Miss and Mister Virtual World 2012

Yes, you all thought I had vanished ;) no! I'm always here, watching.

SL Models have been improving, that's why I don't feel the need to write as much as I used to; until these two events came up, again. Still, for some reason beyond my comprehension, SL Models aim at these two beauty pageants.

I'm making Mr Frolic Mills happy, because I'm talking about his things again. I'm glad I make him feel so important.

Now, to the point. I just watched one of MrVirtual World challenges, which was to style according to some samples that were provided to the candidates. These samples are public, they were provided in the NC sent out in the Group's invitation to the event. That's why I'm publishing them.

I didn't take photos of the candidates, but I'm showing you the samples that were supposed to inspire them.

Personally, I think this was an excellent challenge. To style this isn't easy and only some people can do it right. As you can see, there's a lot of black.

That was what most candidates did: they styled themselves in black. However, it was tough to see, because only a few, maybe one or two candidates really grasped this casual/high fashion style.

To wear black doesn't mean they really understood the challenge. Almost all of them wore black boots, just like the samples.

One of the candidates decided to style fantasy and wore a white dress, not walking on the runway but floating. I don't think that this was the idea of this styling challenge. He completely missed it. He stood out, yes, but for ther wrong reasons.

Obviously, everybody is intitled to their opinion, but, come on!!! The male candidates for Mr Virtual World need to step it up!!

Probably one or two really grasped the styling concept of this challenge. The rest of the candidates, didn't stand out for styling this impeccably. Actually, the two best candidates in this challenge were quite discrete and styled as real models, not fantasy. Exactly applying these samples they were given to their own style.

It was a disappoitment for me; it was quite a challenge indeed! Not many people have the skill to style that.


Now, to Miss Virtual World Candidates. It's time for selections and live auditions and they will go on, still.

This weekend was one of the live castings; the second, I believe.
As a Fashion Critique, observing SL Models for quite some time and also observing these beauty pageants, the live casting for the female candidates was probably the worst I have ever watched in SL!

It's obvious that I know that some of those candidates are already modeling in SL. Let me tell you, it was hard to watch; I remember clearly one of the candidates in particular; she went to a live audition for MVW wearing a full leather black bodysuit with long boots!!! Then, she posed! I almost lost my temper there! This candidate to Miss Virtual World (these female avatars are supposed to be the most beautiful and elegant and so on and so on) used an old pose, the poses that were used like three years ago, that are very quick and have the two fingers pointed - you know what I mean, right?. She posed like that! I almost lost it!

Oh she stood out alright!! As the worst avatar I've seen in my SL, on a runway!!! Here is where I thought to myself 'probably, if the female candidates keep being like this, SL professional models will understand that this is not a contest for them, but for those who look for fame; not professionalism, but fame. '

I hope I really hope that SL Models understand that a modeling career in SL comes from hard work and not really fame - this kind of fame, that's what I mean.

There is something going on in SL - regarding shapes, skins, styling skills - cause the quality in these two beauty pageants is decreasing rapidly.