L'Homme Magazine - The authority in SL's men's fashion (?!?!)

'The Authority in SL's Men's Fashion'

 This is the subtitle of L'Homme Magazine for June 2013.
Let me write it again:  'The Authority in SL's Men's Fashion' (?????)

Whose authority, may I ask?

Zachary something [I forgot his last name] 's authority?
Are we talking about SL fashion regarding a boy in his twenties who pulled together a magazine he thinks it's focused on male fashion?

I'm not even going to have link to the magazine; for sure you'll find it and take a look at it if you haven't already.

Good news is that Zachary  states in the first page of the magazine he's going to step down as Editor-in-Chief.  Last thing the fashion community in SL needs is a kid to run a fashion magazine in SL.

In graphic terms, imagery is regular; this Zachary person is well connected. He got some 'famous' SL photographers to pull the magazine together; again, I'm not going to say some names, because these 'famous' SL photographers are extremely popular, yet that doesn't mean they are very good in fashion photography. They can be good at PS, sure!

These photographers have created quite a reputation in their Flickr accounts; liking their photos or not is a personal opinion. Maybe one is worth mentioning - Marcopol Oh who is actually  a visionnaire and more artistic in creating his imagery.

There is a section in the magazine that is quite childish, fashionwise,  called Paparazzi. The paparazzi 'victims' are a couple of models in SL , that, again, may be considered popular; however, this particular section, the way I see it, has nothing to do with fashion. It's a SL couple with their SL child.  The outfits' description is there, indeed; here, the photo quality decreases greatly.

There is also a spread called Road Trip. The photos were taken by a SL male model that has achieved quite a good professional reputation in male fashion and is, in RL,  a woman - Hikaru Enimo.  Personally, I have no problems with that.  In the first pages of the magazine, the SL photographer Petra Messioptra [who we all think is a woman in RL, but we can't tell] poses with her male avatar. 

And finally, I'd like to mention Marcopol's vision on a fashion spread that is really editorial; photos taken with a white or black  background, focused on the model and his style.  Here is what we could easily see in a RL fashion magazine -  the concept of an editorial spread.

Basically, this edition of L'Homme magazine is this person's goodbye - Zachary, I mean. Being focused greatly on SL fashion for years,  having attended myself many fashion shows, having read several SL fashion magazines, I don't even  know who this Zachary character is.

He may have been Mister Virtual something. I'm done even considering pageants as part of the fashion scene in SL.  If he was, that explains me not knowing who Zachary is. 
Indeed I mentioned his age - he is around his twenties, that I was told - just like most of you I'm well connected among the fashion/modeling world in SL and people talk. Nevertheles, I have never met or seen any fashion show with this male Zachary ' model'.

It's a very good decision of his to just go away.  Being so young, it's unlikely he has the personal and professional maturity to do a good job and there would be a good chance that he could get the 'Editorial Clarity' disease (another one that is in his twenties) - 'I'm a nobody in RL; but hey, people know my SL name'. Laughable, of course!

To read L'Homme magazine this month,  is like going through Flickr. Some photos are average - considering that more and more SL fashion photographers are raising the bar - always taking into consideration that I'm talking about fashion and fashion magazines, not talking about PS effects. 

Farewell, Zachary!  Take your time to mature and eventually be good at what you want to do. 

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