SL Models - networking

It's a pity, from my point of view, that some of good SL Models are not working, because they don't "kiss ass" (pardon my french).

Actually, I have heard so many conversations on open chat in SL Shows that make me pugh!

"Oh, you look lovely!"
"Lovely dress, you are so elegant!"
If you are a SL Model and don't do this, if you don't make this kind of compliments, you are so out!!
Try and be discrete, as a SL Model, and nobody will work with you, even if you apply or go to castings and of course, being a great SL Model.

If you don't kiss ass, you're out!

Another situation of networking is Flickr accounts.

Some avatars place their photos there. It seems good to me.

But does that mean that she or he will be a good runway SL Model? It doesn't actually.
It can happen, if they have proper runway training inworld. If not, there we go.
A quick SL Model is born, made from Flickr photos, which we know are editted (some of them by excellent photoshop editors) and show nothing about a Models ability to strut the runway.

To give you an example, I must go to some Flickr accounts. Obviously, these are not my photos. I will place here and now just one SL Models name, in this case; just one, because it's a flagrant case. Again, I remind that I am not judging the person's character. I am basing my point of view on a professional view of SL Fashion world.

Take a look of a great job working a SL avatar in Photoshop:

Photographer: Gabrielle Sinatra

Now, on the SL runway, as a BeStar Model.

SL Model: Agtaope Carter

Mistake: Do I have to tell? This pose ruined the dress and we can't see her face.

I state again that these photos were not taken by me, but can easily be found in Flickr Fashion and SL Model pages.
A professional suggestion to this beautiful female avatar: stick to photo shoots, until you manage some inworld Model training.

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