Another SL Fashion Show - is this really fashion?

One more fashion show I watched.
And recorded in real time.

Even though a SL fashion show is an event - unless it's a big time event - it should be a short event.

I've written repeatedly about the more SL fashion comes closer to RL, the more quality there is in it. In RL, a fashion show takes around 12 to 15 minutes. It's a showcase of clothes.
In SL, we all have accepted naturally that if a fashion show isn't long, it's not good. Not true. Long fashion shows are boring, unless there is a wow factor in it that makes us enjoy the full experience.

In this show, the runway was huge, it was a stairway and models had to stop several times along the stairs. There were long periods of time when the 'stairs' were empty and by the end of the show, more than half the people had already left.

It was really boring.

To start with, this particular fashion show was organized by a SL model that also manages a latino blog - El Diablo Viste Second Life.

In the beginning of the show, the hostess informed us all who the models were going to be - she provided a kind of info of every model in the show; I don't understand why the audience had to know all about the contests the models won or those they participated in. A fashion show is never about models!

In SL, it seems to be frequent creators just provide the outfits for a fashion show for models to shine or just because a SL model agency wants to put up a fashion show. But fashion is not about models; in SL many people get this wrong.

It's never about models, it's about designers and their creations.
Only after giving us a no need 'story' of all the models, did the hostess tell the audience about who the designers were. In this case, I'm guessing that all SL designers provided the outfits for free, just for one person to put a fashion show together and have models shine.

These situations should stop in SL. To take it to another level, SL designers should create their collections, just like RL and then yes, have fashion shows to showcase them. Pay SL Model Agencies to hire their own models and all the expenses that come along show producing.

At the same time, there is Sydney Fashion Week going on in SL. Short shows, exactly how they are supposed to be, showcasing several designers creations that were created (or should be) for this season or the next and showcased during a fashion week. This is as close as we can get to RL fashion. Not long boring shows, produced with free outfits from several SL designers, put together only to have some SL models shine.

In the best case scenario, a fashion show in SL should showcase one designer and be short. SL clothes creators should pay to have their creations showcased and models should be very well paid, as well. In RL, fashion involves an entire economy. Model Agencies hire the best models they can have and models are paid big time!

I'm in favor of SL fashion weeks. Let's keep it real, this is how it works in RL.
I perfectly recall AVENUE Mesh fashion week; short shows showcasing the latest creations done with mesh - a whole new concept for creators in SL. Modavia used to hold their fashion week at the same time as NYC Mercedes- Benz was happening in RL.

Long fashion shows are extremely boring. Like this one I recorded - Goddesses of Olympus. What was the idea behind it? Is this a fashion trend that nobody is aware of? This is the game inside the game. Personally, I'm completely against this. This isn't fashion at all.

Mercedez-Benz NYC Fashion Week 2013 Spring collections is starting on September 6th. Plus the several European Fashion Shows that are scheduled to September as well. Do we have SL designers ready to create an entire collection for 2013 Spring/Summer season? Because by now, if we do it correctly in SL, autumn/winter collections 2012/2013 should already be out there and released!
I guess this is only me dreaming of having the best of the best in SL fashion.

Here is the video of this 'Goddesses' show [I wouldn't call it fashion, because all outfits are already out of date, fashionwise in SL].

Apart form some cut and editting I did, this is a recording in real time. Boring, so boring!

I also wrote my own comments along the video, should you have the patience to watch it fully. And I actually stopped recording before SL models last walk. 50% of the audience had left by then.

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