Fashion in Second Life

It's one of the the most amazing activities I've seen in Second Life - the Fashion World.

First, it moves so much money - and I'm talking real money here.
Then, you have tons of female avatars fighting for a spotlight, so many of them look like noobs on those runways and still they wear a "Model Tag"; others a "Top Model Tag" and from what I've seen, they don't even know that there are specific poses and walking animations in SL for runway Models.

Anyway, my first critique goes to Model Contests, in Second Life - Miss Virtual World, for example. It's a Contest organized by the owner of 4 private sims that decided he is the "King of the SL Fashion". In those 4 sims, there is a huge Auditorium, supposed to host many Fashion activities, with less lag.

That's not true. The simple fact that the Auditorium takes the resources of 4 sims doesn't make it less laggy. There is also another problem: for those of you who have been in SL for a while, we all know that crossing sims is always a "little" hard. So, what to say of an "auditorium" that was built covering 4 sims? You can imagine, right? Crossing sims can be hard, doesn't reduce lag and it's terrible actually. Besides the fact that the so called "auditorium" was built with a terrible taste!!

It's just big. That's all. Nothing elegant or stylish about it.

So, I'm wondering, who has the "power" regarding Fashion in SL?
Sim owners mostly.
Not everybody may actually spend $250x4 - $1000 American Dollars (real money) every month to have 4 private sims.
That doesn't give any power to anybody, not even in SL!

I do not attribute any kind of "power" to this particular sim owner, regarding SL Fashion.
Neeedless to say that Miss Virtual World Contest is as good or as bad as any other SL Model Contest. Not really that important. Guess what?

Fom what I've seen, many SL Models work hard and have never been in Miss Virtual Contest! And they are good! Some of them excellent!

Don't think I'm modelling, cause I'm not. But I do have a "catchy" eye!
Expect more, coming from Fifth Avenue. I will be shooting some shows, you'll see for yourselves what a good SL Model is and some that aren't and shouldn't be Modelling in SL. Just need a photoshoot. You'll see.

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