Evane Models

I really don't know what to say about Evane.
I watched several shows with Evane and this time, I do want to show you some photos.

The lag was huge, obviously not Evane's fault. Lag in SL is one of the conditions SL models have to work with. The sim crashed.

It was a tough job for Mimmi Boa; she was the text announcer and also directing the models. With lots of lag, communication is hard, so there were many dead moments, which is understandable. Moments where Mimmi shouted out her directions to models on open chat, it was very laggy, it's easy to type the wrong code on chat. Being the owner of Evane, Mimmi could have someone announcing the designs and another person directing the show. She doesn't need to do all that herself.

I'm not going to show you all models that walked on the runway; I'll just focus on some of them. Plus, with that ammount of lag and model crashes, it was frequent to see the avatars not fully rezzed and ruthed. So, we'll just take a look at some of the models.

Evane has models and top models, it's in their tag. I have no idea what is the reason to have two tags for models. In this show, it was very clear that some models did better than some 'top models'. Let's see some of the models that walked.

Katherine Comet

Katherine is what I call a 'safe' model. She delievers. I mean, she can walk, pose and be average. I, personally, don't like her avatar. I don't think that she's fashionable, it kind of saddens me that so many models in SL have the exact same face as Katherine. Same skin, same make up. She is not a distinctive avatar. In this show she was just another model. She posed well - 101 posing - no particular mistakes.

Katherine tends to over style. See her nails in this photo? With her hand close to her face - with a very nice pose - her nails go right through her face. This kind of nails would do great with an avant garde style. Not here.

Next pose is just so '101', so 'new model'.

Nala Kurka
I'll only post this photo of Nala. In this set, she walked with heel sounds on. If the shoes provided don't have a hud to turn the heel sound off, she could have taken the script of the shoes. These little details make all the difference - a professional model would have taken care of that.

13 Cortes
13 was one of the best models in this show. If not the best. Her way of walking and posing is very professional. Besides that, her avatar is very high fashion.

13 walked with Jen Tafler - in the yellow dress - you can see the difference between the two avatars. 13 looks regal, Jen is regular.

Naiya Kazyanenko

Naiya did well.

In the next set, Naiya's poses were very good for the outfit. They seem the same pose, but it's two different poses.

Ida Boomhauer
What a strange experience, watching Ida walk. The next pose is regular.

The next pose, it's simply terrible! Terrible!

Next model's poses are a great example for new SL models to know what NOT TO do , ever!!

mariella Spiteller
mariella was one of the models that had the 'top' tag. Really? Does a top model pose like this?
A NOT TO DO pose: one foot off the ground.

and she did it again!

Another NOT TO DO pose: show you armpits like this.

And NOT like this either!

In the next set, mariella walked with her heels sound on too. What skills does a model have to have to be Evane 'Top Model', like mariella? Pose terribly and do everything a professional SL model isn't supposed to do?

What more can I say? There were more models in this show whose photos I don't post here. Honestly? Few Evane models considered the style they were wearing, when they posed. Some of these models are what we call 'popular' or 'known'. But nothing more than that.

It's really time to raise the bar. More quality, more professionalism in fashion shows. This show wasn't good. I'm not referring to SL situations that can't be avoided. For starters, the owner of the Model Agency shouldn't be doing anything. Not even if the clients ask for her. I'm talking about Mimmi Boa.

Once you are the owner, organize, help produce, be at the practices and make sure that models are doing the right thing. Monitorize. Owning a Model Agency is not an easy task. Ultimately, Mimmi Boa's role, as owner, would be to make sure the client got the best models, monitorize them, make sure they don't make mistakes on the runway.

Ultimately, review the models tags. Top Model tag helps to create unfairness inside the Agency itself; models that know how to walk and pose, asking themselves, 'why does that model have a top model tag, when I do it better'? Lots of situations may occur, once the model agency owner gives different tags to her models. But, oh well, this is just me thinking aloud.


mimmi boa said...

Dear F.C

As a objective and fair person i have to say i agree with you in some points but let me also explane what really happened.

RL took me away few hours before the show my director and i replaced her with Payton who kindly agree to help me.

Lag was massive and stucked my mic and the VPC so the show was not fluid because was impossible to manage the communications in real time and this, as you wrote, was not our fault.

The biggest problem was with the attachments in the second part of the show, we couldn't follow the program but we had to follow the rezzed models and as you can imagine i had to cut, copy and paiste from the original script in some seconds; Was not easy at all trust me.

Models were selected by designers
and i was happy about the choice mixing up fresh models with older ones.
I will surely plan from now a full reharsal to see the selected poses, it is better to plan it before to avoid inconvenients and wrong poses.

I have to agree with you because of the tags and Darkevilone ( Evane CEO) was planned just 2 weeks ago to delete one tag keeping just one.

I try to do my best with Evane despite i have few time free from my "main life" .
Probably we are not perfect but we will do our best to improve day after day.
As you could understand some shows comes out perfect...some not
but we try to do our best.
We all learn from mistakes and from costructive critics.

Whishing you all the best

Mimmi Boa

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for your comment Mimmi!

Really, you don't have to explain the part of the show before the sim crashed. Those of us who are used to watching fashion shows, we know lag and crashing is natural.

To be honest, as a mere observer, I could tell you were overwhelmed with work. It was completely natural to mix the codes of the mic and the communicator you used. You dealt with that in a very elegant way.

We all can tell there's a lot of work to be done before and during a fashion show. It was clear you had to do most of the work - announce, direct the models plus lag. It's just natural, as I said in my review, things can go out of your hands.

I really do appreciate your comment. You were fair and objective. Most of all, you are human. I bet there's much on your shoulders.

The model's poses that's what I pay more attention to. Some models did better than others. That's natural too.

Owning a model agency it's tough! But once you hire professional models, I'm sure you don't need to tell them to take off their shoe heel sound, or how to pose. They are supposed to be professional, not amateurs.

That has always been my point. There are lots of models in SL, but not all are professional enough to be on the runway and honor the Model Agency they work for or honor themselves, taking care of their good professional reputation.

I honestly wish you all the best in your future ventures!
And you're so right! We're all learning. All the time.

Unknown said...

"monitorize" is not a word in the English language....perhaps you meant monitor.

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for your comment Lulu.
Since this is a blog related to SL modeling, your point is?