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Model X and Team Edo Models Fashion Show

I am focusing on the ladies, again, in this Fashion Show. It's very hard to do the right poses for each outfit; the right walk. So, let's see some of the mistakes made by some of the so called "Top Models" or "Supermodels" of Second Life.

This is Alexia Speizer
Pay attention to all details: is this walk the best walk for this gown? Or was she just using the latest "walk" in SL? Not good for this outfit at all! Where is her left hand? Inside the gown!

Just look how she's walking, with her left hand inside the gown.

Same here.

And here. Hands inside the gown.
Alexia has a characteristic on the runway, maybe she is used to do this, SL Model Mimmi Boa does the same: if you watch the Fashion Show it's clearer: they keep moving; the audiece need to see the gown properly. Models must stop. Pose. Let the gown come down. But Alexia doesn't stop, she keeps moving. Hard to see what we were there to see: the designer's outfits.

This is Chamonix Boudreaux.
What kind of walk is this, for a Model? Even in Second Life! Hands completely inside the gown.

Here, she found the perfect pose for this gown! Simple, perfect!

See the walk again? Did anybody train Chamonix not to use this walk on the runway? It really looks terrible!

Oh the "little dresses". They can be so challanging in finding a good pose. Hand inside the skirt.
This is Di Hoorenbeck.
Hard job, finding poses to wear a purse. Here she did well.

Here we go again: the "little dress" poses, not easy to find! Hand inside the skirt , too.
Another "short dress". Di could have used a different walk, for this outfit. Hands are inside the skirt completely.

Again, where are her hands?

This is Kryptonia Paperdoll.
With this kind of gown, maybe Kryptonia could use another walk that is available in Second Life. She should know, she teaches runway classes.

But here, Kryptonia did the best thing: simple pose, hands off the skirt. Clean! Great pose!

This is Mimmi Boa.
Great walk for this gown. Both hands are off the skirt!

What happened here? It's quite simple, actually: Mimmi never stops moving, she doesn't pose, she moves, so it's easy to catch her with her hands completely inside the skirt. We just have to take a snapshot. Mimmi should pose, take her time. Stop and actually show the gown. Not her, the gown!

Again, on the move, no stopping, hands inside her skirt. Maybe it causes a great effect on the gown, as it is "flying", but it's not good for the audience. We don't get to see the gown properly. We see Mimmi. well...

Now, here is a great test: the famous (and infamous for SL Models) "little dresses". Where are her hands again? Inside the skirt.

And she keeps moving, and moving. If she could find some new poses, would be nice.

Never stops and poses. It's rather tiring actually, with lots of people, laggy, we don't get to see the outfits properly. Mimmi never stops. Never actually poses for 10 seconds, or 8 seconds, whatever we need to see the outfit.

It's so easy to have a snapshot like this with Mimmi, she doesn't stop, no turns. Just keeps moving. Here, she ended up with her back to the audience.

This is Natasja Schumann.
In my personal opinion, the best female avatar in this show. She is simply beautiful!

The problem is, what walk is this for this dress? Hands up, lady, hands up!

And she does it again! Hands inside her skirt.

And again!

To finish what I saw ( I have more photos, but I won't go anywhere so, stick around), the best SL Model on the runway during this Fashion Show: this is Linnda Scofield.
She was discrete, she "sold the outfits", not herself. Great work styling, shaping! No doubt the best female SL Model on this show. But you can see her here, making an editting mistake, though: why didn't she edit the sweater on her shoulders?

From the male models present, they all belonged to Team Edo. Again, I'm sorry, but this is Allenclive Beaumont. What happens to his hair everytime I see him on the runway. Just look!

I'll see you soon. I'll be around!

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