Agency Report

A friend of mine warned me that someone was using the name of my blog in the Agency Report website, making believe it's me.

Unfortunately it was true. It is not me!

I left a comment there. In fact, I left in general maybe 2 comments.
There are quite a few, written with the name of this blog, which is not my blogger ID.

From now on, I'm opening moderated comments here.

I do not have any personal interest in offending any SL Model. I observe.
I realized that there are some "mistakes" I have pointed out that are due to SL issues, lag, glitches, etc.

However, I will continue to observe. Many issues, concerning professional attitudes of SL Models, come to my attention. Most of those I don't mention here. Others that I consider extreme, I do.

My bloggerID is Fifth Avenue, which I chose you all know why - one the most famous Fashion Avenues in the world, in Manhattan, New York.

Please, disregard any comment in AR coming supposedly from me.
Actually, if we think about it, a blog like this is not a SL Model Agency, so it shouldn't even be in AR.

I will accept and post polite comments; delete all rude or dramatic situations.
I don't have any intention, as I mentioned so many times here, of being a character critique. I may make a comment about professional attitudes that I know of. And believe me, I know a lot of situations that would increase the dramatic situations some of the Models (unfortunatelly in RL too) in SL love to display.

Every SL Model, experienced or not, should go to as many Fashion Shows as possible and see, behind frindship or loyalty, would I hire that particular SL Model if I were a Model Agency CEO? That is the question I ask all the time, when I watch a SL Fashion Show.

Let's talk about it. Moderated comments are possible from now on. Be polite.
Again, I remind that only here I make my coments of what I see and my opinion about SL Fashion Industry. Not anywhere else.

I'll be around, as always ;)

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blackLiquid said...

Wonderful Idea inviting polite comments, thankyou x