MWC - A Slave For You Fashion Show

Warning: Some of the following photos include partial nudity. Be aware of that when you watch this post.

Here is a Fashion Show by MWC - Models With Curves. The theme: A Slave For You. It's natural you will find partial nudity.

Again, I look mostly at SL Models's poise. The way they chose poses, walks, according to the theme of the Fashion Show. It's more than obvious that some more extreme poses should be used in a Show like this. Let's see if MWC Models really were up to this challenge.

I will not post here some MWC Models' photos, because really, everybody in SL Fashion Industry should raise the bar! So, you'll see only some of the Models in this show.

Melancholia Roux

The reason why I included this SL Model's photo here is the next pose. Why did Melancholia choose a pose that was clearly created to hold something on the right hand - a purse, an umbrella? SL Models must consider this, all the time.

Rosy Moonites

There is something wrong with Rosy's shape. Just take a look at the next photo, taken from the back. Working constantly with the shape is also something a SL Model must do all the time.

blackLiquid Tokyoska
Something that blackLiquid has in her favour is her avatar. It's unique in SL. It's clear that she spends a lot of time working on her shape. She looks excellent, imponent. That makes us look at her and catches our attention - in this particular show it wasn't really difficult , because the other SL Models were really below average.

Looking at her face.

But, (there is always a but) her poses could be better chosen. This SL Model may rely too much on her beautiful avatar and may be 'lazy' when it comes to chose poses. Working in laggy places, like SL Models do, they need to be careful with what they are wearing (ao's, huds, walks, etc), because if they don't do the 'homework' this kind of thing may happen: a great avatar like blackLiquid can end up using this (in)famous 'sexy walk'. I hate to see it on a catwalk.

There were more SL Models in this Fashion Show. I will not publish any word or photo of them, because their performance was really bad. From shaping, to styling, to poses (and I'm taking into consideration lag, of course) that I would be lowering the bar too much.

I hope blackLiquid improves herself as a SL Model. In her profile, she mentions she is (or was) a RL Model. So, she should be much better in performance. But to be a RL Model (if that's true - we will never know) doesn't mean to be SL proficient or efficient. And that's what I talk about here: how do SL Models keep quality that can be somehow 'compared' with RL, with the SL tools they have? I guess this is easy for some and extremely difficult for others.
The question arises again: if some SL Models are really good with the tools they are given, why aren't others, that have the possibility to use the same tools and work on them, personalize them and most of all - master them.

I was paying attention to this particular SL Model - blackLiquid. I'm getting more and more disappointed with her. You'll see why on my next post.

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