Avenue Models - the best Fashion Show I've seen in 2010

Avenue produces the best shows I've seen in SL. Through this year, this show in particular was the best of 2010, for sure!

It was not only a fashion show, it was a gorgeous set, the ambiance created by the music, the designer, the styling. Everything was outstanding.

This time, I recorded in video. My first machinima movie. You'll see some of my editting flaws, this is the first time I made a movie, ever. Just for you to have a general idea of the environment itself, the models's presence.

It was different from anything I ever saw in SL Fashion. And that, itself, is fashion.
The music was composed by me, trying to convey the general feeling of the show and the history line behind it.

I disabled comments on youtube.
Please, click to see the video on youtube. Comments may be added here, under approval, as usual.

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yula Finesmith said...

hi, i very much wanna see it but cant id love to get the url for youtube

yula Finesmith