Most common SL Model mistakes - Runway

This was a Fashion Show I shot on June 7th 2009.

Some of the SL Models made some of the most basic mistakes.
I will show you some photos, but I will not tell what the Models should do to make their work better. I will place the SL Model name, too. See for yourselves.

These SL Models belong to SL Model Agency called Fashion in Look.
SL Model Agencies should be more careful selecting their Models.
These are not personal critiques. I am not saying that these are "good" or "bad" people. I am just watching through a SL Fashion point of view.

SL Model: rene Henly
Mistake: Pose

SL Model: Pat Young
Mistakes: Shaping, Styling, her hair is blonde here, but there is a back hair under it that belongs to the skin.

SL Model: Pat Young
Mistakes: Shaping, editting attachments (necklace)

SL Model: marian Rexen
Mistake: Pose (terrible for a professional SL Model in such an outfit)

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