SL Models 'must dos'

Time runs fast, in SL.
Faster than in RL. It's hard to keep up with the latest trends.

Who runs the 'show'?
I mean, what must a SL Model do to be updated? Better even, how can a SL Model be a Model to follow and not a follower?

First, keep working with yourselves. It takes a lot of time to actually be different from other SL beautiful avatars. Most shapes are modifiable, this is a good start.
It's really about common sense. What can a SL Model do to be different? To be herself or himself? Skins are very common among SL Models, even male Models. Shaping it makes the difference.

Forget about the 'famous' SL Models or those who like to wear 'top model' tags. They will eventually fade away, if they don't keep updating themselves as well.

Focus on yourself. What can you do to make yourself different from the rest?

Actually, I've been wanting to write about this: there is a sensible difference in SL between High Fashion Models and regular Models.
I can feel this when I watch the catwalks. There is a kind of 'european' look that is very rare in SL. I clearly saw this when I watched Avenue's Modern Gypsy Fashion Show.

All the SL Models were very styled, very tall, thin and 'european like', so to speak.
It was probably the only Fashion Shows I watched in SL that looked like a RL Fashion.
High Fashion, high style, detailed. It looked like a real collection. I have photos of the Show, but I've been paying attention to several Flickr accounts and the snapshots there are more accurate than mine.

As I mentioned several times, the Designers' creativity helps. A lot! Plus a group of impeccable SL Models, all styled the same. It was a sight for sore eyes!

What does this have to do with the 'must dos' for SL Models? In this case, what I saw was a very 'smooth' Fashion Show, which means that there was a lot of work backstage, I'm sure! A very professional team working together: SL Models, Designer, the Model Agency, the text announcer, the music on the runway. Everything was connected.
Everybody on the audience was focused on the Designer's outfits, It was a real collection!

Another 'must do': find the best Model Agencies in SL. It doesn't matter if a SL Model is represented by 10 Agencies, if none is outstanding!

This may take time, training. Another 'must do': patience. It goes along with professionalism: if a SL Model tries to get into as many Model Agencies as possible, what happens when you find yourselves not working , dealing with unprofessional teams?

Eventually, some SL Models are out of work!
How can this be, if you are represented by several SL Model Agencies? Still no work?
Think real! Think quality!

Some SL Models prefer to 'climb up' the fast way of contests. Watch out, because right now, there are so many contests that nobody really cares who won. Not to mention the voting contests!

Again, think real! think quality!
Improve yourselves all the time.
A 'good' look is your own look. Work with that. Rule the trends!

From what I've been, soon every SL Model will be wearing a certain brand of jewelry, because some 'famous' SL Models are wearing it. Make a difference. Don't do it! The same with hair. Mimmi Boa ruled the trends! She did! Every SL Model started to wear the same hair brand - don't do it!

This is the most important 'must do': find your own shape, work on it constantly! Don't follow anyone. Rule the trends! Be impeccable in your own style.

What can you do - as a SL Model - with a freebie shape? Do you know how to make your own shape? Do it!
This is the best thing about SL, you can recreate yourself! Do it!

New York Fashion Week #1

I had the chance to see some of the NYFW Shows with Image Models. Some Shows were more pleasant than others.

I particularly remember one of the Shows, that showcased lingerie.
To model lingerie may be one of the most difficult things, both in RL and in SL. If the Model isn't physically elegant, it all may be ruined: what I mean is that high fashion lingerie is always elegant. If not showcased properly, the Model and the underwear may look 'ordinary' and 'slutty'.

There are so many things to consider: the SL Model must find the best skin ( most of the body is shown), the best shape, the best hair, and - this is a must - the best shoes.

And here, I'm talking about classic lingerie. Let's see some of the raw photos I took.

This is Tonya Coppola

Tonya has what I call 'Mimmi Boa's look'. This skin and shape is very common in SL Models. I honestly don't know why. It's a matter of just observing and many SL Models look like Mimmi (when she was MVW).
In the overall catwalk, Tonya was regular.

Again, since this was a lingerie Fashion Show, poses have to be carefully selected. The next pose twisted the model's body. Not good.

This is Anabela Ravinelli

Anabela is a SL Model that has been on the runways for some time. Personally, I don't like her shape and the skin choice was poor. She did well with posing, though.

Also the hair could be better. Lingerie is really hard to showcase, in an elegant way.

This is Annabelle Fleury

Annabelle was the most professional SL Model on the runway. She is also one of SL Models that has been working for quite some time. I expected more though.

Poses!! Poses!! This pose was not a good choice! The next one ruined the negligé's skirt.

Speaking of poses, this is Tia Ryba.

Quite a pleasant avatar, as we can see.

Change of skins, eye colour.

And then, posing was simply terrible!!
What kind of pose is this?

And this one?

And she did it again! These poses aren't good for lingerie. Hands too far apart from the body, head looks weird.

Tia was the worst SL Model in this Show. It was clear that she was trying so hard to be different, that she messed up. It's almost as if we could feel her thoughts: let's show them new poses, no matter what poses, even if they made the outfit look bad, as long as they were animated and different. Not a SL Model to hire if the Designer and the Model Agency want elegance.

But, now that I think of it, Tia Ryba has her own Model Agency! Oh well! I'll say no0 more.

Opium Models - Metaverse Reloaded Fashion Show

This was a great Fashiom Show! Rather long, actually, but worth the while!

As I have already mentioned here before, when the Designers are extremely creative, this is what the audience gets: more focus on the outfits, skins and less on the SL Models.
Hence, I removed the Models' names.
If you couldn't watch this Show, just take a look. The set was great too.

Now, the SL Models here had the change to really go out of the box with posing. Some of them decided to stay in their 'comfort zone', others really stood out in creating a 'persona' with the outfits and skins they were given.

You'll see that some SL Models are smiling. Anyway, since I don't know if it's my viewer or not, I just mention it the way I saw it.

The 'old' Models and the 'new' ones

I started paying attention to SL Models and the Fashion Industry, quite a while ago.
I do remember the time when Miss Virtual World (2008) was Isabel Brocco and I also remember the big boost when Mimmi Boa was elected MVW 2009.
Mui Mujerki was also considered the Best Female Avatar back then. These three SL Models are still walking the runways.
Besides the beauty pageants, I do remember well when just the name Mimmi Boa would attract people to Fashion Shows.

In SL, these three Models, could be considered 'old', being however consistently good as runway Models.

After MVW 2009, we all watched many SL Models trying to 'look like' Mimmi Boa. Actually, she was one of the avatars we would (at least I did) identify at a distance, not even looking at her name.

However, no one has even tried to 'look like' Mui Mujerki. It's close to impossible! Nor Isabel Brocco, fo that matter.

They are part - and always will be - of the 'rising beauty' empire in SL.

Every time I watch a Fashion Show where I can see Mui Mujerki or Isabel Brocco, these two SL Models are absolutely discrete. No fireworks when they walk on the runway with their usual elegance and poise. I don't hear the audience screaming their names, as they do with Mimmi, even nowadays.

These ladies are part of what I call 'the old school' in SL, regarding Modeling. They obviously learned how to be a SL Model by themselves, because at that time, there weren't SL Model Academies to learn from.

These days, we have the 'new school' of SL Models. The new MVW - Miaa Rebane is going through the same process as Isabel Brocco, in terms of popularity. She may walk on the runway, but I don't hear the audience screaming her name, with the same proportion as people did with Mimmi. People do scream her name, but I saw Miaa walk and she wasn't that good, actually.

Talking about Fashion Industry in SL. I'm really glad to see that Beauty Pageants are now less important to SL Models. Maybe a couple of Models that need attention do apply to Beauty Pageants of any kind.

I still say that the best SL Models are the ones that are discrete, they work the runway with a certain poise that is clearly distictive. It does take time for an avatar in SL to be good at this. It takes time to prepare and work on their shapes, skins, to create their own identity. It's hard in SL, a place that allows us all to recreate ourselves - again, I have mentioned this a lot and keep repeating this: a beautiful avatar doesn't mean a good SL Model; female or male. It does help though, when we have beauty and good poise at the same time.

Every day in SL , a couple of dozens of Models are popping up. New names [ in some cases, the pbk is the same, which means new name, alternative account]; new SL Model Agencies; new SL Model Academies that offer training at low cost.

Looking back, the SL Fashion Industry is now more focused (I'm glad to notice this) in chosing the best SL Model for a certain designer's brand. Not necessarily always the same Model or the most popular. With the increased number of SL Models, quality is now more important than ever.

Not necessarily poularity, but quality - and these two may not go hand in hand. It's becoming easier and easier for some SL Models to be good. I'm afraid I have to say that the best SL Models I've seen out there are names that go back to 2008. They have the experience, the knowledge, the poise and a certain maturity that stands out. For that, there is no need to be popular, but to be good on the runway.

I'll show you next a very good Fashion Show I watched, took my usual rough photos. I'll remove the names of the SL Models again. You may be the judges yourselves.
Again, in this Fashion Show what was really important were the designers, not the SL Models. That's how I watched it. You may see if on the next post.
As usual, I'm around ;0)

BeStar Models - Lhuminal Fashion Show

Taking a look at BeStar Models.

This Fashion Show was quite good. The focus was on the outfits and skins, rather than the SL Models, which unfortunately we see often in SL.

If I remove the names of the SL Models, you'll see what I mean. Each set of photos belongs to the same SL Model.

Set 1
In this set, the SL Model could have been a little more 'out of the box' , in relation to the poses. This Fashion Show was all about urban, underground, grunge style; the theme itself allowed bolder poses; bolder and still stylish.

Set 2
Again, we can see rather 'simple' runway poses. I remind that also the skins were showcased here.

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6
This was the SL Model that stood out, by being the 'less comfortable' on the runway. The next two photos show the exact same pose, just changing the side. She appeared to have much more lag than the others.

No need to mention this horrible armpit pose, next. But I mention it anyway.

Set 7

Set 8

In general, the most positive aspect of this Fashion Show was the focus on the designers, as it should always be.
I'm guessing that by showcasing skins, the SL Model changing his/her usual look, it gets the audience to focus on the outfit itself.

What remains, then? The general Show. All our attention goes to the Show itself, the feeling we got from it, was it active and dynamic? How was the routine? Was it appealing? Will we run to the stores to get those outfits, or at least to take a look?

As a client, I was curious to see some of those skins, although I didn't go shopping after the Show. SL Fashion Industry really needs to get the focus right. The SL designers are the most important, not the SL Models.

Once the Show gets the public attention to the creativity (or lack of it) of the designer, the goal was achieved! Let's not forget that a model is a mannequin - a body that holds thousands of possibilities, creatively speaking. That's why being a pretty doll , as a Model (SL or RL) really doesn't matter. [it matters if the SL Model emphazises beauty pageants].

What really matters - and this is extremely difficult in SL - is to be able to tell immediately who that avatar is, without seeing his/her name above the head. This is extremely rare, in SL. That's why I took the names out, in the beginning.

In general, this show was good; it could have been outstanding if all creativity was used, regarding poses and even the SL Models walk or routine. It just needed a little more dynamics and really go out of the usual 'comfort zone'.

The SL Models were:
Set1 - Dahlia Joubert
Set 2 - Lilly25 Connolly
Set 3- Mimmi Boa
Set 4- Payton Heron
Set 5- Phillip Dollinger
Set 6- Tayra Dagostino
Set 7- Tesan Lane
Set 8- Veronica Krasner