Opium Agency - Labirinth Show

Opium Agency put up a Fashion Show that had a kind of a 'story' behind it.

It was called Labyrinth and we actually had to go through a maze to get to the runway. Inspired by the movie with the same name - 'Labyrinth', with David Bowie - this show was a huge disappointment. I watched that movie several times, some years ago. I know the storyline, I know the characters and the show had nothing to do with the movie, except for that maze we had to go through, when we got to the TP point.

Not that the models performed that poorly, but more because of the show production.

The set was composed of three runways. The models all had to walk simply to the front, with two stops: one outside the backstage curtains and another one at the front of the runway.
The walks were double or triple. So far, so good. Simple walks.

The only problem, in my opinion, was that the show was boring. There were several periods of time when there was nobody on the runway.

Yes, I'm aware that with lag, models need time to change outfits, they may crash, etc. In that case, why not keeping models on the runway longer? The walks were simple, they only needed to pose more.

If production was good, if communication among all participants was good, until the next models were ready, the models on the runway should stay there. I guess this is a way to have the runway always more 'alive'.
Another thing to consider: there were double and triple walks. If the models on the runway stayed longer, that'd fit two purposes: allow them to rezz completely, so that we - the audience - could have a good look at all outfits and allow the models backstage to rezz too.

Let's see some of Opium Models, in random order. In this show, I saw some new models for the first time, on the runway. I'll comment on some things that I consider worth taking a good look at.

Federica Galtier

Frederick Lencaster
It's good to see some new male models on the fashion scene.

Gamp Lane
Gamp used lots of poses floating or rotating in the air.

Fuzz Lenie

Taking a closer look at the following pose Fuzz Lenie used, it's clearly a pose when the model holds something in her hands, like a cane or an umbrella. Something that touches the ground. Not a good choice of pose, because her hands are empty (it could be my viewer, but I saw nothing there) and besides being empty, her hands are closed.

Veronica Krasner

Veracity Afterthought
Veracity is a new model; at least I had never seen her before. Besides the very common face shape, she did quite good on the runway - which makes me think she is an alt of a former model. This is perfectly okay. I'm not criticizing negatively. Just mentioning it, because people notice these things.

Melancholia Roux

Melancholia posed poorly in the next pose. Terrible pose for such an amazing gown.

Locked Semaphore

River Stromfield
River blew me away, in this show. He is another model that I had never heard of or seen before. The thing is that his face is unique, his choice of skin, hair, eyes. If he sticks to his own style, he will be unique, among so many similar male models.

As I mentioned before, this show was somewhat boring, lots of moments with an empty runway . Opium Agency, I believe, could have done better.
There were also poses when models were floating, or doing different poses than usual. This would have been great, if this hadn't been done before by another model Agency in SL.

The thing about fashion is that it's all about innovation. Not following others, but leading the way.
I hope Opium innovates more.


Veracity said...

An Opinion is merely that, ones personal view,and the comment you left regarding my avatar if that is the way you see my avatar that's fine it's your opinion "Veracity Afterthought
'Veracity is a new model; at least I had never seen her before. Besides the very common face shape'
but, I would like to tell you the face shot you used Isn't even a photo of my avatar.However I do think the model in that picture is a pretty model.So please get your models straight before trying your hand at discrediting people.
Thank you,
Veracity Afterthought

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for your comment Veracity.

What makes you believe that I 'try my hand to discredit people'? What do you mean? My blog is here for those who want to read it, it's my opinion. How can an opinion discredit someone? People are free to read it or not.

That may not be your avatar, I can give you that - as you know, this show happened quite a while ago, it's perfectly possible I switched names. But, as you so clearly say, an opinion is just an opinion. There is no way my simple opinion may discredit someone.

I do not find the avatar's face you mentioned beautiful. It's absolutely common. Professional SL Models faces and bodies are supposed to be outstanding. This is my opinion for what it's worth.

I also appreciate that, when I make a mistake like this one, switching model's names, everyone is free to comment and clear the mistake. That's fine. I'll correct it, for sure.

Keep up the good work, I'll keep doing mine.