have 'model potential', cause they really stood out in the crowd.

On the female IMA Models I found some basic problems that really need to be highlighted, over and over again: bad shaping and the need to pay atention to details. Now, more than ever, with the new SL viewer, there is the possibility of wearing more than one layer. I guess SL Models must be sure they have the right layers when they walk on the runway.

Here is a good example of this.

Rena Mascot

Rena Mascot is a short model. Maybe that's what she chose to look like, however, her avatar (mostly skin and shape) is completely out of date. She hasn't renewed herself. In the next photo, we can see the different hairbase color.

Shaping. Another problem I shouldn't even mention by now. If SL Model Academies work well, shaping is something to address with model very seriously - assuming that these Models have done professionbal training in SL. I'm going to show you what I consider shaping problems in some female IMA models.
Each one of the following female Models has shaping issues; it's tougher on a female model, I guess, because of the female body curves. Each of the following IMA models has a different shaping issue. Take a look, I'm not going to tell you what the issues are, but you'll see them if your eyes have been trained to spot them.

Tyra Eiren

Miria Moonbeam

Yasmina Lemon

I don't know if you can see the 'shaping problems' these models have. I surely can. Let me show you another shot of Miria; it may be clearer.

And finally, as I have been saying for a long long time now, why copy and try to look like other models? This is clear in the next photo I'm going to show you.

The 'asian' type of look on Miria. Doesn't she look like another sort'a, kind'a 'famous' SL model?

This show I watched was below average. Maybe the outfits didn't help. But anyway, a model's job is to highlight the outfits, styling it properly. Sometimes, the whole styling and concept is the designer's choice. I don't know what happened here.

I've been to several other show. These last weeks have been quite busy for the fashion scene in SL; lots of events, fashion shows. Maybe soon, I'll post more photos from other fashion shows I've watched.
Thing is, I also have a first life I need to take care of, like everybody else. But hey, I'm here, watching, always ;)

SL Art and Couture Show

This event had a very well built set. It brought to memory the movie 'Metropolis'.

In the following photo, you can see two round lights; these were the teleporters, when models went backstage, after walking on the runway.

At first, the stage was absolutely empty and then all SL Art and Couture team walked in and placed themselves.

On the left: Tatanka Kaligawa (apparently the set builder and , as we all know, Mea Culpa designer)

On the right, Wicca Merlin - model, blogger and part of the team that organized this event.

The models were good, posing. One of this team members is Arisia Ashmoot, who, we all also know, is a posemaker; so, it's natural that the poses were great and very well executed.

Other than that, in terms of fashion, the show was regular; it was supposed to showcase hair, shoes, skins and jewelry. So, there was always a 'lingerie type' of outfit that the models wore all the time; the difference was actually the accessories that were showcased. So far, so good.

Eventually, in spite of the amazing set, the show became rather boring, in my opinion.

The models did well. I'll show you some of the photos I took of the models, in no particular order. Some of the models weren't rezzed for me, so I won't include them here.

Rhonda Pennell

dancer Dallagio

Miaa Rebane

Leandra Breen

Kay Fairey

rissa Friller

Actually, rissa was a good surprise, for me. Walking with some of the more experienced models in SL, she did a very good job. She stood out.

Overall, it was a good visual experience; the set was very well built; however, this fashion show lacked 'couture'; it could have been outstanding if it showcased some high fashion outfits. That was a choice of the organizing team and this is only my opinion.

Another thing to consider is the music. SL Fashion is becoming more and more demanding, in terms of quality. A fashion show is made of several elements; music plays a very important role. Just think of a RL fashion show - yes, we have to consider real life, when we talk about quality! The music of the show wasn't part of the overall experience; it was just dance music, regular. As time goes by, SL model agencies or event organizers must think more about quality. This is the key word that every model, model agency, event organizer should think of, first.