Androgyny - a man or a woman?

Both I'd say.

I came across a SL® Magazine called AndroGenius. Can't explain, really, how I felt, when I read it. In the 1st issue of the Magazine the whole concept of androgyny is well explained and yet, as the 2nd issue came out, it was hard to read it, with Frolic Mills in the cover without any 'androgynous' sense into it.

I must say that it's not easy to portray such a concept. It starts with the image itself - it's a style, a conceptual way of life. An androgynous person styles himself or herself, easily. It's part of their personality, reflected in the way they dress, in the way they do their hair, skin, make up, everything, basically.

It's very hard for me to see in SL®, people trying to be androgynous, especially in the fashion and model industry. It's not about trying; wether you are or you aren't androgynous.

Taking a look at RL androgynous models, you'll understand what I mean.

Now, take a look at one issue of AndroGenius Magazine.

I do understand the idea, but it's not exactly what andogyny is. I was expecting a highly editorial magazine, not a male model wearing women's clothes - as shown in the articles inside the magazine.

That's not androgyny at all.
A man wearing long hair in not androgynous and a woman wearing short hair, a hat and a tie is not androgynous either. It's way past that!
Androgyny is a way of life, natural, easy.

In most asian countries, being androgynous comes naturally. In that sense, they are way ahead of western countries.

To have a SL® magazine entirely dedicated to androgyny is quite a bold and daring project. It requires the best quality in terms of image, layout of the magazine itself and the written articles.

I applaude the idea, but cannot applaude the result so far. Hopefully, with time, this magazine makes a statement in SL® fashion.

Unfortunately, most people don't fully understand the concept of androgyny; they don't understand that it's not about being a transgender nor a drag queen. There is a conceptual quality to it; it's stylish and very fashionable. As we all know, not many people in SL®'s fashion industry have the skills to fully understand it; I do think androgyny reaches the realm of the ultimate creativity and art , body and mindwise.

NOTE: RL models in the photos above:

Photo 1: Omayara Mota
Photo2: Brittani Kline
Photo 3: Andrej Pejic
Photo 4: Martin Core


TymonAlexanderStyle said...

Hello ,
i m tymonalexander owner and editor of the magazine you are talking about just up there .
i thanks you a lot for the interest you get in my work , i really like your critics which are right and i m totally agree with .
the magazine is my own personnel work i do very thing my self if you can look profile of who make it you will see i just hit 6 months old just this week .
as no one was born teacher . im learning and trying to make the magazine progress day after day .
and also the right direction to focus the magazine in
i agree , and don't with you in some points .

i know that androgyny is not only by wearing make ups and heels but my first goal was to push people to don"t be afraid to get extreme if needed , or what ever just be they selfs without hiding they selfs or feel shame cause they feel different.

i hope get your future critiques they are always welcome

thank you

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for your comment Tymon.

I do think that the concept of your magazine is very bold and daring. It's a lot of work for just one person to do, it's true.

As I say in my post, I really applaud the idea. Pushing people to think ahead is the very essence of fashion as I see it - a form of art.

We are all learning. I'd really like to call people's attention to your magazine, because I do think it has potential to be very editorial. Don't give up, and keep up the good work.

If I may give some advice, try to find the androgynous models in SL, there are some and they are very good. Not Frolic Mills [laughs].

Once you find the androgynous models, make them the cover of your magazine. The magazine doesn't have to be long, just a few pages with a good layout and quality photos.

These would be my advices. As I said, keep working and think quality instead of quantity. This way, your magazine will grow.

slfashionobserver said...

I completely disagree: I took the time to see the cover and I loved what he did with himself for the androgenious cover.

I must admit though, that when I first read this, I was 100% with you, that Frolic Mills should not be on the cover of a magazine like this, but I think he did a wonderful job!

He actually looks a bit like the second picture you posted here.

I guess each of us has different viewpoints.

He also got some wonderful reviews from people in the know in his flickr page:

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for your comment Fashion Observer.

Indeed, we have differents points of view.
But that's what really important. We all have our opinions. Sharing them with politeness is my ultimate goal, here at my blog.

I like to push a little, when I write my reviews; sometimes ironic, other times sarcastic, these are my ways to push people a bit forward.

The concept of androgyny is a way of life for many people; hard to portray for those who aren't really androgynous.

Frolic Mills may eventually try to 'look' androgynous, but that's not the idea.

Androgyny is a very high end fashion statement, as well. High fashion. This can be seen on a day to day reality; androgynous people live that every day. In SL, people can 'be' androgenous one day and the next day, simply change.

That's not my idea of androgyny. Wether you are or you aren't. It's an inner state, a mental and emotional state, that became extremely fashionable lately.

SL models may prepare an androgynous style for a fashion show, for instance. But those who really are androgynous, will simply do what we all do: wake up in the morning and put up some clothes, naturally. It comes as natural as their own nature.

Some RL models incorporate that in their lives, because they reach a moment in their lives when they realize that they are actually androgynous. It's a personal choice for many and for some others it's just 'fashionable', but not their true nature.

I'd like to say that chosing Frolic Mills to the cover of the magazine was not a good idea; there are actually several models in SL that are androgynous in their essence.

They would be a true cover story for a magazine that is growing and I really hope will make a difference.

TymonAlexanderStyle said...


so here we go again . i really try be polite us possible , but i think it's not your buisness who i put in cover , us i say just on my first response , this is NOT commercial magazine this my personnel book i express my self in ,
than way that slfashionobserver say frolic did wrong choose be in magazine like this , my answer is why not ? that just not respectfull for him and for me and frolic is not a kid need show him what to do or not his free and smart enough to take his decisions and know what's good or not for him . his great person and know what fashion is about that you like it or not that s your right .
that may surprise you but im glad with my work even as bad as is it cause it s made 100 by my self

i don't hire any one i have so much fun doing it . and i m in progress everytime . my book even has not that wow layoute , it a true mag where talk about interesseting things , sharing nice informations , it has soul , not like oders who are full of advertissings to make money that s not my goal and i don't critique anyone just to explain my way to see things too .

about androgyny as fifth avenue say every one has his own point of view and i just show mine which is global . and if you say that guys who wear heels and make ups are not so andrej may not be one .

to resume some are androgyne by nature , and some are by soul , or some adopte the style so all depend

you have your way to explain androgyny which is not 100 % right and not % wrong and i have mine as well , which make it very interresting and that what attract me to it cause there is lot of angles can show but can't do all in one time .

by the way here the new april issue let see what you have to say . i was happy to have critiques from fifthavenue and you can see i work on advices and keeping going .

anyways here my new issue always welcome to critique .

peace &love tymonalexander

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for your opinion Tymon.

I have said enough. When it comes to opinions, people may think what they like and this is what my blog is all about. Giving opinions.

I wish you the best in your new ventures.

Rouge said...

The only thing I would add is be really careful with the symbol you are using on the cover. It looks very close to the one Prince used to use before he changed his name back and he has been incredibly protective of anything that seems to infringe on his work.

Fifth Avenue said...

Appreciated for the warning Rouge.

I'll wait patiently for Prince to contact me, asking to change the image I use as cover.