KABUKI Models Fashion Show

Back to SL, after some weeks off, I took a look at KABUKI Models. The Show's Designer had very elegant and stylish outfits to "sell", as you will see, not many models were absolutely flawless. Again, let's take a look at their modeling techniques and this time, the way these SL Models styled themselves.

I remind that working in very laggy environments, SL Models must have some basic techniques to overcome it. One of them is their net connections. I understand that not all of us do have a good net connection, but in such a case, people shouldn't be modeling at all, unfortunately.

In this Show, I saw some mistakes that are pretty basic and do not have to do with lag at all.
Let's take a look at KABUKI Models. The photos you are about to see do not follow the walk order on the Show.

This is Arisia Ashmoot

Nicely styled, Arisia made here a very basic mistake: the pose. With the long skirt she's wearing, why choose a pose with crossed legs. It distorts the outfit completely.

Another mistake, here. The shoes - in this case sandals - Arisia chose to wear with this long dress. Not well chosen.

Fashion , both in RL and SL, is all about details. Take a closer look at her sandals.

This is ChloeRose Constantine.

Having been on SL runways for quite some time now, ChoeRose needs to be more physically styled as an avatar. I don't like her face.
She made some mistakes. One of them is so basic that I can't believe that any SL Model still does it: she used the "sexy walk" on the runway! You all know what I mean! Just take a look. She used it through the whole Show!! Not good for a Professional SL Model.

The same "sexy walk"again!

Finally, a huge basic mistake. ChloeRose walked the runway in one of her sets wearing a different tag. This is NOT supposed to happen with a professional SL Model.

This is Devlin Muircastle.
I dare to say that Devlin was the worst SL Model, because of the ammout of basic mistakes she made. First, yes, lag was affecting her, or she doesn't know what to do between poses. Here she is, just like a newbie ON THE RUNWAY!
And again! Something happened to her shape or was it my viewer? Maybe.

It could be lag affecting her, because - look closely at her shoes! There is the ankle part missing.

This was Devlin's pose for the Show Finale!!! Does it look good? NO! She is standing on the tip of hertoes. This is NOT a runway pose, AT ALL!

It's clearer here.

Moving on to Katherine Comet

Katherine's choice of poses can be questioned. This pose is very good for this kind of Show and outfit.

But then, what pose is this for such an elegant show and outstanding outfit? Take a look!
Katherine used this pose more than once. Terrible for this kind of Show!

This is Keira Tyles
Keira was the best SL Model in this Show. She did excellent: style, poses. Her face looks amazing!
How elegant can a simple pose be! Keira did very good!

This is LolaLove Lecker

LolaLove was below average, mainly because of a "tiny" detail: her shoes. Absolutely newbie shoes for a runway SL Model. Not good.

She managed to look like a newbie too. Lag? Maybe, yes.

This is Marienna Cortes

Marienna walked with this amazing ensemble. Bad choice of shoes, though. This sandals weren't a good choice.

Take a closer look.

Finally, let's take a look at Ida Boomhauer

In the beginning of the Show, Ida seemed to have lag issues; she got better though. Here is a very good pose for this outfit. Very well styled, too.

The following pose, is not so good for the outfit. The arched back hides the dress collar details. Could be better, with another pose.

Here is Ida at the beginning of the Show, not being able to pose.

And again.
It was an average Fashion Show, in general. Could have been much better.

Now, as I promised, let's take a look at these SL Models' profiles.
A SL Model's Profile is everything for a good Agency. They will check the model's profile, picks carefully. It was with amazement that I checked that a few of this SL Models have their SL Model training . None of them has the training as picks, and some even mention that "Resume is ready by request", which is a very arrogant thing to write in a Model's profile.
In RL, if a Model wants to work, she has to deliever her Portfolio Book herself! How is that so different in SL? A SL Model has her own Resume and it's "available" by request?
Outrageous!!! I, myself, wouldn't hire that Model.
Take a look at some of these ladies profiles. You may check them online, I chose the most important things I would like to check if I was to hire a SL Model.

This is Arisia's profile.
Her picks, in this case. In her Model Resume, she mentions her training.
ChloeRose's profile
Not a SL Professional Model profile, just by looking at the front page. You can see the groups, but there is no reference to any Model training, not even on her picks.

This is Devlin's profile.
She informs that is going to be away from SL and that is something good to know for a Model Agency. However, no training mentioned as well.
Ida's Profile
No Model training mentioned. I would disconsider her if I had a Model Agency.
Katherine's profile
This is what I call a "diva type" of profile. There are so many in SL!Crowded with awards and contests won and a small reference to her Model training. No matter how many contests a Model has won, that is NOT a reason to hire her. Training is, winning contests is NOT. Katherine is one of the SL Models that tells every potential client or Model Agency that her "resume is available by request". SL Fashion World has a new Diva!

Just take a look at all the awards Katherine has won. What about the work that she did in the Kabuki Fashion Show? Shouldn't she really stand out? And I mean REALLY? Katherine didn't stand out in this show, so what are the contests for? Popularity? It's a way to see the Fashion World, not mine though.

Keira's profile
Keira mentions her training in her Model Resume pick. This is not enough though. Every Academy the model trains at should have a pick in their profile, to be easier for a potential client to hire them.

LolaLove's profile
Same thing. No reference whatsoever to her Model training in SL.

Marienna's profile
Again, no reference to SL Model training. Moreover, her picks are rather personnal, more than professional.
A SL Model's profile is the best tool to be casted. However, a SL Model who has won lots of contests may be attractive to some Agencies, depending on what kind of Model the Agency is looking for. I, personally, would not hire Models out of popularity or contests won. As you can imagine, it would narrow down the number of SL Models who I would hire ;)

Be well. Walk well. Make SL Fashion World proud of you!

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