SL Art and Couture Show

This event had a very well built set. It brought to memory the movie 'Metropolis'.

In the following photo, you can see two round lights; these were the teleporters, when models went backstage, after walking on the runway.

At first, the stage was absolutely empty and then all SL Art and Couture team walked in and placed themselves.

On the left: Tatanka Kaligawa (apparently the set builder and , as we all know, Mea Culpa designer)

On the right, Wicca Merlin - model, blogger and part of the team that organized this event.

The models were good, posing. One of this team members is Arisia Ashmoot, who, we all also know, is a posemaker; so, it's natural that the poses were great and very well executed.

Other than that, in terms of fashion, the show was regular; it was supposed to showcase hair, shoes, skins and jewelry. So, there was always a 'lingerie type' of outfit that the models wore all the time; the difference was actually the accessories that were showcased. So far, so good.

Eventually, in spite of the amazing set, the show became rather boring, in my opinion.

The models did well. I'll show you some of the photos I took of the models, in no particular order. Some of the models weren't rezzed for me, so I won't include them here.

Rhonda Pennell

dancer Dallagio

Miaa Rebane

Leandra Breen

Kay Fairey

rissa Friller

Actually, rissa was a good surprise, for me. Walking with some of the more experienced models in SL, she did a very good job. She stood out.

Overall, it was a good visual experience; the set was very well built; however, this fashion show lacked 'couture'; it could have been outstanding if it showcased some high fashion outfits. That was a choice of the organizing team and this is only my opinion.

Another thing to consider is the music. SL Fashion is becoming more and more demanding, in terms of quality. A fashion show is made of several elements; music plays a very important role. Just think of a RL fashion show - yes, we have to consider real life, when we talk about quality! The music of the show wasn't part of the overall experience; it was just dance music, regular. As time goes by, SL model agencies or event organizers must think more about quality. This is the key word that every model, model agency, event organizer should think of, first.

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