Modavia Fashion Week - Last Day

I had forgotten that I have in my archive some of the last day's Modavia Fashion Week Shows' photos.
In each Fashion Show, only three SL Models were on the catwalk, if I remember correctly. You will see photos of Modavia Models mixed, in no particular order, mixing the Shows too.

Just a good example of some of the best SL Models poise on the runway (and some of the, let's say, not so good Models).
Considering that Modavia is a Model Agency that has a strict casting for their Models, well, let's take a look at their Models.

This is Anessa Stine
Very "clean" and simple. Anessa is a good example of a Professional SL Model with a good attitude.

Great poise. Styles differently and well.

Let's take a look at Anessa's SL profile.
Simple profile, no "diva" attitudes. The Models' profiles tell their story and show what they are after in SL.Clean profile. Anessa gets personal in her picks. No reference to any training.

This is Barbarella Fuosing
Regular SL Model. Good choice of poses through the Show.
Barbarella's profile
Barbarella defines herself as a "supermodel" in her profile and she's back to modeling, after retiring. No model training mentioned.

This is Kay Fairey
Kay is one of the best SL Models, ever. She has poise, she has personality and character on the runway. Never goes unnoticed. Great work done on the runway! Outstanding!

Let's take a look at Kay's SL profile.
No model training mentioned. Kay's profile is all related to SL Fashion. No "diva" attitudes in her profile.

This is Mavi Beck
Regular SL Model in this Show. Since we're taking our stardards up high, being Modavia a very strict Model Agency. Mavi, here, was regular.

Mavi's SL profile
In her picks, she tells potential clients, to drop her a "notecar" (yes, there is a d missing) for modeling offers!! Only in SL would a Fashion client ask a Model "please, can I see your resume? I want to hire you!". This kind of attitude amazes me!

This is Payton Heron
Payton is a very versatile SL Model. She can adapt easily. Again, we are setting the standards higher, here. She did very good in this Show.

Payton's SL profile
She has quite a professional SL Model Profile. No training mentioned.

This is Poptart Lilliehook
Poptart is, like Kay Fairey, one of the best SL Models. Absolutely "clean"; no mistakes on the runway. Outstanding and very chic and fashionable!

Just kook at her face! Poptart has a unique look. No SL Model can copy such a personal look. Extremely well shaped and styled!

Looking at Poptart's SL profile
So far, the most professional SL profile I checked, regarding Fashion! No "diva" sayings, no contests won or beauty pageants to refer to. Excellent!

This is Risa Bright
Risa was below average in Fashion Shows like these. Not to mention the lack of poise and general fashionable style and shaping.

When I saw this pose in a SL professional Model I almost fell from the chair! Armpits in a gown like this???

Let's see Risa's SL Model profile
Her front page profile is not "styled"for a High Fashion SL Model. Her photo is kind of childish and not styled. No training mentioned. Just compare this profile with Poptart's.

This is Tiffany Dragonash
Tiffany is a versatile SL Model. She can walk the runway with several styles. However, when wearing formal, she could be a bit more styled.

Cheching Tiffany's SL Model profile
Quite good profile. Personally, I wouldn't mention beauty pageants, though, or any kind of contests won. They are no certificate for a good SL Model. A Model is not just a pretty face.

This is Wenadrenia Soderstrom

About Wenadrenia, I don't really know what to say. Just by looking at these three raw photos, we can see that there is something wrong about her shape (I'm not telling what, but I know what it is) . The use of the same old Glance skins make her look a lot like so many other avatars in SL. Wenadrenia is not "chic", not fashionable. Maybe good as a "catalogue Model". On the runway, she wore heel sounds in her shoes. Her poses were too dramatic and not elegant at all.

She looks like the girl next door. Not a Professional SL Model! She can move on the catwalk; in fact, she moves too much to show the new "poses" she has found. Even if they are not appropriate for the Show or outfit.

Here, with this hair, her shaping problem is clearer. Not fashionable and chic at all.

It has come to my knowledge, by reliable sources, that Wenadrenia dares to demand certain outfits when she is casted for a Fashion Show. If the Agency doesn't give her what she demands, she threatens to leave and not be in the Show. What an attitude!! I so wish this was RL, so that this kind of Models knew what Fashion World is all about!Wenadrenia brings a bad name to all SL professional Models.

Let's see her SL profile
As you see, she has so many Agencies she works for!! Why don't I see her more often in Fashion Shows? She mentions a beauty pageant in SL, in her profile. I guess that's her Glance skin and her pretty face that led her to a contest like this. Again, this does not make a good SL Model. No Model training is mentioned.
I loved the three Shows that Modavia provided us, in their Fashion Week. As I said, excellent professional SL Models worked well, and some didn't.
That's life! Even the Second ;)


Mavi Beck said...

BTW, in my profile I ask for a notecard (omg I forgod a D, shoot me!) cause SL regularly eats my IMs, it doesn't cap them, it just eats them, even if I am online sometimes I don't get IMs, if I am lucky I may get them when I relog, if I am not I lose them completely.
Oh and my resume IS in my pics, it's always been there :)
Have a nice day!

Fifth Avenue said...

I see you didn't get my point. Have a good day, too!

Mavi Beck said...

Probably not, but English is not my first language, so your point must escape me...sorry about that. :)