wow what a show!!

Fashion in Look Agency had a Fashion Show - Paparazzi.

All Second Lifers are used to laggy situations, objects not attaching, outfits not fully rezzed as well as prim hair looking greyish.
This is natural.
With the proper advice and training, all SL Models know what to do to avoid lag, obviously causing not so many damages. Just take a look.

In this Fashion Show, there were very good SL Models and some... weren't.
Just watch:

The best SL Model in this Show, in my opinion:
Not being a very "flashy" SL Model, she is classy, discrete and does her job - shows the outfit in a perfect way. I would hire her if I were a designer.

Three photos of Sabine Blackburn.
Excellent job, elegant, classy and adaptable to every outfit style, skin, hair and the most difficult: chose the right poses for each outfit! 5 Stars!!

Now , take a look at a female avatar that shouldn't be on a runway without the proper training:

Her name is Marienna Cortes.
Same animated poses, from the same brand. Bad shaping. Nothing here enhances the outfit. In this round, Marienna always used the same kind of poses. I refrain from telling the brand, but I'm sure you know what I mean. They are actually good poses, animated, but not using them in a row, constantly. Marienna did, during this Fashion Show.
Why was this lady casted for a runway show?

Now, two SL Models that are known in SL Fashion world.
Please, see for yourselves (laggy places are not an excuse for this!)

SL Model: Wenadrenia Soderstrom
What happened to her hair? Not editted? Eyelashes down, not editted also.
A Fashion Agency should require more from SL Models that already have a "name in the business".

Talking about editting hair:
This is Allenclive Beaumont in the same show. According to some of SL Fashion related organizations, one the Mister Virtual World finalists this year.

What happened to his hair?

Again, I enphasize that my appreciations are not based on these people personalities or character. Only on the SL Fashion Professional Models that are on SL Fashion runways.
I'll keep watching.

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