Modavia did it again!

Modavia Fashion Week 2011 was a huge event!
Being able to pull up a week of fashion shows, four SL designers a day is outstanding!

I won't be showing you photos, you can see them in Modavia's Flickr page.
Plus, since I am a dedicated anonymous, I didn't have access to the VIP area, and it was hard to take photos from the audience sim.

Done in SL in the same time period as RL New York Fashion Week, this event must have had a great team behind it.

To have a fashion week with one show a day is easier, for sure.

Modavia had amazing sets, simple as a fashion show set usually is, and yet very well set up: the runway, the set colors, the models, the designers' creations, the music.

Again, it was really extraordinaire! To recreate a RL fashion week in SL is quite an accomplishment!

Modavia did it two years in a row. Last year was very good too, this year was even better!

A company that manages to do this in SL - with all SL's restrictions that we're all aware of - is something!

Known as being sharp in my critiques, this time, I have nothing negative to say.
It was done in such a professional way that it really looked like we were in a RL fashion event. In my personal opinion, this is what SL is about, in terms of all that surrounds the fashion industry. It mimics RL as it should be.

No wonder so many SL models want to be represented by Modavia. Quality work is the word any model should aspire to.

Congratulations Modavia for a work well done, well executed, representing with dignity and respect [and I bet lots of hard work and dedication] all SL fashion creators and designers!

I'm preparing a post - coming up next - of a fashion show I photographed. It's going to be a styling and pose exercise to all SL models. Again, I look for quality and I'm very harsh on pedantic and 'know it all' kind of people. As usual, I'll be around ;)

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