TOMA - The Other Model Agency

This was a summer Fashion Show, as you can see.
In a very laggy environment, normal in these situations.
There were very good SL Models here and there were very bad, for several reasons. In general, the show was ok. I was positively surprised with this Agency (the name is not so fashionable - "TOMA - The Other Model Agency? what other? There are several in SL)

Let's see a bit of all SL Models. Starting with female.

This is Amber Quinzet
She did ok, a big problem were the transparent primmed shoes, as you can see. This is a SL situation, at the moment, but Models must consider that on the runway too. Better not wear them. Exceptions if the designer expressed that these should be the shoes to wear.

This pose, not so good, what is she holding in her back? This is a very specific pose, used for a certain purpose. What is the purpose here, besides thinking it looks good?

This is EllenKirsten Gossipgirl
A clear problem again in shoes. She didn't work well on the feet skin.

Here it's very clear.

This is Ipkiss Igaly

Ipkiss was the worst shaped female avatar. In these cases, I do not consider the avatar a Model. Always thinking about real life Models, who would hire a girl who looks like this? In SL,things can be worked out, she only has to know how. And I'm not telling her, for sure!

With extreme lag, Ipkiss looked like this, between poses. There is something that can be done, isn't there?

The following pose is a rather formal one. Not good at all, for this kind of outfit! Several reasons not to consider Ipkiss a SL Model. She isn't.

This is Katherine Comet
She did well, considering lag and the transparencies on the shoes.
mariella Spitteler
From what I saw, Second Life might have here a "diva" kind of Model. I just looked at her walk - one of the newest in SL, see it? I hope NO OTHER SL MODEL uses this walk on the runway!! It looks awful, but it's new, so, let's walk it. Not good, not good at all!

Here she is , mariella using that awful walk. Terrible, terrible terrible!

Some SL Models may consider this walk kind of "sexy"? it isn't.

Another thing: this avatar should look around her and see what's going on: there are tons (and I do mean really really lots of SL Models) with this skin, next photo. This hair is also quite common in Models. She is just another one that looks like "somebody else". I don't like to see Models that look like "somebody". No matter how beautiful the avatar looks? Change something, there. Again, not for me to tell how. How could she be so "fashionable" finding a new walk (which looks terrible on the runway , and use such a common shape and hair? Copying someone?)

Where are the eyelashes, by the way? Taken away by the blue flower?

Male Models, actually did quite well. There was one or two situations worth mentioning. All in all, they were good.

This is Ricoracer Flux

This is a classic case of - "this is not a Model" . Ricoracer needs to "shape up" and quickly!

And he also needs to know how to work with attachments. The necklace, well.

Take a look at Stato Meredith
Nothing to say. Great!

Now, Tigre Karv
This was one of my favourite male models in this show. Excellently styled. He is surely unique.

Breckin Clarence
Very good too, excellent style, shape, etc.

Clif Sharktooth
Clif messed up, he was using an AO, or AO animations, instead of poses.

Jens Marksman
Excellent! No more words needed.

This Fashion Show, in my opinion, was good in general because of 3 Male Models - Stato, Tigre and Jens. The ladies were ok, these three SL male Models were outstanding. Very good!

Now I have to run, another Fashion Show to go to. Right after this one.

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