"Old School" vs "New School" in SL Modelling

I've been to Paris, London, Milan and New York these last two weeks. RL Modelling has always been an inspiration to me and I would really like to see that happen in SL as well.
Those of us who have never been to a RL Fashion Show cannot fully understand what I say in my blog.

Most of SL Models (not to say most part of them) haven't been to a RL Fashion Show. That worries me a lot, I must say. SL is a way to create, I know. We all can recreate ourselves in SL, be what we are not in RL. However, the main principles should remain the same.

I have been to several Shows in SL these last weeks, but honestly, weren't worth shooting, or because there were always the same "old " SL Models (which was the case of a very famous "Fashion week") ; or because there were no good conditions whatsoever for me to shoot a good shot (mostly because of SL issues) or even because there were so many "new" Models that the Show ... really wasn't good. There are some "runway vices" many of the new SL Models are picking up, I don't know where they got those "vices" from. No matter what, I won't be shooting more of that kind of Fashion Shows. I am there, I watch them , but I will not be publicizing them. There is no reason to publish a post about something that we didn't like to see, or if there are too many technical mistakes.

Now, let's see,: we all have been noticing for quite a while now, that there are so many SL Models that the job of becoming a Model is now ultra competitive in SL. Mostly, female SL Models pack up in a row just to be in a Contest or in a Casting. It's terrible to see.

It's a growing business in SL.

New Model Agencies have been popping up, they cast new Models and then... there is no work to do.

So, mostly, new Models in SL are being born in a "fake" environment: they must think that the idea is to get lots of SL Model Agency's tags; the more the better.

Well, let's say I'm an SL Model Agency CEO, I wouldn't hire a Model without checking carefully their profiles, their picks.

Too much Model Agencies in a SL Model Profile would make me NOT chose that Model. But, to have, let's say, three good Model Agencies, yes, that is good. Less Agencies but good ones!! I won't tell you which are good or not, just think that to enter certain Model Agencies , the SL Model has to be personally invited. It's not "open "to everybody nor to castings.

Next, let's take a look at some SL Models profiles.
If I take the Models's names off, you can tell which ones you would hire, if you were a Models Agency CEO, yourselves, just by looking at their profiles. It works like a portfolio. That's the first thing I do when I see a Model tag, in SL, I check that person's profile.

Some of them are "in store" Models, they prefer to wear the tag, outside their work, I really don't understand why. It's like being a dentist, being at the supermarket and wear a MD tag card on his lapel. What would be the use of that? Except maybe to show off his job? And why would that be necessary? Again, maybe because that person is insecure. The same thing happens in SL; a Model Tag must be worn in the shows, sure, but in a hair store or somewhere else in SL, why wear a Model tag, when people are not working?

Don't worry, cause everybody may check your profiles and see what you do!! No need to show off your jobs when you're not working. It's one of the most egotistic things I've seen Models do in SL.

I didn't see any RL Model in Paris or London Fashion Shows wearing a "Model Tag" or a "Model card" attached to their jackets. There is no need. We can guess that the person sitting next to you in a Madrid Fashion Show may be a Model , but it's just a guess. Maybe because the person is stylish, or has a particular quality that stands out. That would be the best reason to guess if a person is a Model.

Same in SL. No need to wear a Model Tag outside a runway. What for?

I'll check some SL Models profiles next time and remove the SL Model's name, not to be biased.
Then, think for yourselves. If you were a SL Model Agency CEO, would you hire that person? It's a good mental exercise to do.

Second Life is all about creation. What is the reason why you became a SL Model? The first reason? Think about that, because if the reason was to make good money, we all know that it's not going to happen in SL Modelling World. Why did you become a SL Model in the first place? Believe me or not, the reason why you became a SL Model is shown in your profile. We'll see about that, next time.

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