IMA - Brazil Fashion Week

Brazil Fashion Week is now over.
I've been to only one of the several shows organized by IMA. What I found in the group of models in this particular show was actually, nothing 'extraordinaire', nothing outstanding.
I'm going to address a subject that is now quite common, among SL male models: sorry to say but they all look the same. Meaning: dark skins, dark hair, light eyes - blue or green.

Let me show you the male Models that were in this show.

I'm not saying that these avatars aren't attractive. I do think they they look quite common, though. If I don't tell you their names, would you know who these male models are?

I ended up turning my camera to the audience and found male avatars - regular people - that were actually more distinctive than the male models on the runway. Meaning, in my opinion, these avatars may well have 'model potential', cause they really stood out in the crowd.

On the female IMA Models I found some basic problems that really need to be highlighted, over and over again: bad shaping and the need to pay atention to details. Now, more than ever, with the new SL viewer, there is the possibility of wearing more than one layer. I guess SL Models must be sure they have the right layers when they walk on the runway.

Here is a good example of this.

Rena Mascot

Rena Mascot is a short model. Maybe that's what she chose to look like, however, her avatar (mostly skin and shape) is completely out of date. She hasn't renewed herself. In the next photo, we can see the different hairbase color.

Shaping. Another problem I shouldn't even mention by now. If SL Model Academies work well, shaping is something to address with model very seriously - assuming that these Models have done professionbal training in SL. I'm going to show you what I consider shaping problems in some female IMA models.
Each one of the following female Models has shaping issues; it's tougher on a female model, I guess, because of the female body curves. Each of the following IMA models has a different shaping issue. Take a look, I'm not going to tell you what the issues are, but you'll see them if your eyes have been trained to spot them.

Tyra Eiren

Miria Moonbeam

Yasmina Lemon

I don't know if you can see the 'shaping problems' these models have. I surely can. Let me show you another shot of Miria; it may be clearer.

And finally, as I have been saying for a long long time now, why copy and try to look like other models? This is clear in the next photo I'm going to show you.

The 'asian' type of look on Miria. Doesn't she look like another sort'a, kind'a 'famous' SL model?

This show I watched was below average. Maybe the outfits didn't help. But anyway, a model's job is to highlight the outfits, styling it properly. Sometimes, the whole styling and concept is the designer's choice. I don't know what happened here.

I've been to several other show. These last weeks have been quite busy for the fashion scene in SL; lots of events, fashion shows. Maybe soon, I'll post more photos from other fashion shows I've watched.
Thing is, I also have a first life I need to take care of, like everybody else. But hey, I'm here, watching, always ;)

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