SuperElite Wedding Show

It's hard to get to SuperElite Fashion Shows because once the sim reaches a certain limit of people, it's closed, so I had to be quick and leave soon, to make room for one more person to watch the show.

It's a way of reducing lag to SL Models and make it pleasant to those to watch. In real life, same thing happens; there is always a number of places to sit and no more people enter. Makes sense, right?

You will see a reduced number of photos I took, at least once per SuperElite Model, just for you to see what I mean, when I'm "nasty" in the things I say about SL Modeling.

If some people can do it in SL, it means everybody can! People just need to learn how to.
This show was over average, in fact! Excellent!

It doesn't mean that I didn't catch some mistakes. I could blame it on my SL viewer, or maybe not. Let's see.

This is Apollo Call
Apollo needs shaping and fast! The discrepancy in his avatar can be seen in this photo. The pose was very good and lost its male elegance because of his lack of styling.

This is Donald Feld
Excellent. Nothing to say!

This is Isabel Brocco
Isabel is a very elegant avatar, on the runway. Her only mistake was wearing heel sounds on, in one of the sets.

This is Liam Netizen
Very styled, good.

This is Livia Mastroianni
Livia took extra care in her poses. The result was perfect, not one hand inside a skirt. Never!

This is Lorelei Maggs
What can I say? The perfect Model! Lorelei Maggs is one of the best runway SL Models I've seen. She is absolutely elegant, stylish, perfect!

This is Mangnosio Lohner
He was excellent as well. Mangnosio has a style of his own, a kind of a kid's face that makes him unique.

This is Rena Mascot
Rena needs shaping. She is a short avatar for runway. In SL, Models can be taller. I wonder, why not be taller if that is what is required in real life Models? In SL, Models can do it.
Rena also had her heel sound on. It's a shame, because she did well. These little things can be avoided.
Here is a case when I ask myself, is it my SL viewer or is the Model's hair poorly editted? I didn't see any other hair badly editted in this show, I think it was not my viewer. Rena needs to pay more attention to these details.

This is Salvo Waydelich
Personal great style! What more to say? Great posing!

This is Sami Kutanaga
Another SL Model that did good.

I do have photos of the double poses, when male and female were together on the runway.
But I think I made my point.
Even camming closer, looking at these SL Models closely, because that's what I do in SL, as Fashion Critique, we all can tell the difference from other SL Models. There were mistakes, yes, but I guess Modeling is something that is always under improvement.

The result was a very elegant and styled Fashion Show, and I do think it was very professional, even looking from a real life perspective.

Lorelei Maggs was outstanding!! And guess what? She had the same tag than the other SuperElite Models.

Her work spoke for herself. Great SL Model!!

Well done!!

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