SL Models 'must dos'

Time runs fast, in SL.
Faster than in RL. It's hard to keep up with the latest trends.

Who runs the 'show'?
I mean, what must a SL Model do to be updated? Better even, how can a SL Model be a Model to follow and not a follower?

First, keep working with yourselves. It takes a lot of time to actually be different from other SL beautiful avatars. Most shapes are modifiable, this is a good start.
It's really about common sense. What can a SL Model do to be different? To be herself or himself? Skins are very common among SL Models, even male Models. Shaping it makes the difference.

Forget about the 'famous' SL Models or those who like to wear 'top model' tags. They will eventually fade away, if they don't keep updating themselves as well.

Focus on yourself. What can you do to make yourself different from the rest?

Actually, I've been wanting to write about this: there is a sensible difference in SL between High Fashion Models and regular Models.
I can feel this when I watch the catwalks. There is a kind of 'european' look that is very rare in SL. I clearly saw this when I watched Avenue's Modern Gypsy Fashion Show.

All the SL Models were very styled, very tall, thin and 'european like', so to speak.
It was probably the only Fashion Shows I watched in SL that looked like a RL Fashion.
High Fashion, high style, detailed. It looked like a real collection. I have photos of the Show, but I've been paying attention to several Flickr accounts and the snapshots there are more accurate than mine.

As I mentioned several times, the Designers' creativity helps. A lot! Plus a group of impeccable SL Models, all styled the same. It was a sight for sore eyes!

What does this have to do with the 'must dos' for SL Models? In this case, what I saw was a very 'smooth' Fashion Show, which means that there was a lot of work backstage, I'm sure! A very professional team working together: SL Models, Designer, the Model Agency, the text announcer, the music on the runway. Everything was connected.
Everybody on the audience was focused on the Designer's outfits, It was a real collection!

Another 'must do': find the best Model Agencies in SL. It doesn't matter if a SL Model is represented by 10 Agencies, if none is outstanding!

This may take time, training. Another 'must do': patience. It goes along with professionalism: if a SL Model tries to get into as many Model Agencies as possible, what happens when you find yourselves not working , dealing with unprofessional teams?

Eventually, some SL Models are out of work!
How can this be, if you are represented by several SL Model Agencies? Still no work?
Think real! Think quality!

Some SL Models prefer to 'climb up' the fast way of contests. Watch out, because right now, there are so many contests that nobody really cares who won. Not to mention the voting contests!

Again, think real! think quality!
Improve yourselves all the time.
A 'good' look is your own look. Work with that. Rule the trends!

From what I've been, soon every SL Model will be wearing a certain brand of jewelry, because some 'famous' SL Models are wearing it. Make a difference. Don't do it! The same with hair. Mimmi Boa ruled the trends! She did! Every SL Model started to wear the same hair brand - don't do it!

This is the most important 'must do': find your own shape, work on it constantly! Don't follow anyone. Rule the trends! Be impeccable in your own style.

What can you do - as a SL Model - with a freebie shape? Do you know how to make your own shape? Do it!
This is the best thing about SL, you can recreate yourself! Do it!

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