Kabuki Naughty and Nice Fashion Show

This was a well produced Fashion Show. The set was beautiful. This photo I took doesn't really show the beautiful set. It can give you an idea, if you missed it.

I took lots of snapshots, but for this show, I'll just show you a SL Model that really was fierce and outstanding. I don't think I have seen her before. She caught my attention from the beginning. She may be a SL Model to follow up and see what happens to her.

Let's see her.

blackLiquid Tokyoska

With an amazing image and unique style, blackLiquid really caught people's attention in this Show, even though there were other SL Models that have more 'popularity' in SL. Again, I really hope she keeps progressing as a SL Model with a humble attitude.

I caught her with a not do good pose , next. The hood covered her face.

In general, this was a great Fashion Show to watch, very well produced and an outstanding SL Model. She has my attention ;)

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Fifth Avenue said...

Su, whatever you have to say about this SL Model I photographed here, please refrain to use any access to other websites and drama situations.