Opium Models - Metaverse Reloaded Fashion Show

This was a great Fashiom Show! Rather long, actually, but worth the while!

As I have already mentioned here before, when the Designers are extremely creative, this is what the audience gets: more focus on the outfits, skins and less on the SL Models.
Hence, I removed the Models' names.
If you couldn't watch this Show, just take a look. The set was great too.

Now, the SL Models here had the change to really go out of the box with posing. Some of them decided to stay in their 'comfort zone', others really stood out in creating a 'persona' with the outfits and skins they were given.

You'll see that some SL Models are smiling. Anyway, since I don't know if it's my viewer or not, I just mention it the way I saw it.

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