BeStar Models - Lhuminal Fashion Show

Taking a look at BeStar Models.

This Fashion Show was quite good. The focus was on the outfits and skins, rather than the SL Models, which unfortunately we see often in SL.

If I remove the names of the SL Models, you'll see what I mean. Each set of photos belongs to the same SL Model.

Set 1
In this set, the SL Model could have been a little more 'out of the box' , in relation to the poses. This Fashion Show was all about urban, underground, grunge style; the theme itself allowed bolder poses; bolder and still stylish.

Set 2
Again, we can see rather 'simple' runway poses. I remind that also the skins were showcased here.

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6
This was the SL Model that stood out, by being the 'less comfortable' on the runway. The next two photos show the exact same pose, just changing the side. She appeared to have much more lag than the others.

No need to mention this horrible armpit pose, next. But I mention it anyway.

Set 7

Set 8

In general, the most positive aspect of this Fashion Show was the focus on the designers, as it should always be.
I'm guessing that by showcasing skins, the SL Model changing his/her usual look, it gets the audience to focus on the outfit itself.

What remains, then? The general Show. All our attention goes to the Show itself, the feeling we got from it, was it active and dynamic? How was the routine? Was it appealing? Will we run to the stores to get those outfits, or at least to take a look?

As a client, I was curious to see some of those skins, although I didn't go shopping after the Show. SL Fashion Industry really needs to get the focus right. The SL designers are the most important, not the SL Models.

Once the Show gets the public attention to the creativity (or lack of it) of the designer, the goal was achieved! Let's not forget that a model is a mannequin - a body that holds thousands of possibilities, creatively speaking. That's why being a pretty doll , as a Model (SL or RL) really doesn't matter. [it matters if the SL Model emphazises beauty pageants].

What really matters - and this is extremely difficult in SL - is to be able to tell immediately who that avatar is, without seeing his/her name above the head. This is extremely rare, in SL. That's why I took the names out, in the beginning.

In general, this show was good; it could have been outstanding if all creativity was used, regarding poses and even the SL Models walk or routine. It just needed a little more dynamics and really go out of the usual 'comfort zone'.

The SL Models were:
Set1 - Dahlia Joubert
Set 2 - Lilly25 Connolly
Set 3- Mimmi Boa
Set 4- Payton Heron
Set 5- Phillip Dollinger
Set 6- Tayra Dagostino
Set 7- Tesan Lane
Set 8- Veronica Krasner

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