Not classic, no style

I have been trying to avoid writing about this particular group of people. I don't know what to call it but they say they train SL models, so it should be like a 'model academy'? Actually, it's a University of Models!!

I hear people complain about paying lots of money and being treated unfairly and by now you must have guessed that I'm talking about Classic With Style.

There is a SL mentality thing going on like forever; at least people talk about a lot about it which is 'making money in SL'. Making money or have an income in SL is as valid as making money in RL. There's nothing wrong about it.

However, the whole purpose of me writing this blog was always about quality. Making things better in terms of SL modeling.

I ended up watching several videos on Youtube from this 'Classic With Style' thing. I still don't know what it is. It's not clear and transparent publicly.

What is this?

The classiest idea I have of women wearing classic night gowns is NOT club music and having them club dancing. I don't know about you but all I feel is this weirdness. I keep thinking of RL fashion shows and this is not even close. Once you watch this video, you all can see how 'famous' all these models are on SL. I personaly haven't heard of any of them.

Fashionwise, I do believe that the closest SL gets to RL, the more quality lies in it, especially since there are RL designers investing in SL, creating in SL.

The big issue seems to be new SL models - or SL models wannabes - pay too much to join this Classic With Style thing.
The rough truth is that people need to invest in themselves to learn. This happens everywhere in RL, from high school to college. Even in RL, we all have to pay for some kind of training we may need. I don't quite understand why people complain about paying.

But, but - and this must be taken into consideration - payment must be fair in relation to what kind of training you're going to get!

The marketing strategy behind Classic With Style is extremely unprofessional, to say the least!
In their blog - they call it Modeling University - they clearly state that you will be famous after graduating as a model. (!!!)

I mean, really? How long has Classic With Style been around and how many of their 'graduates' have been famous models in SL?
This is something nobody can promise or even promote! No company, no model agency, nobody can, because 'being famous' is hard individual work, no matter how good SL models are.

The whole concept of their blog, the videos on Youtube, everything Classic With Style shows is everything but stylish and classic.

When we open their blog, we see their CEOs photos. The quality of the photos is terrible and the avatars take me back to my first year in SL. I mean, are you serious about this?

I don't know about you but I'd love to watch a fashion show produced and executed by Classic With Style, a graduation show maybe? Something that's really related to the work real models do.

For dancing, there are groups in SL that do that, they don't pretend to be models, they're dancers. It's fun , I know, but maybe take the gowns out and do a well produced video of your dancers (not models).

And another thing is professional fashion models aren't 'hot', no matter how beautiful they are or how curvy they may be. Doing the 'hot contest of something' is to lower the models to the quality of a low life dancer, with swimwear, prim hair and old basic skins (some of them oily skins!!!).

We all know that in RL there are more comercial models and high fashion models. Depending always on what the designers are after to showcase their visions and creations.
Again, I don't see high fashion designers in SL connected in any way with Classic With Style.
And no, wearing a gown doesn't make you stylish nor classic. It takes so much more than that.
Style is from head to toe. Starts from hair to the tip of your big toe. It's in the attitude, too.

Remember, not everybody can be a model, just like not everybody can be a doctor or a teacher.

I took the time of going to Classic With Style several places and it's public, so here is their application for eventual 'alumni':

Now Accepting Enrollment Applications
Classes starting soon. If you have a love for great art and a passion for modeling—why not consider a career in modeling.
University of Classic W/ Style have it all for you.

Professionals can choose from a variety of career paths in:
If you desire to pursue a career in modeling, the University of Classic W/ Style can teach you the skills you need to get started.

➤~ Modeling
➤~ Photography
➤~ Blogging

Fee for 3 weeks class: 10,000 linden, to be paid directly to Anrol Anthiny.

Fill in Application below and send in to Anrol Anthony:

Don't miss your opportunity to get UCWS training.
Don’t settle for anything less.
* Hands on
* Taught by professional executive instructors
* A recognized name in the modeling, owner is the guru in fashion.
* Available in several tracks
* Real world experience –in modeling
* Guided by a support system of faculty, networks, and alumni
* Succesful and Established Fashion Business since 2008
Located in 2 Sims
* Weekly Fashion shows.

We hope you will all understand that this is a business - however, it is also our goal to make modeling fun and something you will all enjoy.

Very well. Let's see. I'm usually on top of the latest news regarding modeling in SL and I have never watched a fashion show produced, organized or put together by this group of people. Have you? It's clearly stated in this application:

* Weekly Fashion shows.

How does Classic With Style advertise their fashion shows, because the information is not as public as it should be. I mean every fashion show in SL is advertised in several ways, through some public fashion and modeling related SL groups. How come we don't see any of these weekly fashion shows? Perhaps it's just me. Have you seen any?

Not to mention their blog, website and Youtube channel. I haven't seen any fashion show from this group of people on Youtube (nor inworld , for that matter). Yes, the girls sure dance on video, but a full fashion show?

I'd like to have an invitation from Classic With Style to watch one of your fashion shows. I'll be there, for sure. And of course, I'm guessing all models in SL would like to watch it too. Can we all have an invitation? That'd be nice!

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Unknown said...

What in the world did I just watch?! I've never had the urge to comment on a post, although I have read a few of them from time to time out of curiosity. There have been times that I've agreed and others that I have not but for some reason I'm in the mood to speak up after seeing that video. I, personally, have never had any contact with a member of the CWS group or it's models/employees so I can't speak for how they run their business. I can only speak from the point of the view of an outsider and by what I see. I've taught models for a few years and while I never claimed to be famous, I have always upheld the need for quality education and honor when dealing in business. Anyone that I have taught will all say the same - I have always had a deep appreciation for fashion, the designers - artists - of sl, and those that want to showcase those works of art. Any curriculum I have set up, has always followed a similar structure of a real-world classroom with lesson plans, syllabus, periodic assessments to make sure that the students are retaining the information and understand practical application, as well as preparation for dealing with various situations that come along with modeling in SL along with the usual classes for poses, learning one's individual and unique beauty, self-marketing and networking, etc. Teaching and helping others, in real life or second, has always been my passion. I point this out, not to draw attention to myself but to show the foundation from which I stand when I make the following statements, which are just my opinions.

Again, I can't comment on the validity of their educational system but just from viewing the posing system, the clothing that they wear and how they have styled it along with their professional portfolios(?), I have to say that they are doing an injustice for the amount they are demanding in tuition. The poses were starter pack poses at best and they clearly didn't understand the practical application of them when pairing the with different outfits which should be 101 of modeling. The styling was mediocre at best as well. I hate to even mention the dancing and the use of oiled skin tones. I'm not sure if they are marketing their models as editorial or focusing on a niche urban fashion market, something that is seen quite a bit in that market. The urban fashion scene tends to lean toward "sexy" while editorial is more artistic. If that is the case then so be it although I still feel that they are doing their students a disservice when they charge such high fees. I think that is probably what irks me the most about CWS along with the fact that it resembles more like a pageant than actual modeling. Perhaps the owners and directors have a seriously skewed view of what true "modeling" is all about. The people that pay are probably happy because they are being featured in videos and ads (unsure where those ads are) and satisfy themselves with that kind of exposure. I have never been ignorant of the divide in the markets when it comes to urban vs editorial vs commercial. They have different styles and people view them in different lights, editorial being the "elite" tier. No matter the market, I wish they would stop sacrificing the quality of their educational systems and raise their standards up higher instead of settling. That may not make sense to some, but for those that have been a part of both the urban and editorial fashion scene, you will more than likely understand where I'm coming from.