There is a Winter Fashion Week going on in SL

I managed to take a look at Eccentric Fashion Show.
These Shows are relatively simple, one SL Designer each day. Here are the SL Models in this Show.

This is Elyana Carver
Elyana showed some issues with her poses. What I mean is that there are so many pose makers in SL that there is no reason for a SL Model to keep making mistakes like armpit poses (out of a 'dramatic' production Fashion Show) or the usual hands inside primmed skirts. Poses need to be practiced, like shaping and chosing a good skin.

I caught Elyana with a smile, on the runway. It can be lag, or not.

This is Koffie Juniper

Besides the ruthed shape, which is a very common SL issue with lag (I know that) , I just want to show you Koffie's poses. And I will say no more ... just watch.

When Koffie changed outfit, think as if you were a SL Designer. Do these poses inspire you to buy this outfit?

Let's take a look at Lileaka Magic

Among the other SL Models , she did relatively well. In such a simple show, I'm sure there were mode poses to choose.

This is QueenBrat Bracket

The same SL issue, ruthed avatar. Again, looking only at the poses. QueenBrat had severe problems standing. Even with lag ( and it was laggy) we can tell that homework wasn't done, here.

This is Sazzy Oh
Sazzy chose the same pose, over and over again, with several outfits.

And finally, when she changed to a different pose, she chose a back pose, covering her face completely.

As I mentioned before, this was a simple Fashion Show, with some basic mistakes, related to poise and poses. Lileaka Magic was the SL Model that was ok, but still not outstanding.


Nave Fall said...

Winter Fashion Week (WFW) has a story behind it that you are unaware of. It's a miracle that the event happened at all under the circimstances.........

With 4 days to go Amanda Hinchcliffe, TOMA"s CEO and the show's director, had gone missing. No way to contact her and NO contact from her.

The catch was that the WFW had been initiated, 22 designers shows had been triggered. Work was taking place, outfits collected, sponsors solicited, models recruited, sets built, scripts written - all the work that goes into producing a 9 day, 22 show event was underway and NO Amanda to be found. No word, no contact, no tiers being paid...

What to do? What to do? What to do ?????

So some people stepped up to the plate. Tiers were paid, designers re-contacted, a group was formed, sponsors were soothed, models were re-assured, a press release sent and a poster distributed and the show went on and on and on and on.........

It wasn't TOMA's show anymore it was the Chloerose Constantine and Katherine Comet show now. Amanda was off the radar and lost in the ether.

The end result is this. ALL 22 shows went off, some spectacularly well, others a bit laggy but they came off. The Primary sponsors: Tunkinowaguma Hair< CCD/Caithlin Carter Designs (Jewelry and Amaranthim Talon's - Talon Faire (eyelashes) did some business and the models were ecstatic with their products.

The after party at Locked and Cali's was great too.

So there you have the back story of WFW.

I'm just

Nave Fall

Fifth Avenue said...

Tks for your comment Nave.
It's clearer to SL Models what happened during the Winter Fashion Show, even though I'm a SL Model Critique.
It's really good to know that everybody is making efforts to improve Fashion in SL.

You mentioned a Model Agency in SL? That's what I meant, so many times, when I wrote my posts about having so few really good SL Model Agencies in SL.

By good, I mean, efficient, reliable, Agencies that can be trusted by SL Models.

I know this is SL we are talking about, but I always end up thinking RL Fashion. Every RL Model knows how hard it is to be casted by a good Model Agency! It's hard, competitive, tiring and stressful, exhausting!
Reason why I keep writing about looking for a good Model Agency, even if this is SL. A Model Agency represents each Model with the same level of opportunity. Some Agencies in SL may just disappear, which is not, in my opinion, honest of them. In RL, they can go bankrupt, sure. But the person in charge, cannot hide anymore and would be completely out of business.

This was an important point you mentioned.